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Termoquimica 2º de bachillerato

Termoquimica 2º de bachillerato

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Published by frodríguez_30

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: frodríguez_30 on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lgkf~ t u~gnghf" \dibf|"
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Olgldfbo| uo~cfwãcdlg| t edgi~gcg|obuçkzdlf|
Obugkzãg o|uçbeg~ eo ~oglldüb"
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Lçklkf eo kg| obugkzãg| eo ~oglldübg zg~ud~ eo kg| obugkzãg| eo`f~cgldüb
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Kot eo Mo||
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Obo~iãg f obugkzãg eo obkglo eo obkglo "
Lçklkf eo kg obo~iãg eo ~oglldüb g zg~ud~eo obugkzãg| eo obkglo gzkdlgbef kg koteo Mo||"
U~gb|`o~obldg eo lgkf~ ob z~flo|f| `ã|dlf|
Lgkf~ kguobuo
Lgkf~ eo ed|fkldüb
O|zfbugbodege eo kg| ~oglldfbo| wãcdlg|"
\oibef z~dbldzdf eo kg Uo~cfedbçcdlg"
Gcobuf| eo obu~fzãg
Uo~lo~ z~dbldzdf eo kg Uo~cfedbçcdlg"
Pg~dgldüb eo obu~fzãg eo bg ~oglldüb wãcdlg
Obo~iãg kdn~o eo Idnn|"
O|zfbugbodege eo kg| ~oglldfbo|wãcdlg|" Db`kobldg eo kg uoczo~gu~g
Obo~iãg kdn~o eo Idnn| eo bg ~oglldübwãcdlg
^oglldüb wãcdlg8
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eo kf| ~ogludpf| -lfczfbobuo|dbdldgko|$ 3 GZF^UO EO OBO^IÃG
@f~cgldüb eo obkglo| bopf|
ob kf| z~feluf| eo kg~oglldüb -lfczfbobuo| `dbgko| fnuobdef|$ 3 KDNO^GLDÜBEO OBO^IÃG"
Dbuo~lgcndf eo obo~iãg lfb ok obuf~bf
+ ngkgblo eo kg|ef| obo~iãg| gbuo~df~o|"

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