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Published by Nidhi Narang

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Published by: Nidhi Narang on Nov 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is a movie theater complex with three or more than threescreens. The largest of these complexes are sometimes referred to as a
. Definitions of what constitutes multiplex vs. a
isrelated to the number of screens. Often the comparison is arbitrary. Tomanage these all types Multiplexes we have using Multiplex managementsystem Software. In Multiplex management System there was differenttype of Departments. To handles these departments we can use thesemultiplex management software’s.Our multiplex management system is for three screens named as ‘amar’,‘akbar’ and ‘anthony’ . Through this software’s we can easily manage allthe departments Our multiplex system offers three types of seating i.e.‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’.Multiplex theatres often feature regular seating however; the screens areoften smaller than those found in traditional movie palaces.During a highperiod of growth in many towns the competition presented by a multiplexwould often put the town's smaller theaters out of business. Multiplexeswere often developed in conjunction with big box stores in power centersor in suburban malls during the 70's and 80's which are commonlyreferred to as the era of "The Malling of America". The expansion wasexecuted at the big-box pace which left many theater companiesbankrupt while attempting to compete almost all major movie theatercompanies went bankrupt during this hasty development process,however AMC Theatres did not go into bankruptcy. Daily operations of thelocal theaters were not much affected despite these corporate levelissues. Till now we have planned the outline of our project i.e. our projectmultiplex management has three screens and it is a standaloneapplication which does not require any internet connection. Here we bookthe tickets, show the upcoming movies, get the status of the theatre i.e.the seats which have already been occupied are shown red in a grid whilethe empty seats are shown green i.e. here we use graphical userinterface.After the selection of the movie the customer fills up the formi.e. the ticket type and it automaticallt generates the total cost and printthe tickets along with the billing amount. There are two major parts of this multiplex management system i.e. thefront end and the back end.
Front end is made on core java while the backend is made with help of mysql or Microsoft office access. Our project will consist of the followingframes i.e. login page, home page, book_ticket, coming_soon, ticket,admin, status. Further action event handling will be there in this project.Work to be done by nidhi :
Login page
And the database connectivity…Work done by vahiny :
Home page
Coming soon
And the database connectivity…
Header files
- which we will require to make our project will be :1.import javax.swing.*;2.import java.awt.*;3.import java.awt.event.ActionListener;4.import java.awt.event.ItemListener;5.import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;6.import java.awt.event.ItemEvent;7.import javax.swing.border.*;8.import java.util.Date;9.import java.util.Calendar;10.import java.sql.*;
We make use of java applets on our project. A Java applet is a special kind of Java programthat a browser enabled with Java technology can download from the internet and run. Anapplet is typically embedded inside a web page and runs in the context of a browser. An

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