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Liberty Newspost Nov-14-2012

Liberty Newspost Nov-14-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news.
A compelling mix of curated news.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 15/11/12
Submitted at 11/14/2012 11:58:50 PM
>>> good evening, the womanwho started it all, the investigationinto a chain of e-mails that led tothe resignation of the cia director,former four- star general, davidpetraeus, is tonight telling more of her side of the story through asurrogate. for the first time we'relearning why she says she felt theneed to approach the fbi and ask them to investigate thecommunications she wasreceiving. jill kelley of tampa,florida, is now a big part of thestory involving several big names.tonight, she is clearly attemptingto clear her own. we begin heretonight in the studio with nbc'sandrea mitchell, good evening.>> reporter: good evening, brian,tonight, new details emerged onhow the anonymous e-mails thatpaula broadwell sent to a tampawoman, who knew two four-stargenerals, david petraeus, and johnallen, set off a chain of events,even as the president spoke for thefirst time about the scandal at hisnews conference, the presidentwent out of his way to praisepetraeus.>> he has provided this countryan extraordinary service. we aresafer because of the work thatdavid petraeus has done.>> reporter: as paula broadwellremained in washington andstaying with her brother and stillnot talking, officials say theinvestigation was triggered inmay, when general john allenreceived an e-mail called " kelleypatrol." sources say they warnedthe general to stay away from her,that she could ruin them, e-mailsthat were forwarded to her on theaccount she shares with herhusband, scott, thinking she sent itat a joke to kelley said she toldgeneral allen she had not sent thee-mail but was concerned she wasstalked or she never realized theimpact the e-mails would have.the people close to the kelleys say jill kelley never had an affair withgeneral allen, and the pentagonhas found no evidence to thecontrary, but sources say there isenough evidence to warrant aninvestigation. she turned over allthe e-mails, including to generalallen, never recognizing theimpact they would have kelleyssay jill kelley never had an affairwith general allen, the sources sayshe never had an affair, but thesources say the e-mails hadenough of an appropriate situationto warrant an investigation isenough evidence to warrant aninvestigation.>> general allen is doing anexcellent job leading the forces.he is doing an excellent job andhas my confidence to lead thefight, also, the fbi is looking intodocuments they found from thehome, today, the pentagonsuspended broadwell's securityclearances, and the air force baserevoked jill kelley's pass to thebase, tonight, they issued astatement that general allenintends to fully cooperate withinvestigators and wants to resolvequestions about the e-mailsquickly. pentagon officials saythat general allen is still runningthe war in afghanistan, butacknowledged that thecontroversy alone could doom hispossibility of becoming thesupreme commander of nato. thefbi has confirmed the name of theperson, fred humphrey, describedas a veteran agent andrea mitchellas the story continuesThis entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .
Submitted at 11/15/2012 12:01:47 AM
November 15, 2012| During aNov. 9 statement about theeconomy, President Barack Obama holds up a pen, saying he'sready to sign tax-cut extensionsfor the nation's middle class. Hesaid he would veto legislation thatdid not raise taxes on peopleearning more than $250,000 peryear. / JACQUELYN MARTIN/ ASSOCIATED PRESSMore In Commentary andcriticismThis entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
2Curated News Edition
Submitted at 11/15/2012 12:37:51 AM
By Nidal al-MughrabiGAZA| Thu Nov 15, 20121:23am EST(Reuters) - Israel exchanged thefiercest fire with Hamas in yearsafter assassinating its militarymastermind and threatening awider offensive in the Gaza Stripto stem Palestinian rocket salvoes.Launched on Wednesday duringa deceptive lull in almost a week of surging cross-border violence,Israel's air assault had an intensityrecalling the outset of the 2008-09Gaza war though this time thePalestinian death toll of 13 wasfar lower.Hamas, reeling at the strategicloss of top commander Ahmed Al-Jaabari in a devastating strike onhis car, resumed rocket attacksagainst the Jewish state's desertsouth.Israeli police said more than 80rockets and mortars were fired infrom Gaza after Jaabari's death.Israel's military said its IronDome interceptor had shot down27 of the missiles. On either sideof the frontier, people fled streetsfor cover.Expecting days or more of fighting, Israel warned Hamas allits men were in its sights andweathered censure frominfluential Arab powers Egypt andQatar. The United Statescondemned Hamas, shunned bythe West as an obstacle to peace."Today we relayed a clearmessage to the Hamasorganization and other terroristorganizations," Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu, arightist