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7323952 the Dancing Wu Li Gary Zukav Translated

7323952 the Dancing Wu Li Gary Zukav Translated

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Published by emarkito

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Published by: emarkito on Nov 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gary Zukav The Dance of the Teachers
PUBLISHING ARGUS VERGARA, S.A. Barcelona Title of the originaledition: “THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS. AN OVERVIEW OF THE NEWPHYSICS Translation Joaquin Adsuar scientific Revision Dr IgnacioSerra Covered To Gescheidt/The Image Bank First edition: July of 1981 Copyright © 1979 by Gary Publishing Zukav Vergara Argus,S.A. Aragón, 390, Barcelona-13 (Spain) ISBN: 84-7178-3304 LegalDeposit: B. 24,401-1981 Form in Spain-Printed in Spain Printed byChímenos, S.A., Severe Dr Ochoa, s/n, Coll of the Manya, Granollers(Barcelona) Scanned by C. Alado [ Eleute ] November of 2002 theDANCE OF the TEACHERS has been awarded with the National BookAward 1980 for books on science. A humanist made lack as Gary Zu-kav to shape a work that explained, with rigor and originality at thesame time, the most arduous concepts of the present physicswithout resorting to the mathematics. Connoisseur deep of mechanics quantum and of relativity einsteniana (theoreticalconstructions whose translation to the “common sense” seemedpoint than impossible less), Zukav found the key for its excitingexhibition in a concept of the traditional Chinese philosophy: theWu-Li. Wu-Li is the word that it designates to the Physics. It means“models of organic energy”, but it can also mean as different thingsas “my way”, “culture and illustration”, “silly thing”, and a long listof others. This peculiar conceptualización, so distant of the westernlogic, is taught by the Chinese teachers by means of a dance ritual.Here the nexus, guessed by the author with admirable intuitionarises: the quantum mechanics is also a dance, always etérea andalways executed for the first time, knowledge in itself and pureexpression of concrete it in its constant to happen. For centuries -but, señaladamente, since Galileo maintained that the book of theNature was written in mathematical language -, the evolution of exact sciences has been moved away of the common ways to think.He is not strange, therefore, that the most eminent physicistsusually see themselves in the impossibility express theirconceptions in an accessible language. Parallelly, I bequeath (even if it is equipped with a superior culture) experiences the frustration of not understanding the theories and developments that,nevertheless, is constantly modifying the life of the humanity. A soclear and guessed right expositiva synthesis as the DANCE OF the TEACHERS now comes to overwhelm that old lagoon with thegeneral culture. “... this book is of easy and not only burnishesreading, but that, in addition, puts to the reader in contact with thediverse ways followed by the physicists to explain something whoare very difficult to explain. In summary: Gary Zukav has written thebest book for the legos in the matter.” DAVID FINKELSTEIN, Directorof the Superior School of Physics of the Institute of Technology of Georgia. “the book of Zukav is an historical event within the mostingenious communication of the high knowledge of intelligence toput them within reach of all the human beings. The book developsthe spirit gives ‘ to realism fantásticó of the physics of quanto likewhich it is over the mesurables limits of the space-time. Thephilosophy of the quantos can facilitate the foundations for acoherent and effective vision of the relation between the man andthe divine thing in a form that is not only acceptable but, in addition,convincing.” JACK SARFATTI, Director of the “Physics/ ConsciousnessResearch Group.” This book is dedicated to you, that you feel hedesire to read it. CONTENT GRATEFULNESS 2 LIST OF 4PERSONAGES PROLOGUE 6 INTRODUCTION 9 WU LI? 12 To EINSTEINIT DOES NOT LIKE 24 MODELS OF ORGANIC ENERGY 43 WHAT MYFOOTPATH 79 PASSES 61 FOLLY 98 GRASPED To MY 155 IDEAS
DANCE 172 ILLUMINATION 203 The AIM OF SCIENCE 224 254 NOTESBIBLIOGRAPHY 259 GRATEFULNESS I cannot sufficiently express megratitude towards the following people. While this book was writing,I discovered that the physicists, from the students just graduated tohonored with the Nobel prize, compose a group as likeable,accessible people, ready to help and able to be interested in theother people’s work. This discovery affected my ideas, sustainedduring long time, stereotyped, on the cold and “objective” scientificpersonality. This one is the main reason for which I am thanked forthe people who next mention themselves: Jack Sarfatti, Doctor inPhysics, Director of the “Physics/Consciousness Research Group”,are the catalyst without which the following people and I had notbeen. To the Chung-lian Huang, the Teacher of T’ai Chi, offered theperfect metaphor of “Wu Li”, inspiration and a beautiful handwritingto me. David Finkelstein, Doctor in Physics, Director of the SuperiorSchool of Physics of the Technological Institute of Georgia, were myfirst pro-fesor-tutor. These men are the padrinos of this book. Asidefrom Sarfatti and Finkelstein, the following physicists read andcommented the complete manuscript, chapter after chapter: HenryStapp, Doctor in Physics, of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, whorepeated times took the annoyance and the time necessary toanswer my numerous questions; Brian Josephson, Universityprofessor of Physics in the University of Cambridge, and Max Jammer, University professor of Physics in the University of Bar-ilan,Ramat-Gan, Israel. I am also in debt with Elizabeth Rauscher, Doctorin Physics, founder and patrocinadora of the “Fundamental PhysicsGroup” in “Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory”, who allowed people whowere not physicists who took part in the weekly conferences that,normally, had only attracted physicists. In addition to Stapp andeast Sarfatti group includes Doctor in Physics John Clauser; toPhilippe Eberhard; George Weissman; Fred Wolf and Fritjof Catra (allof them doctors in Physics) among others. I am been thankful to himto Carson Jefferies, University professor of Physics of the Universityof California, in Berkeley, by its support and its commentaries onsome parts of the manuscript; to David Bohm, University professorof Physics in the Birkbeck College of the University of London, by tohave read part of the manuscript; to Saul-Paul Sirag, by its frequentaid; to the physicists of the “Particle Data Group”, LawrenceBerkeley Laboratory, by its attendance and collaboration in theelaboration of the Particle Table that is included at the end of thebook; to Eleanor Criswell, University professor of Psychology, StateUniversity of Sonoma (Californian), by its valuable support; to GinMcCollum, University professor of Mathematics in the StateUniversity of Kansas by its comprehensive and patient tutelaje; andto Nick Herbert, Director of the “C-Life Institut”, that facilitatedexcellent publications to me on the Theorem of Bell and to authorizeto me to use his title It dwells than both (More than both), to titleone of my chapters. All the illustrations of this book have beenmade by Thomas Are contiguous Robinson. Harvey White, Universityprofessor “Emeritus”, of the Department of Physics of the Universityof California, in Berkeley, and ex- director of Lawrence Hall of science, that personally facilitated photographies to me of itsfamous simulation of the possibility of distribution of forms. Thephotography of the diffraction of the electron was facilitated to meby Ronald Gronsky, Doctor in Physics, of Lawrence BerkeleyLaboratory. I learned many things on espectroscopia of SummerDavis, University professor of Physics in the University of Californiain Berkeley. I repeat: deeply I am thanked for them those menwhich, like all the other physicists with whom I was in contact with

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