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How to Make Work Feel Effortless

How to Make Work Feel Effortless

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Published by Radhesh Bhoot

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Published by: Radhesh Bhoot on Jan 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Make Work Feel EffortlessNovember 9, 2008Sometimes work can be a drag. You get caught up in trying to be more productiveand suddenly your life turns into a series of to-do lists. You gauge your measure of success by how much you accomplish. You even determine how happy you allowyourself to be by how much you’ve gotten done in the day.We spend a lot of time trying to find ways to be more productive. To do thingsfaster, better, cheaper and spend our time more effectively. But instead of justdoing more in less time, maybe we should focus on actually enjoying the work we’redoing instead.Here are 8 ways to make work seem like less of a chore and more like a gift:Follow your natural rhythms. A lot of the time I resent working is because I’m tryingto force myself to do something I don’t feel like doing. Naturally there will always besome things you’re not crazy about doing (like cleaning the toilet). But how often doyou force yourself to work more, when you really want to relax? When you forceyourself to work when you’ve promised yourself a break, you’ll likely just end updistracting yourself with other things and put off working. Then you get stressedand end up resenting work. Instead, follow your natural rhythms. When you feel likeworking, work. When you don’t, don’t. Don’t over complicate things.Do, don’t think. I’m going to stay true to this point and not think about writingsomething elaborate. Just do, stop thinking about it. Fail, make corrections later.Don’t put sugar in your tank. You wouldn’t put sugar in your gas tank right? Itdoesn’t make much sense to fill your body up with unhealthy fuel either. If you don’thave the energy to get the work you need to done, work will feel forced.Remove hidden roadblocks. What’s making you avoid working? What’s making yourwork seem like drudgery rather than joyful? It might have something to do with yourbeliefs about yourself. Maybe you believe you’re not good enough, smart enough ordon’t have enough experience. Question your beliefs about what you can and can’tdo.Only do your best. Work can easily become a chore when you’re trying to constantlybe perfect. The truth is, some of your ideas might not be so great. Others will bemind blowing. If you can accept that and just do your best, you stop judgingyourself. Guess what it feels like when you’re no longer picking over everything you

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