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Faith Independent, November 14, 2012

Faith Independent, November 14, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Nov 14, 2012
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94¢84101910November 14, 2012
President Obama will be lead-ing our nation for another 4 yearsfollowing November 6th’s elec-tion. Mitt Romney carried SouthDakota, but President Obamacarried the nation, receiving 303electoral votes to Romney’s 206.Romney received 57.9% of thevotes in South Dakota to Obama’s39.9%.In the race for South Dakota’sonly U.S. House of Representa-tives seat, Kristi Noem had aneasy win over Matt Varilek.Noem received 57.45% of thevotes in the state with Varilekgetting 42.55%.The biggest attention-gettersfor South Dakota voters this elec-tion were the Initiated Measuresand Amendments. Amendment M(provisions relating to corpora-tions) was defeated statewide; Amendment N (travel reimburse-ments for legislators) remains thesame; Amendment O (distribu-tion of cement plant trust fund)passed; and Amendment P (bal-anced budget) also passed by awide margin.Initiated Measure 15 (to in-crease state general sales anduse tax to fund education andMedicare) went down to defeat,56.72% to 43.28%. Referred Law14 (Large Project Development-Fund) was also defeated, and vot-ers didn’t like Referred Law 16(teacher merit bonuses) either.Faith had 260 voters turn outat the polls on Tuesday, and votedwith the rest of the state on all is-sues. Results can be found onpage 4.PIERRE, S.D. - Christmastrees will begin to fill SouthDakota Capitol hallways laterthis month for the annual Christ-mas at the Capitol holiday dis-play.The 2012 theme is “JoyousSounds of Christmas.”More than 90 Christmas treeswill be decorated Nov. 17-18 bymembers of schools, churches,communities, and civic groupsfrom across the state.Thousands of guests visit theSouth Dakota State Capitol eachyear to view the decorated trees.The display will officially beginwith a grand lighting ceremonyon Tuesday evening, Nov. 20, andcontinue through Wednesday,Dec. 26. Display hours for thepublic will be 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.CST each day.The two-story South Dakotatree specially featured this yearin the Capitol rotunda was do-nated by Josh and Mary Arntz of Pierre. It is a blue spruce that isabout 35-feet tall. The tree will bedecorated by Girls Scouts – Dakota Horizons, who are cele-brating their 100th anniversary.In addition to the trees, manyother parts of the Capitol will bedecorated for the holiday season,including the Grand MarbleBrookings, S.D. - For only thesecond time in 2012, thestatewide monthly average tem-perature was cooler than averagein October. Statewide, nearly alllocations were also drier than av-erage, according to latest reportsfrom the National Weather Serv-ice observers and the High PlainsRegional Climate Center in Lin-coln, Neb."There was very little droughtrelief to speak of," said Laura Ed-wards, SDSU Extension ClimateField Specialist. "Harvest of corn,soybeans, and sunflowers ispretty much complete, which is apositive impact from drought, butwinter wheat is continuing tostruggle with the lack of mois-ture."Only two climate observing lo-cations were warmer than aver-age in October, Hot Springs and Ardmore, both in Fall Rivercounty. Elsewhere, the mercuryfell as much as five degrees belowaverage. Wessington Springs,Forestburg, and Flandreau wereamong those that reported thelargest differences from average. A three-county area in thenortheast was wetter than aver-age, but that is an anomaly fromthe rest of South Dakota."There was a big rain eventaround Oct. 20 and 21 thatbrought over 3 inches of rain tothe Webster and Waubay area,"said Edwards. "That is the secondtime this year where Day Countyreceived much more rainfall thanthe surrounding area. The otheroccurrence was in July, duringthe peak of the summer drought."One positive note going for-ward is the updated climate out-look for November. The latestmap, released Nov. 1, puts north-ern South Dakota in an area of higher chances of wetter than av-erage conditions."There have been a lot of fluc-tuations this fall in the outlookmaps, but a wetter pattern maybe settling in, at least for the nextcouple of weeks," said Edwards.The remaining two-thirds of the state is forecast to have equalchances of below average, aboveaverage, and near average precip-itation.Temperature projections forthe next month appear to con-tinue the warm trend that wehave seen for most of the year. Allof the state is projected to havehigher chances of warmer thanaverage temperatures in Novem-ber.Edwards says there may besome short-term relief of droughtconditions this month. She addsthat she is looking towards No-vember with reserved optimism."I'm ever the optimist, but eachpassing dry month is making itmore difficult to keep that opti-mism," said Edwards.To learn more visit iGrow.org.Staircase and the Capitolgrounds.
