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Untitled screenplay

Untitled screenplay

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Published by tvman911242
Let me know what you think
Let me know what you think

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Published by: tvman911242 on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UNTITLED AS OF NOWWritten byDaniel Herman3499 Bunker Ave555-555-5555
Pitch black is all we see. We hear A woman screaming.Tearfully pleading for her life. Frantically trying to catchher breath.WOMAN (O.S.)Please, I’m defenseless(A beat)No one will ever know. You have tobelieve me. I have a husband! Youknow who he is! Please just talk tohi..A loud gunshot rings out. The title credits begin.FADE IN:The sun has just barely began to rise. Police surround aclosed off section of the dark woods. Reporters try to maketheir way through, but to no avail. We pan in to see what thepolice are surveying. The woman we heard screaming, dead.Badly beaten and a single bullet to the head.A school bell ring is heardINT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CLASSROOM. - LATERWe see a class room filled with children around the age ofseven. They sit still, quietly waiting for their teacher. Noone comes in. One child in particular named RUTH looksoutside the window to see a police car drive up to the frontof the school. The principle of the school a man roughly inhis 40’s dressed in a suit and tie walks out to greet theofficers. The officers speak inaudibly to the principal onlybriefly. The principal buries his hands in his face and letsthe officers inside.TEACHER (O.S.)What is going on here? Where isyour teacher?A female teacher is now standing in the doorway.STUDENTWe don’t know. We thought she wasrunning late.TEACHERI’ll be back in a moment children.Let me see if I can find her.The teacher leaves. Ruth looks outside to see another policecar show up.
One officer exits the car and walks into the school. Theteacher returns to the classroom. It’s clear she has beencrying but trying to compose herself.TEACHER (CONT’D)Children, I’m going to be teachingyou today with my class. So whydon’t you pick up your things and we’ll go?Ruth, along with her class pick up their belongings andfollow the teacher.INT. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.HALLWAY - CONTINUOUSRuth turns to see an officer speaking to another teacher whois pale as a ghost.Ruth as well as other children grow more concerned. She looksinto a classroom as she walks down the hallway and sees herbrother JACK ,a few years older than she sharing a similarlook.We hear feedback noises from a radioINT. SMALL OFFICE - CONTINUOUSThe radio rests on a desk. The volume is low. A man hard at work, writing furiously. The children’s father GEORGE. He’sin his early 30’s dressed in a button down shirt and tie.ANCHORMAN (O.S.)We have some late breaking newshere into the station. Early this morning, police happened onto a....A knock at the door. George turns off the radio.GEORGECome in.In walk Frank Barns, George’s co-worker. Roughly in his late30’s and dressed very similar to George.FRANKHey George, got a minute?GEORGEHave a seat Frank.2.

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