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Published by Ihor Podolchak

Сoncept of the documentary film about the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

© 2012. Ihor Podolchak, Ihor Dyurych

Сoncept of the documentary film about the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

© 2012. Ihor Podolchak, Ihor Dyurych

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Published by: Ihor Podolchak on Nov 14, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Сoncept of the documentary film about the2016 Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de JaneiroIhor DyurychIhor Podolchak 
PARALYMPIA (Triumph des Willens) - vs. OLYMPIA (Leni Riefenstahl, 1938).
The concept of the documentary film about the 2016 Summer Paralympic Gamesin Rio de Janeiro.
Project’s purpose – an artistic personication of the basic humanistic outlook of the modern
world. The focus on human being as the supreme value, his fundamental rights for free-dom, happiness, development and demonstration of his capabilities might achieve mostpowerful visualization in dramatic tenseness of Paralympic Games. The main characters
of the lm are disabled people, their will for life and fortitude, the Game’s atmosphere of 
good will, cooperation and co-experience.
Leni Riefenstahl created the great lm based on dominant ideological conceptions, which
prevailed in Germany and some other countries in 30’s – 40’s of the last century. She ex-ploited the image of ‘classical body’ as ideal example of harmony, health and beauty and
through the drama of sport contest she led to inspiration of the ght between races and
nations. Unsurpassed aesthetic perfection of Olympia, as monument of totalitarian culture,
demands an equivalent response based on the outlook of modern world and humanistic
values.Sport, as a competition, is precisely correct medium of ideological intervention into the
average man’s consciousness. It creates phenomena of psychological self-identication
and as result – communality. Mass media transform great international sport events intoculture and behavior stereotypes and, owing to this process, nation as total is inseparable
from the State. In this sense sport still is the arena of ghts of the countries/governments,
who shows off their power through the incredible achievements of their sportsmen. At thesame time Paralympic Games and media around it belongs to the completely differentparadigm and this movement emphasizes on different topics: the nation’s success indi-cates inclination to the humanistic values of the country, and the sportsman is not just theideal machine for producing records but a human being with personal heroism and story.The transformation and reorientation of pulic interest from the Olympic into ParalympicGames is the contemporary ideological necessity. It needs creation of groups of powerful
media products and ‘Paralympia’ might be it’s agship. Paralympic Games must be seen
as a culmination of series of extraordinary lives of disabled people and their families, asresult of consistency and purposefulness of organizational processes, as an achievement
of scientic and technical progress.Through the solid approach of creation of this lm, comparable with Riefenstahl’s way,it is possible to produce a visual material, which can make a real breakthrough in mediasphere and might impact the whole ied of modern visual culture.It is not easy to make a precise identication of the genre of ‘Paralympia’ on this stage.We contempleting creation of monumental poly-genre lm, which could be described asdocumentry, art house lm, reportage, in a way it’s public service ad with an elements of pupular science and experimental lms. It is inevitably that during the work on the script
and preliminary photographysesions will appear some side ideas and storylines which could be developed in independ-ent original products.
 As for visual plane, this lm must aestheticly surpass all best known forms of the coverege
of sport events, to astonish modern viewer, who get used to stunts, SFX and CGI.This project demands:1. Negotiation with International and National Paralympic Commitees concerningcomprehencive parthnership and all-embracing assistance for research, preparation andprincipal shooting.2. Negotiation with charatable organisations for disabled people, with sponsors of Par-
alympic movement for nancial support of this lm.3. Negotiation for nancial and technical support with companies who produces ad
vanced equipment (for invalids, for lming, etc.)This long-term project is supposed to engage quite big lm crew, including the best cam
eramen who have great experience in lming sport events and deep knowledge of mod
-ern technical equipment.Timing:
- Pre-production: 2013 nancial, organizational and technical matters; hiring of prin
cipal personnel; collecting and analyzing of existing material on the subject of ParalympicGames; script writing; correct scheduling of the whole process.- Preliminary photography: 2014 - testing of artistic and technical solutions; probationof shooting schemes during sport training sessions and tournaments; sketching.
- Production: till the end of 2016. Principal shooting of training sessions and tourna-ments, personal stories of sportsmen, medical and technical accomplishments. Prepara-
tion and lming Summer Paralympic Games in Rio in September 2016; Editing of the lm.- Presentation: 2017 festival and presentation events; special projects; distribution.

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