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FLO Weekly 23 Jan 2012

FLO Weekly 23 Jan 2012

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Published by: Andrew Charles Hendricks on Nov 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Washington State Fusion CenterWashington State Fusion Center 
January 23, 2012Volume 2, Issue 3
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FLO Basic trainingFebruary 6
8 atthree locations inWA.
01/14 Imam gets life for JFK plot
An imam and leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobagowas sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to attack a New York airport byexploding fuel tanks and fuel pipelines under the airport, the Justice Departmentsaid Friday. Kareem Ibrahim and several other co-conspirators believed the 2007planned attack would cause extensive damage to John F. Kennedy InternationalAirport and to the New York economy, as well as kill many people, officials said. Ibrahim, 65, wasconvicted in May by a federal jury on multiple terrorism offenses after a four-week trial.
 Three North Carolina ―home grown terrorists‖ were sentenced to between 15 and 45 years in federal
prison for conspiring to attack Quantico U.S. Marine Corp base and other foreign targets. HysenSherifi, 27 will serve 45 years in prison; Ziyad Yaghi, got nearly 32 years; and Mohammad Omar AlyHassan, 24, was sentenced to 15 years. The three men were part of a nine man terror ring in Raleigh,North Carolina. The leader of the ring, Daniel Patrick Boyd, pleaded guilty in February to conspiracyto kill people overseas and of material support for terrorism. He has not been sentenced. Two of hissons pleaded guilty to similar charges and were sentenced to eight years and nine years in prison. InApril 2010, a ninth man, Barjarm Asllani, a resident of Kosovo , was charged with conspiracy to killpeople overseas and to provide material support to terrorists as a member of the North Carolina ter-ror ring. Until this charge was made, it was thought that the North Carolina terror ring had eight men.The government alleges that Asllani solicited money from Boyd and the others to establish a base ofoperations in Kosovo to carry out violent jihad. He remains at large in Kosovo.
01/18 Police Chief’s to discuss terrorism at White House
The White House is providing senior state and local police officials with its analysis of homegrownterrorism incidents, including common signs law enforcement can use to identify violent extremists.The analysis was conducted by the DHS, FBI and National Counterterrorism Center. An overview ofthe findings was to be presented at a White House conference on Wednesday.The conference marks the first time this unclassified analysis is presented to the 46 senior state andlocal law enforcement officials, many of whom are police chiefs and sheriffs.There has been an uptick in attempted terrorist attacks by Americans and other legal U.S. residents inthe past few years, prompting the Administration to place a priority on finding ways to stop this typeof violence. The Administration wants to put local communities in charge of countering violent
FLO WeeklyFLO Weekly 
Gig Harbor, Pierce County
Page 2 FLO Weekly Volume 2, Issue 3
extremism.Federal analysts reviewed 62 cases of homegrown extremists and found basic similarities. The cases included violent extremists who ad-hered to a mix of ideologies. The analysis is not a psychological profile of a homegrown terrorist, but instead offers similarities amongcases to help local law enforcement better understand and detect threats.Analysts found that a person's origin, ethnic background and socioeconomic status are not good indicators for potential violent extremistactivity, a senior counterterrorism official said.Later this month, a training program for local law enforcement on countering extremism will be tested in Southern California, and thegovernment intends to roll out the training to the rest of the country through 2012.
01/23 Man arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare on terror charges
A 35-year-old Aurora man is charged with providing material support to the Islamic Jihad Union, a group that hasclaimed responsibility for attacks against coalition forces in Afghanistan.Jamshid Muhtorov, also known as Abumumin Turkistony and as Abu Mumin is a refugee from Uzbekistan.Muhtorov was arrested Saturday at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport by Denver and Chicago members of theFBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.He is charged with providing and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organiza-tion.He made his first appearance in U.S. District Court in Chicago this morning.The Denver FBI has been investigating Muhtorov for a long time.Agents allege Muhtorov planned to travel overseas to fight on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union.According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the IJU "adheres to an anti-western ideology, opposes secular rule in Uzbekistan and seeksto replace the current regime with a government based on Islamic law."Muhtorov indicated he was willing to die to assist the IJU, the Justice Department alleged, but no attacks appear to have been planned inthe U.S.If convicted, Muhtorov faces 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
Apartment listed incriminal complaint
Page 3 FLO Weekly Volume 2, Issue 3
WSFC INTAKE1-877-843-9522
(U//FOUO) [Region 1] On 23 January 2012, a male subject arrived at the Bellingham Cruise Termi-nal, southern terminus for the Alaska State Marine Highway System and purchased a round trip ticketto Alaska for departure on 27 January 2012. During the booking it was discovered he had already pur-chased a trip from Juneau to Yakutat earlier, apparently for the same time period as the just recentlypurchased ticket. The subject was informed that at this time of the year the Marine Ferry only de-parted once a week, Friday's. The subject then parked in the staging area for departure, made severaltrips back into the Cruise Terminal and then moved his vehicle to several different locations on Termi-nal property, apparently waiting for the Marine Ferry to arrive. The vehicle the subject was driving,and which is thought to be the vehicle he is taking on board the ferry, is a BMW convertible which isthought to be a strange vehicle to take to Alaska during the middle of winter. Additionally, the subjectdoes not appear to have any clothing, or luggage which may contain suitable clothing, for the condi-tions in Alaska in January. The subject showed a University of Oregon student ID card and a Saudi
 Arabian driver’s license as identification when booking the trip.
WSFC Tracking No.
Tips and Leads
(U//FOUO) [Region 6] On13 January 2012 at approximately 1545 hours, the Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) discovered a maintenance manual, prepared by Boeing for the Navy, on the(REDACTED), lying on a table behind the document checker stations at a checkpoint at SeaTac Air-port. In attempting to discover the owner, TSA discovered a handwritten page in the manual, whichamong other writings stated, "911 in plain sight". An index card on the manual gave the name of(REDACTED), who could not be located via intercom announcement at the airport.
WSFC Track-ing No.

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