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Observations from Walking Dead Episode 305 "Say the Word" aired 11/11/12

Observations from Walking Dead Episode 305 "Say the Word" aired 11/11/12

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Published by Anthony Ventarola
Random thoughts on this week's Walking Dead
Random thoughts on this week's Walking Dead

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Anthony Ventarola on Nov 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Observations from Walking Dead episode 305
Say the Word
 [Spoilers are included, so
if you didn’t wa
tch yet, consider watching first, beforeyou read!!]
Within the first 5 minutes of the show, we realize that the leaders of both groups (Rickand the Governor) are insane. Rick's insanity is over-the-top yet temporary, while theGovernor's is subtle yet permanent.
The Gov's walker-daughter still has her jaw it appears, though no teeth.
Daryl's offing of the possum is not shown on camera. Proving once again that you canshow all sorts of extreme carnage when it comes to humans, but heaven forbid you kill acritter on camera!
What the heck are those markings in the book? I say it's a tally of women the Gov'snailed.
Should the prisoners have been killed when first seen? Lori and T-dog would still bealive. But it would have furthered the theory that our survivors will never be able to bringin new people.
Why does Glenn ask Axel/Oscar to dig 2 more graves besides Lori's? Is one for  Andrew? Even so, who's the third for?
The Governor alternates between extremely cooperative behavior and psychoticbehavior.
Milton is an uptight dude, but it hasn’t seemed to ruin his standing so far, other than an
occasional joke at his expense.
After Michonne slaughters the caged walkers, a dude who allegedly was going to feed
them drops his feed bucket. Whatever was in the bucket didn’t look alive, once againstraying from the “rule" that walkers only eat living flesh.
Michonne is a rebellious loose cannon. It appears
she’ll break into anywhere, steal
whatever, and risk her tail as a result
Still having a hard time thinking Woodbury is completely horrible. They sure know howto celebrate.
Give it to the Governor - he's usually honest! He tells Michonne the truth about thecaged walkers. The only lie he's told so far is about the military unit to the Woodburycrowd.
When Rick goes on his spree, is he doing vengeance or is it "suicide by walkers"?(Variant of "suicide bycop"). The fact that he acts out on Glenn leads me to believe it's the latter.
Merle's "ground box" is the first time we've seen a "walker trap" of any sort.
Milton is not a brave guy apparently. Wonder how he made it into the Woodbury inner circle? Maybe he's an old friend of the Governor or something.
Regarding the house Daryl/Maggie broke into to find baby supplies. I'm suspicious thatthe former residents wouldn't have or used up or taken with them the baby formula.Stands to reason you take care of the little ones first.

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