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Midland Valley Monthly - November 2012

Midland Valley Monthly - November 2012

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Published by Aiken Standard
Midland Valley Monthly - November 2012
Midland Valley Monthly - November 2012

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Published by: Aiken Standard on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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idland Valleyonthly
Festival of Trees lights upAiken November 21-25 
Building on the success of itsdebut last fall, the Festival of Trees is back to raise awarenessand funds for the Aiken AreaCouncil on Aging, a multi-serviceagency devoted to the well beingof seniors. Last year, the festivalraised enough money to continuethe Meals on Wheels program andprovide 5,300 meals to the county’sseniors in need. The AAOC hasbigger goals for its major annualfund-raiser this year. “The numberof seniors participating in ourprograms grows every year, andMeals on Wheels is by far our mostpopular form of outreach,” says
Scott Murphy
, agency executivedirector. “We have a wait listfor the program, and I want toeliminate the wait list.”A dazzling start to the holidayseason, the Festival of Treespresents exquisitely decoratedChristmas trees, along withwreaths, garland, and otherdecorations all available forpurchase through a silentauction. Items are sponsored bylocal businesses and decoratedby volunteers with vision. Eachtree is designed with a specifictheme, and decorators go aboveand beyond clever to createone-of-kind masterpieces worthevery penny they bring in forthe AAOC. Members of threesewing guilds have collaborated tomake ornaments for a Victorian-designed tree, friends of BarbaraSue Brodie NeedleWorks haveneedlepointed the Twelve Daysof Christmas, and designer
is back after her wildlypopular “Christmas in the Woods”tree on behalf of Sand RiverWomen’s Club sparked a biddingfrenzy last year.Set in the historic Fermata Clubthis year, the festival kicks off theday before Thanksgiving with amorning viewing for seniors. Thatevening, the Festival Unpluggedhopes to loosen up bidders with acocktail party where guests canenjoy drinks, food, and live music.A much-anticipated addition to theparty is a decorating contest thatpits local media against each otherarmed with glue guns, tinsel, anda surprise element to incorporateinto their designs. It’s WreathWar, and it will be front and centerup on stage for all to see. Thewinner will be selected by popularvote, and the results, too, will beavailable for bidding.The last special event plannedfor the festival is Breakfast withSanta on Saturday, November24, where families with youngchildren can eat among the forestof twinkling lights and have theirphotograph taken with the jollyman himself.The festival is open daily,November 21-25, when guestscan tour and bid on the treesand other decorations whileenjoying complimentary cookiesand beverages. Visitors who finda favorite tree to light up theirhome this season may purchase itimmediately at a Buy It Now price.Festival of Trees is a new holidaytradition for the entire communityto bring awareness to and generatefunds for the Aiken Area Councilon Aging. Now in its second year,the Festival of Trees hopes toremain an annual affair whosefunds will be used to continuethe Council on Aging’s Meals onWheels program, which deliversfood Monday through Friday tohomebound seniors in Aiken,Gloverville, Jackson, Wagener,and Windham House; and providevan transportation for the disabledand daily lunches at five locationswithin Aiken County.Tickets for daily admission andcontinued to page 5
Sensei Steve DurhamAchieves 3rd DegreeBlack Belt Level
Steve Durham
startedstudying the martial arts backin the late 1970’s when martialarts schools were hard to find.He began training under the late
Grandmaster Virgil Kimmey
,a martial arts pioneer for ourarea. Mr. Steve tested for his 1stand 2nd degree black belt underMr. Kimmey in the 1980’s andhas been training since then. Hetrained under Mr. Kimmeyand
Grandmaster DavidGerman
who was from the EdParker Kenpo line. He cameup from the “school of hardknocks” and specializes inKenpo style self-defense andsparring. Anyone who has beenhit or kicked by him willremember him forever. 
Johnny Hughes
startedtraining under Mr. Kimmey in1991 and met Steve, who wastraining for his 3rd degree at thetime. Mr. Steve was in andout of class because of his workand family schedule but kepttraining at home and in thedojo. Several years after Mr.Kimmey’s death, Mr. Steve joined the school that Mr.Hughes opened in Clearwater.Mr. Steve finally achievedhis 3rd degree black belt levelthe last week of October.Congratulations go out to himfor his major accomplishment.Regardless of how amazing he iswith his fighting skill, he is onecontinued to page 5
The Midland Valley Monthly is a free publication provided by the Aiken Standard newspaper. DISTRIBUTION: Around 3800 copies of this section will bedistributed each month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The section will publish inside the Aiken Standard to subscribers in Midland Valley zip codes of 29816 Bath, 29822 Clearwater, 29828 Gloverville, 29829 Graniteville, 29834 Langley, and 29851 Warrenville. Plus copies will also be distributed at strategic racklocations in these areas as well. MAILING ADDRESS: Midland Valley Monthly, c/o Julie Lott, P.O. Box 456, Aiken, SC 29802. SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES ORPICTURES: jlott@aikenstandard.com or the above mailing address.
November 30, 2012.
December 12, 2012.
Keeping YouInformed
by SC Rep. Tom Young, R-District 81
Since my last column last month, alot has happened in our district. Ihope that you find this update for themonth of October helpful.
Cyber-Attack on State:
OnOctober 26, the Governor and Chief of SLED announced that someone froman international email address hadgained access to personal informationof taxpayers at the SC Departmentof Revenue. Law enforcement isworking to capture the hacker(s).Here is the latest information on thecyber attack on the S.C. Departmentof Revenue:
