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Promotion of Social Justice and National Liberation: Integral Dimension of IFI Mission of Evangelisation

Promotion of Social Justice and National Liberation: Integral Dimension of IFI Mission of Evangelisation

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Published by Noel Dacuycuy
Promotion of Social Justice and National Liberation:
Integral Dimension of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente' Mission of Evangelisation
Promotion of Social Justice and National Liberation:
Integral Dimension of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente' Mission of Evangelisation

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Published by: Noel Dacuycuy on Nov 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Lecture on the 103
 IFI Proclamation…Page
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Promotion of Social Justice and National Liberation:Integral Dimension of IFI Mission of Evangelisation
By Noel Dionicio L. Dacuycuy
Delivered at Aglipay Central Theological Seminary, Urdaneta City on 3 August 2005,in commemoration of the 103
proclamation of the IFI.
Today is the 103
commemoration of the proclamation of the
Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI). It is widely and popularly known as ―theonly living tangible result of the 1896 Philippine Revolution‖, therefore, it
should be understood that the IFI is:
First of all, a result of the Filipino’s cry for freedom and liberty against
foreign and feudal oppressions in order to institute the fundamentaland structural changes in Philippine society; and,
Secondly, as a fruit of people
’s relentless drive to free the Christianfaith from abuses and corruptions in order that God’s Reign in which
the kingdom values of love justice, peace and abundant lifepermeate in all aspects of human and social relations among theFilipino people.
Accordingly, the IFI as ―a congregation of new men and women‖
imbued with the missionary zeal to preach the totality of the Gospel ofChrist. In this regard, it is appealing to note the solidarity greetings of
Bishop Christopher Epting in the IFI’s Centenn
ial Mass, he says,
―As we (ECUSA) were blessed to share with you the gift of
apostolic succession in the historic episcopate, so you haveshared with us the inseparable nature of the gospel from thestruggle for justice and peace in this world. And just as you
have been faithful in preserving the apostolic ministry…so I
ask you to pray for us that we may always faithfully proclaimthe gospel in such a way that it truly is good news to the
 Lecture on the 103
 IFI Proclamation…Page
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Conclusively, these remarks of Bishop Epting would accentuate thehistoric and unique contribution of the IFI to the worldwide Christianity
 — the proclamation of the Gospel. Thus, the ―
Promotion of Social Justice
and National Liberation as an Integral Dimension of the IFI’s Mission of
‖ I have been chos
en as the theme of my lecture thismorning to describe the
multifaceted involvement of the IFI in the questfor national liberation and social justice
The Focus: “Integral Dimension of IFI Mission of Evangelisation”
This lecture focuses on the essential nature of the indispensablestandpoint and vigorous participation of the IFI in the promotion of social justice and national liberation in evangelisation. Thus it seeks to integrate
(―integral‖) the various dimensions of church mission as understood from a
Christian perspective; ―
‖ implies the direct participation or active
involvement of the IFI in the quest for social justice and liberation. In thisregards, it attempts to clarify the notion that there is no unbridgeable gapbetween mission and nationalism as experienced by the IFI in theproclamation of the Gospel of Jesus. Accordingly, it is an exposition of IFImission as a mission to preach the totality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thetreatment thus serves to present
as ecclesial mission ofproclamation of the Gospel of total and integral salvation.Thus, it gives emphasis that the living legacy of the IFI is its incessantinvolvement and persistent involvement in the liberating praxis of theChristian faith
the integral dimension of mission of evangelisation. Inother words, it is a contextualisation of the faith in the history of the Filipinopeople. It is not only a superficial process of transformation of somereligious customs in evangelisation, but also a historical process, whichinvolves a complete viewpoint and socio-political praxis through integralmission of evangelisation.
 Lecture on the 103
 IFI Proclamation…Page
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The IFI’s Nationalist Heritage: “Experience and Perspectives”
Visualizing the 3
day of August 1902 at the
Centro de Bellas Artes
when Isabelo ―Don Belong‖ de los Reyes met the union leaders and
delivered a strong anti-friar speech to proclaim the establishment of aFilipino Catholic Church independent from Rome. The Filipino people andthe Filipino church, at that moment, were confronted with two
revolutionary possibilities: (1) the creation of a ―free‖ Filipino community
dedicated to the worship of God in truth; and (2) the participation in, andperhaps even the leadership of, the Filipino liberation movement againstAmerican imperialism.Looking
at the very centre of Don Belong’s proclamation address,
rather than organizing a movement to defend human rights and to work for social justice towards national liberation, Don Belong and our forefathers resolutely opted for the establishment of a community ofpeople who promised to reflect upon their own attitudes and to liveaccording to their duties as Filipino Christians. As such, the IFI served as the
―living spirit‖ of the Filipino people in search for peace in our country
based in justice. It create
s the community of God’s people needed for anew society. It fosters the type of conversion required so that today’soppressed will not become tomorrow’s oppressors. Thus, it began itsministry as a ―prophet‖ of hope.
 But in order to understand better this hope of the Filipino people, it is
worth quoting the primary object of the IFI, ―to restore the worship of theone true God and the purity of the holy teachings of Jesus Christ‖.
this, ―God’s Kingdom‖ made it the very centre of the IFI’s mission of
evangelisation. It was not satisfied with a theoretical and utopianproclamation. It exercises a ministry of denunciation and annunciation. It
took a clear stand on the problems of his time. It stresses that ―the

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