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PUTUSAN Nomor: 47/Pid.B/2008/PN.Blt.

PUTUSAN Nomor: 47/Pid.B/2008/PN.Blt.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Pengadilan Negeri Blitar on Nov 13, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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4Vjijtn``e > [s`{}` "A`e}`e A`e`cjt Vjt}`eo`e HV4EZ I`d%Dho}`t /V`t` }jtm`is` m`h`a vjti`t` oeo }om`i mo}`b`e 9]jtm`is` mo azi` vjt{om`ec`e mom`avoeco lhjb Vje`{ob`} Bzizaey` djte`a` >
@mwli`} m`e Vje`{ob`} Bziza( Elalt Oemzi @mwli`} > @%?3%06002( djti`e}lt mo Mz{ze ]zszbtjnl T]%64 TS%64 Mj{` Ij{`adje( Ijk%Ij{`adje( I`d% Dho}`t( djtm`{`ti`e [zt`} Iz`{` Ibz{z{ }jt}`ecc`h 00 Gjdtz`to 4662 9Vjec`moh`e Ejcjto }jt{jdz} 9]jh`b ajad`k` djti`{ vjajtoi{``e vjem`bzhz`e m`e {zt`}!{zt`} m`h`a djti`{ vjti`t`]jh`b ajamjec`t ij}jt`ec`e {`i{o!{`i{o m`e ij}jt`ec`e v`t` }jtm`is` 9Ajemjec`t }ze}z}`e vom`e` m`to Vjeze}z} Zaza }`ecc`h ; Nzeo 4662 y`ec v`m` vliliey` djtvjem`v`} d`bs` }jtm`is` }jh`b }jtdzi}o djt{`h`b ajh`izi`e }oem`i vom`e`{jd`c`oa`e` y`ec mom`is`i`e ijv`m`ey` m`e lhjb i`tje` o}z ajeze}z} {zv`y` A`njho{B`ioa ajaz}z{i`e {jd`c`o djtoiz} >0%
Ajey`}`i`e }jtm`is` O% A@[]ZT @TOGOE( Dk%Bi% m`e }jtm`is` OO% MN@JH@EO EZTB@MO djt{`h`b }jh`b ajh`izi`e }oem`i vom`e` djt{`a`!{`a` {jk`t` ajh`s`ebziza( ajavjti`y` moto {jemoto `}`z lt`ec h`oe `}`z {z`}z iltvlt`{o( y`ec m`v`}ajtzcoi`e ijz`ec`e Ejc`t` `}`z vjtjilelao`e Ejc`t` ajh`ecc`t v`{`h 4 "0/ nl% v`{`h 02ZZ El%;0,0??? nl% v`{`h 46 ]`bze 4660 nl% v`{`h :: "0/ ij!0 IZBV( m`h`a m`is``eVtoa`ot 9
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0 djemjh [zt`} D`ei Dzilvoe k`d`ec A`h`ec }`ecc`h 3 Nzeo 4667 El%=;7,AHC!VOA,4667}je}`ec m`}`!m`}` vl{o{o itjmo} H[A HV4EZ 90 {zt`} vjtey`}``e Mjv`t}jaje Ilvjt`{o I`d% Dho}`t El% 47:,IMI%0;%40,OOO,4666 }`ecc`h2 A`tj} 4666 90 dziz vjey`hzt`e }`bze 0???,4666 m`to }jtm`is` Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo m`to Djto}` @k`t`Vjey`hzt`e Itjmo}( Iz`{` Vjek`ot`e( m`}` vjejtoa` IZ] 90 dziz }`b`v`e DK@ El% tji% 6?66==2;; `%e Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 90 dziz }`b`v`e DK@ El% tji% 6?66=76743 `%e Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 90 dziz ]`vhz{ DEO El% tji% :?2:6:= `%e Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 9: dziz }`dzec`e Ko}t` El% tji 4:%0=%66%4%60%647:?%; `%e% Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 9= dziz }`dzec`e Ko}t` El% tji 4:%0=%66%4%60%66=3:%; `%e% Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 9; dziz }`dzec`e Ko}t` El% tji 4:%0=%66%4%60%647:?%; `%e% Mn`jh`eo Eztb`mo 9[zt`} Ijvz}z{`e Vjecztz{ K`d`ec E`mb`}zh Zh`a` I`d% Dho}`t El%63:,VK,@!0,H,4;,O,0??29[zt`} Ijvz}z{`e Voavoe`e Vz{`} hjad`c` vjad`ecze`e m`e vjecjad`ec`e Vjt}`eo`e E`mb`}zh Zh`a` El% H%=,47,[IVK,VV!HV4EZ!OO,0???( }jth`avot m`h`a djti`{ vjti`t` 9Z`ec }ze`o Tv% 4:%666%666(! "mz` vzhzb hoa` nz}` tzvo`b/ mot`av`{ ze}zi Ejc`t` 9

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