Climate Update: October 2012 in review and look forward
Presdent Obama wnsPresdental electon
SD voters decide on Amendmentsand Initiated Measures
Christmas trees soon to adorn Capitol hallways
 Annual display is Wednesday, Nov. 21 through Wednesday, Dec. 26 
Pastor Roger Monson and thecongregation of Prairie HomeChurch near Maurine, SD invitesyou to come and hear John Pe-tersen from Tilden, Nebraskawho will be sharing the good newsof Jesus through a gospel concerton Sunday, November 18th, at11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Therewill be a fellowship dinner afterthe morning service.Traveling as a Gospel Singerand Evangelist has taken John to42 states, Jamaica, and the Ba-hamas over the last 35years, where he has beenused of God to touchlives, sharing in churchesin concerts and revivalmeetings and many otherplaces and for manytypes of events.The concert will bemade up of a wide varietyof types of songs, hymns,and spiritual songs, andmaybe even just a funsong or two. All ages willfind something to remem-ber from this experience. A free will offering willbe received.
Harvest Fest Concert setfor Prare Home Church
Vetterans Day Program Retiring of the colors …
Members of the Faith VFW Post and Faith Legion. Pictured are David Haines, Gary Fisher, Peggy Riley and Walt Gerbracht.Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Page 2
November 14, 2012
• The Faith Independent
Published in the Heart of the West River Empire
Publication No. 184760Published Weekly on WednesdayFaith, SD 57626-0038
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Publisher.............................................................Don RavelletteOffice Manager.......................................................Diane IsaacsReporter, Proofreader, Composition.................Loretta Passolt
COPYRIGHT: 1988 Faith Independent. All rights re-served. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied, or inany way reproduced from this publication, in whole orpart, without the written consent of the publishers.
email usat faithind@faithsd.com
Fath Communty Health Center 
VernaSchad,CNP . . . . . . . .Call for schedulPeggyO’Connor,CNP . . . .Call for schedulDAVIDROLLASON,PA . . . . . . . . . .THURSDAYS 
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Notify The FaithIndependent of yourchange of address beforemoving or as quickly aspossible, so as not tomiss a single issue.
