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Published by Silvia Cappellari

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Published by: Silvia Cappellari on Nov 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LINE Is aN ENtIty borN from rEstLEss movEmENt, thE NEcEssary coNsEcratIoN of thEpassagE from stILLNEss to movEmENt duE to thE actIoN of sEvEraL forcEs oN thE samEpoINt.Its assumptIoN Is to tracE a path through thE dIffErENt crEatIvE aNd ExprEssIvE fIELdsof humaNkINd (fashIoN, musIc, art, photography, cINEma, amoNg othErs) aNd to aNaLyzEthE INtErsEctIoNs whErE thEsE dIffErENt ExpErIENcEs arE fouNdto havE a momENt thEy sharE, as a sourcE whosE watErs scattEr IN dIffErENt dIrEc-tIoNs.thErE’s whErE LINE Is pLacEd, IN thEsE pIvot-momENts, IN thEsE kEystoNEs of coNtEmpo-rary ExprEssIoN, bEcausE ExprEssIoN ItsELf, dEspItE thE tEchNoLogIcaL progrEss, IsaLways aN aNcEstraL NEcEssIty.LINE Is a NEw magazINE about art, musIc aNd fashIoN.It wILL bE a bIaNNuaL pubLIcatIoN supportINg youNg taLENts wIth a stroNg IdENtIty.thE productIoN wILL support EvEry form of crEatIvE ExprEssIoN that may rEfLEct thEuNIcIty of thE INdIvIduaL crEator aNd that Is, thErEforE, orIgINaL.oNE of thE maIN focus of LINE wILL bE fashIoN as a form of art aNd Not as a mErE tradEgood. thE cLEar goaL Is to LEt It rEdIscovEr Its EssENtIaL souL that Now sEEms Lost duEto Lack of crEatIvE strENgth.LINE waNts to gEt rId of trENds IN ordEr to rEstorE thEtmovEmENt towards what Is truE. truE Is bEauty-fuLL aNd bEauty Is uNbuILt.sINcE wE’rE chockEd wIth thE massIvE IssuINg of NEw staNdard-LIkE magazINEs, wE waNtto bE a vaNIshINg poINt.a worLd IN whIch may bE possIbLE to havE a truE Look oN, IN ordEr to rELax thE EyEswhIch arE Now tIrEd of thosE thousaNds ofchaotIc pubLIcatIoNs.wIthout aNy prEsumptIoN, wE just waNt to bE a LaNdmark for thosE who havE Lost thEIrhopE to sEE uNprEtENtIous bEautyExpLorEd.
our fIrst IssuE Is goINg to bE caLLEd INtErsEctIoN aNd wILL bE about ExpErImENtatIoNs.thEy rEprEsENt thE attEmpts to dEvIatE from what Is aLrEady EstabLIshEd.thEy’rE thE movEmENt towards thE uNkNowN, thE choIcE offoLLowINg paths that arE INtErEstINg bEcausE of thEIr hIddENhorIzoNs.ExpErImENtatIoN Is thE basIs for INcrEasINg thE kNowLEdgE IN EvEry fIELd of humaNLEarNINg, both whEN It Is thE uLtImatE tEst for a prIor-EstabLIshEd hypothEsIs aNdwhEN It bEcomEs a practIcaL attEmpt to push thE EvoLutIoN of LaNguagE aNd ExprEs-sIvE tEchNIquEs. whEN thEsE uttEraNcEs crystaLLIzE, thEy bEcomE for us as LIttLE aschILd cLothEs.LINE Is thIs NEcEssIty of rENEwaL whIch Is borN aLoNg wIth thEsE INtErsEctIoNs - aNdIN Its dEstructIoN through thE ExpErIENcE of NEw.LINE coNNEcts paraLEL LINEs whIch -a prIorI- may Look INfINEtELy sEparatEd.LINE Is thE coNvErgENt poINt for NEw crEatIoN, for a rEfrEshINg poINt of vIEw thatbrEaks thE paramEtErs of socIEty.

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