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Dark Souls mini guide

Dark Souls mini guide

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Published by Andrew Hunter
Dark Souls mini guide
Dark Souls mini guide

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Published by: Andrew Hunter on Nov 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I ever a game needed a great guide, it’s DarkSouls. It’s rare or a modern game to be designedso meticulously to enrage and engul its playersin a world that doesn’t oer even the most basicassistance. Its enemies are relentless and itsareas labyrinthine. Just providing players witharea maps is enough to make slowly inchingaround each corner a little easier to bear.We’ve done a whole lot more than that, how-ever. This Mini-Guide is designed to reveal all o the most important elements needed to get youthrough the early areas o the game. The game’sfrst three areas are covered using beautiully de-tailed maps along with in-depth breakdowns o every enemy you’ll fnd within them. The Classesand Combat sections help you get started andprovide invaluable tips or surviving the journey.Finally, samples rom the Weapons & Equipmentand NPC sections o the guide provide a glimpseo the comprehensiveness the guide oers.The almost 400-page ull guide is being releasedas a hardback collector’s edition only, and is flledto bursting with every last drop o inormationwe could possibly extract, excavate, extrapolateor expound upon. The contents o this Mini-Guideare but a raction o the ull guide’s, and havebeen careully selected to provide as much assis-tance as possible in the space we have. We hopeto see you in the ull guide!
PrePare To Die Less
Chapter 01– Gm Sysm
The Game System covers all o the may ele-mets that make up the game, explaiig howeach oe works ad the ways i which theyaect the player. Read this chapter rst i youwat to head ito Dark Souls ully iormed, butbe wared that there may be some very miorspoilers about elemets rom later i the game.
Chapter 02– enmy Guid
This chapter acts as a directory o the game’seemies, sorted by the area i which each oerst appears. I you’re havig trouble with aparticular eemy or boss the this is the placeto come or help. I you simply wat to see thedata or a eemy, you ca reer to the ull datacharts at the ed o this chapter.
Chapter 03– a Guid
The Area Guide chapter ca be used either as aull walkthrough to help you d your way saelythrough every area, or as a reerece or theitems ad eemies you’ll d withi each area.The maps here will be ivaluable i you wat tokow somethig about the area you’re i or howto get to a particular place.
Chapter 04– Wons & equimn
The game’s vast collectio o weapos, shieldsad armor is preseted i its etirety i thischapter or easy reerece. You’ll d all the im-portat stats, icludig data or various levels oupgrade, ad overviews o the dieret types oweapos you ca use.
Chapter 05– Mgic & Ims
The game’s ull complimet o Magic ad itemsare all covered here i detail. You’ll d the statsor each item ad descriptios o what each oedoes or is used or. I the case o Magic, eachset o spells has its stregths ad weakessesaalyzed.
Chapter 06– exs
This chapter is crammed with extra iormatio otopics that players watig to get the most out othe game will d extremely useul. The “nPCs oDark Souls” sectio details everythig you’ll eedto kow nPCs ad their appearaces ad evets.The there’s the “Achievemet/Trophy Guide”sectio, desiged to help you get every sigleAchievemet or Trophy, ad sectios or newGame + ad Rare Eemies that reveal valuableiormatio or dedicated players.
 A Brief ChApter Overview 
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