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Sermon 09232012

Sermon 09232012

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Published by SmithfieldBaptist

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Published by: SmithfieldBaptist on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Message You Are Not Going To Like This Message!1.Who’s in charge here? I always wondered what I or we would do if someone cameinto the service…came charging through the door and yelled that…maybe with adesire to disrupt us…maybe with a need to make us aware of a disaster taking placearound us…but what would we say…how would we answer whose in charge here…Who do we look as in charge here in the church…Who do you say is in charge here?The minister…the person who leads worship…preaches and teaches…?I am not the only one who can make decisions. As Baptists we believe in the Priesthoodof all believers…The church officers…deacons to be in charge of our spiritual life.Trustees to be in charge of our physical plant…Pat who takes care of our finances.Becky our organist and choir director.Our music committee…Pam our chime choir leaderTim and our education committee…Can you think of anyone else…Are they in charge…in a sense…they all have responsibilities…but are they the boss?Not really Baptists are very democratic…each church is the body of Christ…a body of believers…working together to love and serve the Lord.The Bible as our guide to being a church…Each believer who has what we Baptist call soul freedom…each one their own authoritywhen making decisions about faith…Whose in charge here…wouldn’t be easy for us to answer…But it is a very basic question…businesses have to grapple with it…schools…teams…families…whose in charge here?Obviously we need to have people in charge…we need structure to get things done…weneed planning…we need leadership in projects…worship…being in charge…beingleaders is important…2.So we might ask ourselves why Jesus becomes so intense and makes the discipleslook so closely at whose in charge or who is the greatest as they put it.It turns out that Jesus disciples have heard what he is saying about what will behappening in the future in regards conflict with religious and secular authority.They know the importance of leadership…they know the challenges they will face.So they grapple with it among themselves on their journey through Galilee toCapernaum…Why Jesus becomes concerned about their discussion …is not because it isn’t a naturalquestion …who is going to be in charge or exercise authority when he does leavethem…but rather because he knows where the question can lead…He knows theimportance of structure …rules…law and supports it in his relationship with hisdisciples and the world he lives in.Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar he suggests to those who challenge him oneday about his loyalty…and to God what is God’s…What must I do to inherit eternal life the rich young man asks…you know thecommandments Jesus says…love God…love your neighbor as yourself…

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