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Published by Ethan Minsker

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Published by: Ethan Minsker on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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encourages new works of art andchallenges the art world to dosomething different. We are notbased on any one style or form ofart, but believe that the pieceshould provoke. To this end, theMovement hosts the followingevents.
- is abranch of the Antagonist ArtMovement’s press and has been inexistence since 1988 under theoriginal title East Coast Exchange.It acts as a venue for our writers,artists and editors. In an attemptto create new forms of art andwriting, the content is a mixture ofction and nonction. When astory we are interested in comesup, we will cover news of the artworld, from street to gallery. Backissues can be found at “PsychoMoto Zine archives” atAntagovision.comSo, if you enjoy what you readhere, please take a moment andlook up our lms and books. Thereare digital copies of each for
. We believe the priceshouldn’t hinder you, so we do our
Dear readers!For this issue we did a littleexperiment. We felt the staffneeded to write and empathizewith the monsters. So weforcedly strapped a fewcolleagues onto gurneys withone arm stretched out forhourly injections of monster-infected blood. You will be gladto know they are now hunchedover their desks, scribbling outthe pages you now read. Theyare the alien Marissa Bea,zombie Eric Wallin, and yes,myself as the vampire, (pleasenote, I will not be in Twilight).Kristin Brzoznowski is the madscientist in the white lab coatwatching us maniacs tear eachother apart. Megan Hanfordwill be playing the femmefatale who will slaughter us allin the end. So be ready to beanally probed by Marissa, haveyour brains eaten by Eric and Iwill drain you of your blood andall your worth. These namesshould be etched into yourmind as up-and-coming super-stars, wait and see. Spread theinfection. Pass on this fanzine,let people know.
-Ethan Minsker
best to have a cheap alternative tothe hard copies. We are passionateabout each project, mixing love andattention with great detail to createa unique work of art. Our goal is tomake something the large enter-tainment companies fail to do,which is to create inspired worksthat cater to like-minded individu-als. All the money we generate goesdirectly back to creating new artprojects and supports a largecommunity of struggling artists. Youwill nd ads throughout this zine formany projects.Questions? Comments? Stories?Suggestions? Contact us atAntagovision.com or email us at
pmzsubmissions@gmail.comNEW PROJECTS
- We arecurrently organizing a free schoolof art in Ecuador under thenon-prot, Citizens for the Arts.
The Antagonist
- a novel abouteverything we have done for thelast ten years and more. There is aback story to every project, includ-ing this fanzine. Want to know howwe operate? This is the book foryou.
- Sunday night openmic features new writers. Sign-upstarts at 8pm and the readings startat 9pm at Black & White 86 East10th Street between 3rd and 4thAve.
- Live music onthe second Monday of the month.7pm-10pm. Motor City Bar 127Ludlow St. between Rivington &Delancey.
The Return of theRed (and Bloody)Menace
by Megan Hanford
everything marked witha
is a real and true fact, atleast according to the internet
he rst indication thatanything was amiss at New YorkCity’s South Street Seaport, aonce-vibrant commercial mari-time site turned tourist-trap,was when a man with no skinstumbled out of the “Bodies”exhibit holding a basketball. Atrst, the mildly interestedtourists assumed that he was anactor wearing an impressivemakeup job, hired to promotethe controversial exhibit ofplasticized human remains, butthis impression was immediatelydispelled when the man threwhis basketball at a small child’shead and began yelling vehe-mently in Mandarin Chinese. Asa present Chinese tourist latertranslated for news cameras,
“He was saying that we are allcapitalist dogs who makeexcrement on the heads of thepoor and then use theirclothes to clean our buttocks.”
his rst man was soonfollowed by eight others, maleand female, all in various states 

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