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Bison Courier, November 15, 2012

Bison Courier, November 15, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Nov 14, 2012
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Price is a stumbling block fornew shop at Bison School
Bison students create flag for Veterans Day
Ahuge paper flag that was a school wide project including every student in K-12
See more Vet-erans Day coverage on pages 8 and 9.
By Beth HulmFollowing Monday night’s schoolboard meeting, board membersare no closer to making a final de-cision on the construction of a newbuilding that would house a shopand other classrooms. Local con-tractor Bob Jackson, invited byCommitteewoman Marcie Brown-lee Kari, sat in on her presentationduring Monday night’s schoolboard meeting.Kari prefaced her comments tosay that Jackson had given her “alot of really good information,” in-cluding the best way to bid out theproject.The board had hoped to haveplans and specs drawn up for themand then to proceed with the bid-ding process themselves. Jacksonthinks it would be a mistake to dothat; much better to hire an engi-neering firm and let them handleall of the details, he said.“If something goes wrong, it’stheir problem,” he said, “notyours.”If bids could all be from localcontractors, Jackson said it would-n’t be so important to leave the de-tails to a professional but he feelssure that the bids won’t all be fromfamiliar sources. In fact, he pre-dicts that the project that theschool is proposing – which couldend up costing close to a half mil-lion dollars – will have “bids com-ing out of the woodwork.”Board chairman Dan Kvale re-ally wishes that the project wouldgo to a local contractor. “I have ahard time sending a half million of our local tax dollars out of town,”he said.Jackson further advised thateverything be written down, in-cluding how much it will cost forchange orders. Contracts are im-portant, he said, and there will bemany contingencies to consider, in-cluding handicap accessibility,plumbing, electricity and muchmore. An engineer could charge asmuch as 10% of the project totalbut, in the long run, it would beworth it, he said.Kari had heeded Jackson’swarnings and approached an engi-neer who offered a ballpark figureapproaching $500,000. The boardhas budgeted only $300,000 forconstruction and $25,000 for engi-neering.Jackson said that renovatingthe existing building would proba-bly be possible within those budgetconstraints.New board member AngieThompson volunteered to researchavailable grant money for schoolconstruction. Until finances can bearranged, the project will stay onthe backburner.Finding coaching staff for all of the school’sbasketball teams hasbeen a challenge for Supt. Krae-mer this fall. Steve Senn has con-sented to coach the 7th and 8thgrade girls and two high schoolseniors, Daniel Chapman and Yancy Buer, will team-coach the5th and 6th grade boys.Following an executive session(that went one hour and forty-fiveminutes) action was taken to offervarsity boys’and girlsbasketballcontracts to Corbin Alley andSarah Holzer, respectively. If heagrees, Alley would also coach theboys’Jr. High team.In other business, board mem-bers tentatively set January 7 at6:00 p.m. for their annual strate-gic planning retreat. “All we’redoing there is focusing on (longterm) planning,” Kvale said. Tra-ditionally, the board would bringtheir ideas back to a regular boardcontinued on page 5
Commissioners hope that exitinterviews will give them answers
 By Beth Hulm
For the second month in a row,County Commissioners receivedresignations from county employ-ees. In October,Tracy Buer losttwo men from his highway crewand Assessor Rownea Gerbrachtlost a staff member. Last week,there were two more resignationsfrom county employees – one morefrom the highway crew and an of-fice secretary who split her timebetween the State’s Attorney’s of-fice and the 4-H extension office.Commissioners want to knowwhythey are losing employees.Following an executive sessionthat used up an hour during lastWednesday’smeeting, official ac-tion was taken to develop an exitinterview process for departingemployees. County departmentheads were instructed to come upwith questions to ask those wholeave their county jobs.Later in the day, when Buer pro-duced resignation letters from themen he recently lost, Commission-ers closed the door again for a fewmore minutes to read and discussthem.Ideally, Buer’s work crew wouldbe 9 to 10 employees. He’snow 4-5short as he gears up for winterprojects. Until more workers canbe hired, Buer was told to placepatrols strategically throughoutthe county where local operatorscould be hired part-time to assistwith necessary snow removal.Commissioner Rusty Foster hadalready contacted a couple of menin the county who would assist.