South Dakota Health Care As-sociation (SDHCA), in conjunc-tion with KELOLAND Television,is saddened by the news thatBeryl Kapaun of Salem who wasrecently named the “
2012 Cente-narian of the Year
” passed awayyesterday. Beryl celebrated her113th birthday in June. Thisrecognition was a four-peat forBeryl as she has remained theoldest living South Dakotan forthe past 4 years. According to Century Clubrecords, Beryl Kapaun was a res-ident at the Golden LivingCenterin Salem, born June 4, 1899.Beryl lived on her own in anapartment until she was 104years old. As a child, her familymoved around the country fre-quently, as her mother hadbronchial conditions that re-quired moving to warmer cli-mates during the harsh SouthDakota winters. Beryl graduatedfrom Brookings High School andtook business courses at Brook-ings State College and Sioux FallsBusiness College. She worked inoffices around the area and inColorado as a stenographer for alarge fruit-growing company. Shelater returned to the family farmnear Montrose to care for her par-ents, where she stayed until the1990’s when she then moved intoMontrose.Beryl credited her longevity togenes in the family, her clean liv-ing and never overeating atmeals! Beryl commented howeverthat she was surprised that shelived as long as she did becausethere were two times that standout in her mind that she wasgiven up for dead! Once she hadpleural pneumonia and fell into adeep sleep and her family thoughtshe had died. The other time waswhen she had something she calls“Slow Fever.” She was sick for solong that the doctor gave up ongoing out to see her!” Although Beryl never married,she had many nieces andnephews. Golden LivingCenter,Salem Administrator, Joan Raap,commented, “Beryl took greatpride in her accomplishment of being the oldest living SouthDakotan. She had a great sense of humor, loved music and on 113thher and her family sang many of favorites on our front porch.”The Century Club is a creationof the South Dakota Health Care Association and has recognizedover 1,000 South Dakotans sinceits beginning in 1997. CenturyClub sponsors created the Club torecognize both the contributionsand the years of these special in-dividuals.The Century Club is open toresidents of South Dakota uponthe celebration of his or her 100thbirthday. There are no dues andevery inductee receives a spe-cially designed certificate andmembership card signed by spon-sors. Once a year, the current old-est living Century Club Memberis recognized as the “
Centenarianof the Year
.” You may submit names for theCentury Club by visitingwww.sdhca.org and downloadinga Century Club Application orcall LuAnn Severson, CenturyClub Coordinator, at 1-800-952-3052.
113 Year Old SouthDakota “Centenaran of the Year” passes away
Thanksgiving is a time for usto take a few moments from ourbusy schedules as we reflect uponthe many blessings that havetouched our lives in the past year.We gather with friends andfamily to share fun, food, and spe-cial times. It is time to be thank-ful for the good that has come ourway...to reminisce about thosewho have completed their journeyon earth...and to ask continuedblessings on all. On this occasionof our Thanksgiving, we as a na-tion take rest from our labors toconsider our many blessings. Weare thankful for our freedoms, forthose who protect those freedomsand for the opportunity to con-tribute our skills, our attributesand our values toward the good of society.It is also a time to think aboutsafety. With the approachingThanksgiving Holiday, traffic onroads across America will bebusy with families and friendstraveling to share timetogether.In 2010, 32,885 peoplewere killed in motor vehiclecrashes. Almost one-third of thosefatalities involved alcohol-im-paired drivers. Although thenumbers continue to decline eachyear, the truth is…these crashescould have been prevented.Plan ahead to insure your fam-ily has a safe, fun-filled holidayseason.Here are just a few remindersfrom Lemmon SAFE Communi-ties.
Drive carefully and defen-sively.
Drinking and driving NEVERmix. And always remember...
Buckle up...every trip, everytime!Happy Thanksgiving fromLemmon SAFE CommunitiesThree Rivers Counseling & Pre-vention Resource Center
Being thankful and safe
Please join us this Sunday, No-vember 18, to welcome ConnieEichinger, the new First UnitedMethodist Church Pastor, intothe Faith community. Churchservices begin at 11 a.m. and willbe followed with fellowship anddinner at noon. Everyone is wel-come and encouraged to attend.Pastor Connie has been serv-ing Faith United MethodistChurch on a part time basis sinceMay. We are very excited to haveher as our permanent pastor.Pastor Connie and her husbandJim are from Piedmont. Markthis Sunday on your calendar tomeet and greet Pastor Connie,welcome her into the community,and join in the fun.
