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Bits and Pieces Final

Bits and Pieces Final

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Published by Philip Wardlow
A short dark fantasy surrounding a man with a broke down car on, on a lonely stretch of road in the dead of night where something just might want a piece of him.
A short dark fantasy surrounding a man with a broke down car on, on a lonely stretch of road in the dead of night where something just might want a piece of him.

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Published by: Philip Wardlow on Nov 13, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Word Count 7,950Page 1 
Bits and Pieces
By Philip WardlowCharlie’s old 1984 Ford Ltd came to an abrupt stop on the dust bowl of a road that went by the name of Horsehead by the locals or 188th by the not so local residents. The road lead intothe little town of Galatia, Kansas where he lived. The town of Galatia was still some six milesdistant to the north with twice as many miles behind him to the south to anything you wouldremotely call a town.
 Dammit, and hells bells he thought. I just got this thing a tune up last month.
Charlietried turning the key in the ignition again. Click, Click, Click 
. Dead.
Charlie pulled the lever under his dash to pop the hood and got out, not bothering to look for cars on the road, because there were none, not a soul. This road didn’t get much traffic,especially two hours after the sun had already set. He had a full stretch of road all to himself all
Bits and Pieces, 2
the way from the Number 4 Highway teeing into the Old 190 Rd that cut the town of Galatia inhalf.He looked around, nothing but corn, rows upon rows on both sides of the road he sat on.Tall stalks, taller than he was, (and he was six foot-four and just as lean and straight) were justwaiting to be harvested and seemed to be reaching for the stars that dotted the nighttime sky thatsurrounded him. He hated corn, in any fashion. He never had a taste for it, especially at thismoment.
 Fucking corn.
He was beginning to rethink the wisdom in traveling this road as helifted the hood on his car.Charlie played the flashlight over the engine block like he knew what he was looking for,nothing apparent jumped out at him. He jiggled the connections to the battery, good and solid.
 It’s gotta be the alternator, he thought idly.
A sharp loud keening sound followed quickly by a low rumbling moan came from thecornfield across the road making Charlie hit the back of his head smartly against the inside of thehood.
What the fu... ,
was as far as he got with his thoughts before they were interrupted byanother sound from behind coming out of the cornfield on his side of the road close to the car.“Mister?” a little girl’s voice came from out of the corn.“What the hell!” Charlie muttered out loud, his heart doubled in speed in his chest. Hemoved the flashlight to the rows of corn nearest his car.“Who’s there?” Charlie yelled back as he edged towards the trunk of his car.“Come out of there, you here? I don’t have time to be playing games!” Charlie felt like afool yelling at the corn stalks. He was starting to feel like he had made up all the sounds and thevoice inside his own head just before he was answered back.
Bits and Pieces, 3
“Mister, have you seen my dog?” Suddenly, a little slip of girl, no more than probablyseven years of age Charlie reckoned, walked out between the tall rows of corn. She had shortcropped red hair, with a splash of brown freckles covering a pale white face. She wore a pullover white nightie which fell down to just above her knees where he saw she must have fallendown once or twice in, because both her knees were mocked up with dirt. Big brown bootswhich seemed two sizes too big covered her feet with no socks completed the look.Charlie showed the flashlight directly into her face which caused her to raise her righthand to block the light in her face.“Dog?” was all Charlie had heard. Charlie lowered the flashlight to point at her boots.“Yeah, he got out and my dads gonna be awfully mad if he finds out. He’s not supposedto be out after dark. He gets into too much trouble, so he’s gotta stay locked up till mornin. Mydad thinks I’m in bed but I saw em get out of his pen…oh he’s gonna get it when I get a hold of him.” She stomped her foot at the last bit.“I don’t think you should be walking out and about little lady. It’s not safe this time of night, no telling what could happen to you. I’m sure your dog will come back home in due time.He probably got sight of a yard bird and took to runnin after em. Don’t you worry none, getalong home now.” The little girl was making him nervous, he didn’t need this shit. He justwanted to get his car fixed and get the hell on down the road. Charlie turned from her back towards his car and continued to wiggle things inside under the hood.“Car problems Mister? My dad’s great with cars, he can fix anything. I think you’re rightabout my dog, he does come back eventually and my dads gonna be upset but not as upset as hewould be if he knew I was out lookin for him. But I can go get em for you, even though I might

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