 Q: Who may have been affected bythe SC DOR security breach?A: Individual taxpayers, theirdependents, and businesses who havefiled a South Carolina tax returnsince 1998 to the present may havebeen affected.Q: What type of personalinformation may have been exposed?A: While the investigation is stillongoing, South Carolina taxpayer’sSocial Security Numbers, debit cardnumbers, credit card numbers, andinformation that would be found onthe front of a check like bank accountand routing numbers may have beenexposed.Q: What should you do if you havefiled a SC tax return since 1998 to thepresent?A: If you have filed a SouthCarolina tax return since 1998 tothe present, the State is offeringyou the opportunity to register withProtectMyID™ free of charge. Thereare two ways to register:Option One: Sign up online.
Go to www.protectmyid.com/scdor and use the activation code:SCDOR123 to initiate the registrationprocess. All future notices fromExperian
will be sent to you byemail.
Only one email address may beassociated with one registration forProtectMyID™.Option Two: Call the Experian
Call 1-866-578-5422 to complete theprocess with a live agent. You maychoose to have all future notices fromExperian
sent to you by postal mailor email.If a taxpayer has no access to theinternet, does not have a workingemail address, or if there is anotherreason why he or she cannot accessthe internet, then he or she must callthe Experian
Call Center.Q: What are the hours of operationfor the Experian
Call Center?A: Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00p.m. EST and Saturday and Sunday:11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. ESTQ: What benefits will a taxpayerreceive after registering withProtectMyID™?A: Experian
will provide thefollowing:
Credit Report: You will get a freecopy of your Experian
credit report.
Daily Credit Monitoring: Youwill receive alerts regarding anysuspicious activity, including newinquiries, newly opened accounts,delinquencies, or medical collectionsfound on your Experian
, Equifax
 and TransUnion
credit reports forone year.
Identity Theft Resolution: If youhave been a victim of identity theft,you will be assigned a dedicated,U.S.- based Experian
Identity TheftResolution Agent who will walk youthrough the fraud resolution processfrom start to finish.
Identity Theft Insurance: If youhave been a victim of identity theft,you will immediately be coveredby a $1 million insurance policythat can help you cover certaincosts, including lost wages, privateinvestigator fees, and unauthorizedelectronic fund transfers for one year.
ExtendCARE: You will get fullaccess to personalized assistancefrom a highly-trained FraudResolution Agent even after theinitial one year ProtectMyID™membership expires.Q: Is there a deadline to registerwith ProtectMyID™?A: January 31, 2013 is the deadline toregister for one year of identity theftprotection with ProtectMyID™.Q: How much does it cost to registerwith ProtectMyID™?A: No fee is charged to the enrolleeto register with ProtectMyID™ for thefirst year.Q: How will someone be contactedwho has filed a tax return since 1998to the present in SC and no longerlives in the state?A: Notice will be sent to them bystandard U.S. mail.
Even though your minor dependentmay not have a credit history, youmay enroll them for identify theftprotection. All individuals underthe age of 18 must be enrolled byone parent or guardian. A parentor guardian will be notified severalweeks after registration when FamilySecure™ enrollment has opened bypostal mail or email.
Minors are individuals under theage of 18.
Dependents are individuals whoare claimed as dependents for taxfiling purposes.Q: Have minors’ Social SecurityNumbers been exposed?A: Social Security Numbers of minors and/or dependents may havebeen exposed.Q: How do I enroll a minor forFamily Secure™ coverage?A: There are 3 steps to follow: 
Step One: A minor’s parent orguardian must first enroll withProtectMyID™. Only one parent orguardian may enroll the minor.
Step Two: The parent or guardian,who enrolled in ProtectMyID™, willreceive a letter or email explaininghow to enroll minor dependents inthe Family Secure™ plan.
Step Three: The parent orguardian, who enrolled inProtectMyID™, will then enrollminor dependents in the FamilySecure™ plan.Q: After being enrolled as a minorin the Family Secure™ plan, whatshould I do when I turn 18 years oldor begin to file tax returns?A: Call Experian
for assistance1-866-578-5422.Q: What are the benefits of FamilySecure™ coverage?A: The primary benefit that FamilySecure™ offers is monitoring theidentity (primarily the SSN) of the minor for one year, even if theminor has no credit report. Onceregistered, in the event a child doesnot have a credit file, if any credit,loan or similar account is openedwith that information, Experian
 will alert the parent or guardian.Details of the alerts on minors are notreleased unless or until the parent orguardian authenticates themselveswith Experian
as the parent orguardian of the minor.Family Secure™ coverage is for oneadult and any number of minors.(Five minors can be enrolled viathe website. For more than five, thecustomer must call Experian
). Theadult coverage includes a $2 millionproduct guarantee covering thewhole family, Score Tracker andFraud Resolution.Minors receive monthly monitoringfor existence of a minor’s creditreport, and if a credit report is found,then Experian® monitors for anychanges to that report.Q: What if I file joint tax returnsor have joint banking and creditaccounts with my spouse?A: Every individual with a SocialSecurity Number should registerwith ProtectMyID™ separately,because credit histories are tiedto individual’s Social SecurityNumbers.Q: Will my deceased familymembers be at risk?A: It is not necessary to sign thedeceased up for ProtectMyID.However, you should notify all threecredit bureaus (Experian
, Equifax
 and TransUnion
).continued to page 5
Over 40 Years Of Continuous Professional Service By Wm. Sammie Napier 
Glenda K. Napier
Vice President 
 Wm. Sammie Napier
Funeral Director 
315 Main Street
raniteville, SC 29829

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