Meet and greetPastor Conne
PIERRE, S.D. - The newly-elected Republican Senate Cau-cus met November 12th to electits leadership team for the 2013and 2014 legislative sessions.Returning as Senate MajorityLeader will be Senator RussellOlson of Madison. Olson hasserved in that position since 2011. As majority leader, Olson leadsthe Senate Caucus, plans theSenate's debate calendar, andrepresents the caucus in discus-sions with House Leadership andwith the Governor.Senator Corey Brown of Get-tysburg was selected by the cau-cus to be President Pro Temporeof the Senate. In that position,Senator Brown will fill the com-mittee rosters, assign bills to com-mittee, and preside over theSenate when the Lt. Governor isabsent. Brown, who had servedfor the past two years as Assis-tant Majority Leader, will replaceSenator Bob Gray of Pierre, whoretired due to term limits.The new Assistant MajorityLeader is Senator Tim Rave of Baltic. Rave served the past twoyears as a Senate Majority Whip,and will now fill the position thatwas vacated by Senator Brown.The caucus also elected threewhips for the upcoming session:Senators Larry Rhoden of UnionCenter, Ryan Maher of Isabel,and Dan Lederman of DakotaDunes."Today's caucus election showsthat Senate Republicans areready to get to work," said Major-ity Leader Olson. "Senate Repub-licans look forward to workingthis session with the Governor,with House members, and withour friends in the DemocraticParty to lead South Dakota for-ward."The Republican's 28-7 advan-tage in the newly-elected Senateis one of the greatest in recenthistory. With the exception of thecurrent Senate, which stands at30-5, the new Senate will havethe greatest Republican majoritysince 1967-68."The 2012 election was a vic-tory for Republican legislators,"said Assistant Majority LeaderRave, who is also the State Re-publican Chairman. "SouthDakotans elected a strong team torepresent them in the legislature,and that team is ready to come toPierre in January and work onbehalf of our state."
Republican Senate Caucuselects leadership
November 14, 2012
• The Faith Independent •
Page 3
Sen. John Thune’sWeekly ColumnPlace a Classified Ad...The Faith Independent
email: faithind@faithsd.com
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 COME MEET THE NEW PASTOR  AT Faith United Methodist Church 
Pastor Connie 
Sunday, Nov. 18
Church at 11:00Meet and Greet at 12:00
Everyone is WELCOME 
Counting Our Blessings
The passing months have high-lighted some of the country’s deepdivides and overwhelming chal-lenges. As the end of the year ap-proaches, it is important to pauseand give thanks for the manyblessings that come with living inthis great country.The national celebration of Thanksgiving reminds each of usto set aside our frustrations, wor-ries, and problems, and insteadtake time to express gratitude forthe good fortune in our lives. Weare thankful for the exceptionalservice of our brave troops aroundthe world, who protect our nationfrom foreign and domesticthreats. We are thankful to live ina country where we can freelyworship our Creator, speak ourminds without fear, and enjoy thefreedom that is the cornerstone of our society. And perhaps most of all, we are thankful for the bless-ings of family, for the support of our communities, and for the fel-lowship of our friends and neigh-bors.South Dakotans not only speakwords of gratitude, but also ex-press gratitude through their actsof goodwill and charity. In com-munities across the state, fund-raisers are held for families expe-riencing tough times, neighborsoffer a helpful hand with errands,and food drives and Thanksgivingdinners are provided for thosewho are in need of a warm mealand friendship. The selfless actsof those around us make each of us thankful that South Dakota isthe place we call home. As the year draws to a close, Iam thankful for my wonderfulfamily and the opportunity to con-tinue to serve our state in theU.S. Senate. The new year will befilled with challenges, but it willalso be filled with the promise formany great blessings. Kimberleyand I wish all South Dakotansand their families safe travelsand a very blessed Thanksgiving.The South Dakota Departmentof Transportation says Highway79/34 (Lazelle Street) in Sturgis isnow open to one lane of traffic ineach direction, along with thecenter turn lane. The