“There are guys out there,” he toldBuer.Juell Chapman, chairman of theBison Town Board, stopped by topersonally present a check for$67,264.31 for work that thecounty crew did recently on someBison streets and to sing hispraises of the work crew. Hethanked the board for allowing theassistance and said, “The guys didasuperb job!”Chapman also asked if therecould be assistance with snow re-moval from Coleman Avenue thiswinter.That street is Bison’smainthoroughfare into town and is adesignated truck route. Thecounty crew uses that route whenthey leave town to plow countyroads.Buer didn’t voice any objections.“It doesn’tmake sense to driveover it and pack it down,” he said.Coleman Avenue actually be-longs to Perkins County and therehas existed a long-standing argu-ment over which entity is respon-sible for its care and upkeep. A similar situation exists in Lem-mon. Railway Avenue, once the oldHighway 12, has belonged toPerkins County since the 1940s.The City of Lemmon maintains it.Mike Schweitzer,chairman of the Perkins County Commission,would like to deed those roads tothe cities and be done with theconversations.Bison recently made a formal re-quest to the county board to helpfix Coleman Ave. The town wouldapply for a Community AccessGrant next spring and, if awarded,they’d like the county to help withthe remaining matching funds. InLemmon, the City Council has al-ready secured a $200,000 grant to-wards upgrading Railway Street.That is part of a much larger proj-ect that could be a joint effort of 
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison SchoolDistrict APublication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O.Box 429 • Bison, SouthDakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 30Number 22November 15, 2012
Includes Tax
s & Happ
Bison Public Library
is holdinga Kindle Fire HD raffle. Ticketsare $5 each or 3 for $10. The draw-ing will ne held December 13th, atthe Christmas coffee.
The Girl Scouts
are once againholding their ThanksgivingTurkey Raffle. For the cost of afood item or $1 you can enter towin a frozen turkey. All food andmoney goes to the local foodpantry. Drawing to be held No-vember 19th.
Colony chickens
, smoked chick-ens and smoked turkeys, call Con-nie 244-5518
Benefit for Gary Skjoldal,
No-vember 17th at Smoky’s inMeadow. Roast beef sandwiches,salads and chips at 6 p.m., auctionat 7 p.m., music by Badger Horseat 8:30. Auction items can bedropped off at Smoky’s.
Page 2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, November 15, 2012
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KEVN Black Hills FOX is pleasedto announce its seventh annual Ris-ing Star of the West Scholarship con-test. This year, thanks to First Inter-state Bank, the total value of scholar-ships is once again at $7,500. Thefirst place winner will receive a$4,000 college scholarship, with$2,000 for second place, $1,000 forthird place and $500 for fourth place.High school students will have theopportunity to present commentarieson KEVN Black Hills FOX News ontopics important to them. Viewerswill then be able to view those videosat blackhillsfox.com and help pick thefour finalists and the eventual win-ner.Students who wish to participateneed to shoot a short (1 minute) videoof them talking about any subjectthat interests them. They don’t needto be elaborate productions, sincethose videos won’t run on air. Thevideos need to be submitted to KEVNBlack Hills FOX, along with an entryform, by December 31st. The 20 stu-dents selected for the contest will tapetheir commentaries at the KEVNBlack Hills FOX studios to air begin-ning in February. The four weeklywinners will become finalists and willtape four more commentaries on fourcommon topics to air during the finalsof the contest beginning in April.Interested students can get entryforms and rules at www.blackhills-fox.com. They could join our previ-ous winners, Shad Christman of Lem-mon High School along with KaitlynHemmingson, Annelise Ewing andJanesa Bakeberg of Spearfish HighSchool, Caila Brennan of St. ThomasMore High School and Jordan Barthelof Lead-Deadwood High School as thelatest Rising Star of the West.
