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Questions to Ask Yourself Chapters 2-8

Questions to Ask Yourself Chapters 2-8



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Published by hayleyguillou3272
A study guide on chapters 2-8 in Geographic Issues of the Twenty-First Century.
A study guide on chapters 2-8 in Geographic Issues of the Twenty-First Century.

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Published by: hayleyguillou3272 on Jan 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Questions to ask yourself: Chapters 2 – 8
What are map projections? Which is the best? Why?What are distortions?What are 6 basic features on maps?What is a large scale map? What is it used for?What is a small scale map? What is it used for?What is a general purpose map?What is a thematic map?Name and describe the three kinds of symbols shown on topographic maps?Can I interpret data on a map?Questions 1-8 & 11-12 on page 26What are cardinal and ordinal points?How do compass bearings correspond with compass points?What is an alphanumeric grid? Do I understand them?Questions 1-10 on page 30What is a map grid?How many digits does a square have? A point?What is the three word statement used for reading these grids?Can I follow directions using this type of grid?Questions 1 & 2 on page 33Answer latitude or longitude fro the following:1.Measures the angular distance east and west of the prime meridian.2.Measures the angular distance north and south of the equator.3.Are parallel.4.Meet at the poles.5.Run east to west.6.Run north to south.7.Are 111 km apart.8.Go up to 90° both ways.9.Go to 18both ways.
10.Are imaginary.What is the prime meridian? What are meridians?What does GPS stand for? How does it work?What is triangulation?How many times zones are there on earth? Why?How wide is a time zone? Why don’t the boundaries follow the lines of longitude?What is standard time? Who invented it?What is universal time? What was it formerly called?How many time zones are there in Canada?Can you name a major city in each one?Why is Newfoundland’s time strange?Canada is behind or ahead of UT?What is the International Date Line?Does it go through any countries?Why is daylight saving time used? What is the statement used to remember it?What did John Harrison invent?What is it used for? How does it work?Do I know the process used to figure out longitude?What is straight line distance? When do you add, when do you subtract?Questions 1-7 & 12-18 on page 40-42What is a scale?What is a direct statement scale?What is a line scale? How do you use one?What is a representative fraction scale? What do the terms represent?Do I know how many cm are in a km? m?Can I convert R.F.s to direct statements and vice versa?Questions 1-6 & 8-10 & 13-15 on pages 47-48What does GIS stand for? What the hell is it used for?What is ArcView?Identify a few tools you can use.What is an aerial photo?

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