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Ahlul Bayt (AS) Volume 1 Kindle Format

Ahlul Bayt (AS) Volume 1 Kindle Format

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Published by self bulding
A booklet that includes several of the prior booklets in kindle format
A booklet that includes several of the prior booklets in kindle format

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Published by: self bulding on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Munatzir E Qaim (AS)]111/12
The Quran and the Wisdom
 Allah says in this ayat clearly that the scriptureand wisdom are separatethings revealed to theHoly Prophet PBUH. When Allah gave the Prophet PBUH the book an
[4:113] - - -waanzala Allahu AAalayka alkitabawaalhikmata waAAallamaka ma lamtakun taAAlamu wakana fadlu Allahi  AAalayka Aaatheeman- - - Allah revealeth unto thee theScripture and wisdom, and teacheththee that which thou knewest not. The grace of Allah toward thee hath beeninfinite.
[Munatzir E Qaim (AS)]211/12
wisdom the knowledge of the entire universe wasin it.[6:59] WaAAindahu mafatihu alghaybi layaAAlamuha illa huwa wayaAAlamu ma fee albarri waalbahri wama tasqutu min waraqatin illayaAAlamuha wala habbatin fee thulumati alardi wala ratbin wala yabisin illa fee kitabin mubeenin
Everything seen and unseen is ordered and regulated bythe laws made by Him; the fresh and the withered, theliving and the dead - nothing is outside the plan of Hiscreation. Allah knows that which takes place, manifest or hidden, because it is an effect of His supreme will.[
Pooya/Ali Commentary 6:59] 
 Ayyashi reports that according to Imam Musa bin Jafar alKazim, Imam Ali, while explaining verse 43 of al Rad, said:The book, mentioned in this verse, knowledge of which isstated to be with the witness who testifies to theprophethood of the Holy Prophet along with Allah; and thebook, mentioned in verse 12 of Ya Sin, containing all
[Munatzir E Qaim (AS)]311/12
things, which has been confined in a manifest or declaredImam, is the same clear book .
Quran and teaching
[2:31] WaAAallama adama alasmaa kullaha And He taught Adam all the names
[4:113] waAAallamaka ma lam takun taAAlamuwakana fadlu Allahi  Allah taught the Holy Prophet PBUH that which heknew not [96:5] AAallama alinsana ma lam yaAAlam Allah taught man that which he knew not [55:2] AAallama alqurana And He taught the Quran[55:3] Khalaqa alinsana And He created man

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