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Future Warriors

Future Warriors

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Published by Will Kenedy
Rules for the OOP Grenadier Future Warriors line of miniatures.
Rules for the OOP Grenadier Future Warriors line of miniatures.

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Published by: Will Kenedy on Nov 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FutureWarriors:Kill Zone
Writer: Nick LundProducer: Hugh PittEditos: Doug Cowie and Mark CopplestonePlay Testing UK: Doug Cowie, Mark Copplestone, Mal Green, Barrie Jones. Derek Mugridge, NormanHunter, Steve Herbert
Play Testing US Andrew Chernak, Aaron A.Chernak, Schuyler D. Erle, Abraham F. EvangelistaSpecial thanks to Derek Mugridge and Ryan Evans for their enthusiasm
Kill Zone is a Trademark of Nick Lund.
 How Kill Zone is played
 Types of Future Warrior 
Group Orders
The Game Turn
 Event 1. InitiativeEvent 2. Group ActionAction: Remove SuppressionAction: MovementAction: ShootingAction: Hand-To-Hand CombatEvent 3. Changing Group Orders
Future Warriors Stats, Lists,Special Rules
 Group 1: IndividualsGroup 2: SquadsGroup 3: GangsEquipment Points Cost
Additional Rules
 Day and NightArea Effect WeaponsBuildingsExamples of Hand Weapons
Setting Up an Engagement
 Points ValuePlaying AreaTerrainScenario typesSpecial RulesCaptivesPersonnel Roster Sheets
l Introduction
'Future Warriors: Kill Zone' 
Is the first game in the series. It provides full rulesto enable two or more players to conduct futuristic shoot outs using FutureWarriors organised into squads, gangs and individuals.In addition to these rules, all that is needed to begin play are a number of miniatures, some six sided dice, a tape measure, a flat surface (such as atable). and whatever you want to use as scenery.
1.1 How Kill Zone is played
 First an engagement is set up using the guidelines insection 7, or taken froma specially written scenario or campaign.The figures are organised into their relevant groups and the game is playedout in turns, each turn consists of three events
Event 1: Initiative
Event 2: Action
Event 3: Orders
2. Organisation
 Types of Future Warrior 
Kill Zone
features the following Future Warrior types, placed into the threegroups as follows:
Group 1: Individuals
 There are two types of Individual in Future Warriors.
Cyborg S type
.For more details on individuals, seesection 5.1.
Group 2: Squads
  A squad is made up of trained fighters, usually well equipped and organised. As a rule it will generally contain five troopers consisting of a leader, second incommand (usually referred to as a sub-leader), and three troopers. Types thatoperate in squads are:

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