KEVN Black Hills Fox announces 7th annualRising Star of the West Scholarship contest
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, November 15
Meatloafoven browned potatoespeas, carrots jello w/peaches
Friday, November 16
Macaroni & Cheesestewed tomatoesbutterscotch puddingbanana
Monday, November 19
Turkey tetrazzini tossed salad w/french dressingmandarin oranges
Tuesday, November 20
Sweet & sour porksteamed riceoriental vegetablesgrape juiceapricots
Wednesday, November 21
Roast beefmashed potatoes w/gravyharvest beetspeach crisp
CommunityThanksgiving WorshipSunday, November 18that 7:00 p.m.
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Freewill Collection for localMinisterial Association Aid Fund
Parade of trees 2012
The 2012 Holiday Season isupon us and the Perkins CountyCommunity and Family ExtensionLeaders (CFEL) wants you to helpcelebrate by contributing to theannual Parade of Trees at thePerkins County Courthouse. Thisevent is open to any club, church,school or community organizationsand gives those involved an oppor-tunity to be creative and rejoicethe Christmas Season.We ask that you follow theseguidelines1. All trees inside of the court-house need to be artificial.2. Lights are allowed on thetrees inside the courthouse thisyear.3. Trees inside of the courthouseare required to have a tree skirt.4. Inside trees need to be clearlymarked with your organizationsname.5. Lights may be used to deco-rate any tree on the courthouselawn.6. Trees need to be put up anddecorated on Monday December 3,2012. During regular courthousehours (8 a.m. t o5 p.m.), and takendown January 2, 2013.Three anonymous judges will bechosen to evaluate the trees and amonetary prize will be awarded tothe three best decorated trees.First place will receive $25.00, sec-ond place will receive $20.00, andthird place will receive $15.00. Thetrees will be primarily judged onoriginality.If you want to reserve a spot inthe Parade of Trees, please contactBernice Kari at 244-5472 or in per-son.
Any one interested inwriting Girls and BoysBasketball storiescontact theBison Courier 244-7199.
The Bison Courier •
Thursday,November 15, 2012
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Marilyn Carr Age 11-26--1937Family 4 children; Loretto Preuss,Laurence and Renee. Nola &Kevin Robinson & Glen & Becky.9 grandchildren (Loretto)KaylenePreuss, Samuel & Danelle Neuen-schwander, Leslie & NeomiNeuenschwander, Weslie Neuen-schwander & fiancee Laura, LouisNeuenschwander. (Nola) Kruze & Abba Rae Robinson. (Larry)Nicole& Barney Frankl. (Glen) Cala &Justin Stane. 6 great grandchil-dren Chloe & Shelby, WA; Weston& Mason, Rapid City; Keith &Bernard, Pierre.Hobbies.... reading I live in PrairieCity. I grew up ...Padroni, Col-orado Occupation.. Homemaker - Aide - TherapistSomething you wouldn't expectfrom me I'm a hard worker Some-one I admire my extended familyof clientele and friends Somethingmy grandparents have passed onto me ... Never lived close enoughto enjoy - were old timer'sMy favorite things..... familyMy favorite food is .... a good steakand saladSomething I do every day.....spendtime with clients helping or onphone checking on them.My favorite thing to do during awinter storm...sewing or bakingcarmel rollsMy favorite summer things...mowing, weed eating, I like nicethings.I'll never forget the time.... AuntElsie got out of old car to checkhow deep the water was on road, Akron , CO. Wasn't Uncle Fred.Someone who has influenced mylife.... My parents - loving familyhome - taught me well alwaysthere for me - hard work neverhurt anyone.My favorite season.... Spring - newlifeSomething everyone should get todo at least once ..... Enjoy our OldTimers and stories they have totell.
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244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com
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