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Fragments Of Gararthum

Fragments Of Gararthum

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Published by Jaime Inganamort
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Print and Play game.

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Published by: Jaime Inganamort on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fragments of Gararthum
2-4 PlayersGararthum, wounded in battle,
plummets to Earth’s
 surface. Wanting to live on,Gararthum revives themutilated inhabitants of the forest that were killedupon his impact.Gararthum commands theanimals to fight oneanother to the death; inorder to determine whichone of them is more suitedfor his spirit to inhabit.
Game description:
The objective is to be the lastremaining animal, so that you
may become Gararthum’s new
body. To do this, players should
collect Gararthum’s essence, the
shards of his body, to empowerthemselves.Each shard grants a differentbenefit.
shards give Attack Points.
shards give Health.
shards give Stamina.
Your character’s numeric health
what’s keeping your
character alive in thegame.
One Red shard is equivalent to asingle special attack. Oncean Attack shard is used, itis removed from play.Although Red shards unlock theuse of your special abilities,you must still be able tomeet the staminarequirement.The same special move
be used twice in a singleturn, regardless of howmuch stamina you have.Each character has a basicattack. This attack does notrequire a red shard.
is the fuel behindevery action that yourcharacter is capable of doing in the game. Themore stamina you have,the more you can do.
Echoes of Gararthum:
Every time you obtain a shard,you then draw a card from theEchoes of Gararthum Deck.
Set Up
First, lay down the board.Then, go on and placethe shard tokens on thecolor-designated shardmarkers on the board.After the shards are placed, thegame can begin.
Game Play:
Players begin by choosing acharacter. They then placethe character token thatthey chose on one of thefour light brown spaceslocated along the edges of the board. Multiple playerscannot occupy the samestarting point.Players may then flip a coin orroll dice to determine whogoes first.Players start off with 4 stamina.
For every action
, asidefrom drawing a card,
thereis a stamina cost
.One Stamina = move 1 space,Two Stamina= move 2 spaces,and so on.It costs 2 Stamina to attain aHealth, Stamina, or AttackShard.Every time a player captures ashard, they draw a cardfrom the Echoes of Gararthum deck. Thesecards
influence a player’s
course of action.The Stamina cost of SpecialAttacks ranges from characterto character.Players can occupy the samespace as a shard, but not thesame space as another playerYou can keep track of the
damage that’s being dealt to
your characters health with theblue counters.When a playe
health reacheszero, the winner receives
that player’s
remainingshards. The defeatedplayer is removed from thegame.A charact
er’s lists of attack
abilities (along with itsstamina cost) are locatedon their character card.A characters
Staminaregenerates at thebeginning of every turn
Health does not.
Check for Victory
Be the last player alive.
End of turn
 Stamina returns to full. Playersare allowed to defendthemselves outside of theirturn. Play passes to the left

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