truck-routedetour has also been removed.One lane of eastbound andwestbound traffic will remainclosed on Lazelle Street betweenJunction Avenue and BlancheStreet until crews finish curb,gutter and sidewalk repairs.The northbound and south-bound intersection of Junction Avenue and Lazelle Street re-mains closed until construction iscomplete.It is anticipated that all laneson Lazelle Street and Junction Avenue will be open to traffic byFriday, Nov. 17, weather permit-ting.The overall completion date forthe project is July 23, 2013.The prime contractor on the $2million project is Ainsworth-Ben-ning Construction, Inc., of The 2012 Custer State ParkFall Classic Bison Auction will beheld on Saturday, Nov. 17, at thepark corrals, selling about 256head of bison.This year’s offerings include 27mature bred cows, 16 matureopen cows, 43 two-year-old bredheifers, 3 two-year-old openheifers, 9 yearling heifers, 61heifer calves, 62 bull calves, 19yearling bulls, 5 two-year-oldgrade bulls, 11 two-year-oldbreeding bulls, and 17 burros.The auction will begin Satur-day morning at 10 a.m. MST atthe Custer State Park Buffalocorrals, located 15 miles east of Custer on Highway 16A and thennine miles south on the WildlifeLoop Road. Signs will be posted toassist in locating the corrals. A buyers’ reception will be heldprior to the auction on Friday,Nov. 16, from 6-8 p.m. MST at theCreekside Lodge in Custer StateThe annual holiday open houseof the South Dakota State Histor-ical Society at the Cultural Her-itage Center in Pierre is 12-4:30p.m. CST on Friday, Nov. 23.“Our open house has becomeone of the traditional holidaykick-off events for Pierre and FortPierre,” said Jay D. Vogt, societydirector. “Every year, people tellme they look forward to coming
Hghway 79/34 open to traffc through Sturgs
Spearfish.For more information, contactJohn Gerlach with the Depart-ment of Transportation at 605-394-6968.up to the Cultural Heritage Cen-ter the day after Thanksgiving.” As always, the open house willfeature free admission to the mu-seum. This year’s featured exhibitis “Our South Dakota: BigLand/Big Ideas/Big Hearts,” afun-filled, hands-on exhibit thatwon a national award.There will be holiday treatsand local live entertainment.There will also be living-historydemonstrations and, for the kids,pictures with Santa Claus.In the giving spirit of the sea-son, attendees are encouraged tobring a canned good for donationto the Pierre Food Pantry. Dona-tions can be left on a table as peo-ple enter the building.For holiday shoppers, the Her-itage Store offers discounts onunique gifts for those on yourlist.The Cultural Heritage Centeris always decorated for the sea-son. This year, two display casesin the lobby will feature holidaycollections. A festively decoratedantique sleigh will also be dis-played.Call (605) 773-3458 for moreinformation, or visit www.his-tory.sd.gov.
Cultural Hertage Center holdayopen house scheduled for Nov. 23
Park.For the past 47 years, the parkhas made its surplus bison avail-able for sale to the private sector. A significant amount of park rev-enue comes from the bison saleand goes toward continued opera-tions of the state park system.For additional informationabout the upcoming bison auc-tion, contact Custer State Park at605-255-4515 or e-mail questionsto CusterStatePark@state.sd.us
Custer State Park to hold annual Bson Aucton
Several South Dakota cowboysare ranked in the PRCA stand-ings.
 All Around:
Jess Tierney,Sturgis, 12th; Paul David Tier-ney, Oral, 16th
Joe Gunderson, Agar, 18th
Steer Wrestling:
Todd Suhn,Hermosa, 9th; Jake Rinehart,Highmore, 18th
Team Roping:
Paul DavidTierney, header, 25th; Matt Zan-canella, Aurora, heeler, 28th
Saddle Bronc:
Chad Ferley,Oelrichs, 6th;
Cole Elshere,Faith, 12th
; Jeff Willert,Belvidere, 21st; Chuck Schmidt,Keldron, 22nd; Jesse Bail, CampCrook, 27th; JJ Elshere, Here-ford, 28th; Louie Brunson, Inte-rior, 37th
Steer Roping:
Jess Tierney,Hermosa, 7th; Coy Thompson,Whitewood, 30th
Bull Riding:
 Ardie Maier,Timber Lake, 6th; Corey Maier,Timber Lake, 16th
 Area cowboys in PRCA standings
The award-winning “Our South Dakota” exhibit …
at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre provideshands-on fun for people of all ages.(Photo courtesy South Dakota State Historical Society)

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