whom opinion polls favorfor re-election in a January 22ballot, said in televised statement.He said the Gaza operation,dubbed "Pillar of Defence" inEnglish and "Pillar of Cloud" inHebrew after the Israelites' divinesign of deliverance in Exodus,could be stepped up. The militarysaid it had prepared options for aGaza ground sweep.That, Hamas said, would "openthe gates of hell" for Israel, moreisolated than ever by the ArabSpring's Islamist tilt.Israel said it had destroyed muchof Gaza's longer-range rocketstockpiles, an assertion seeminglyconfirmed when Hamas claims of hits on ambitious targets like TelAviv, Israeli naval craft and secretintelligence bases proved false.The Palestinians soughtdiplomatic recourse. Hamas urgedArab powers to halt the "barbaric"Israeli assault. Hamas' U.S.-backed rivals in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, theadministration of PalestinianPresident Mahmoud Abbas,condemned Israel at the UnitedNations for "illegal criminalactions."Thirteen Gazans, including threechildren, were killed, the Hamasgovernment said, and about 100were wounded. More than 100 airstrikes pounded Gaza throughoutthe night, and three members of aHamas rocket crew were killed.Also among the dead were a babyand a woman pregnant with twins.The rockets of Wednesday andearly Thursday caused no Israelicasualties.EGYPT RECALLSAMBASSADOREgypt, whose new Islamist-rooted government pledged tohonor the 1979 peace treaty withIsrael and had brokered a Gazatruce on Tuesday, condemned thenew Israeli raids as a threat toregional security, recalled itsambassador from Israel and calledfor an emergency session of theU.N. Security Council.Pro-Western Qatar demanded theIsraelis be "punished" and theArab League called a meeting todiscuss Gaza on Saturday.The United States, by contrast,placed the onus for the Gazaescalation on Hamas and said itbacked Israel's "self-defence.""There is no justification for theviolence that Hamas and otherterrorist organizations areemploying against the people of Israel," said Mark Toner, deputyState Department spokesman.The flare-up on Israel's southernfront came in a week when, upnorth, it fired at Syrian artillerypositions it said had fired into theIsraeli-annexed Golan Heightsamid a civil war in Syria that hasbrought renewed instability toLebanon next door.A second Gaza war has loomedon the horizon for months aswaves of Palestinian rocketattacks and Israeli strikes grewincreasingly more intense andfrequent.Israel's Operation Cast Lead in2008-2009 began with a week of air attacks and shelling, followedby a land invasion of theblockaded coastal strip, sealed off at sea by the Israeli navy. Some1,400 Palestinians were killed and13 Israelis died.Though Netanyahu pledged inperson "to do everything in orderto protect our citizens," astatement issued by his securitycabinet after an evening meetingoutlined a more limited goal of "improving the security situation."The ministers also gave theirprovisional authorization forIsrael to mobilize its militaryreserves, if required.Hamas has been emboldened bythe Islamist rise to power inEgypt, viewing PresidentMohamed Mursi as a "safety net"who will not permit a secondIsraeli thrashing of Gaza, home to1.7 million Palestinians.Hamas is also supported by Iran,which Israel regards as a risingthreat to its own existence due toits nuclear program.Helped by the contraband tradethrough tunnels from Egypt, Gazamilitias have smuggled in longer-range rockets.But their estimated 35,000Palestinian fighters are still nomatch for Israel's F-16 fighter-bombers, Apache helicopter gunships, Merkava tanks and othermodern weapons systems in thehands of a conscript force of 175,000, with 450,000 in reserve.(Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza; Writing byDan Williams; Editing by MichaelRoddy and Lisa Shumaker)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 11/15/2012 12:21:30 AM
By Sui-Lee Wee and JohnRuwitchBEIJING| Thu Nov 15, 20121:21am EST(Reuters) - China's president-in-waiting Xi Jinping won a strongmandate on Thursday to lead theworld's second-biggest economyand deal with problems rangingfrom corruption to economicuncertainty.Xi was appointed head of boththe ruling Communist Party andits top military body as the rulingCommunist Party unveiled a newleadership line-up consisting of conservatives and respectedfinancial reformers.In an address at the end of theparty's once-in-five yearscongress, Xi said he understoodthe people's desire for a better lifebut warned of severe challengesgoing forward."Our party is dedicated to servingthe people," he said afterintroducing the other six membersof the standing committee at theGreat Hall of the People in acarefully choreographedceremony carried live on statetelevision."It has led the people in makingworld-renowned achievements,and we have every reason to takepride in these achievements," headded, speaking in perfectMandarin."But we are not complacent, andwe will never rest on our laurels.Under the new conditions, ourparty faces many severechallenges, and there are alsomany pressing problems withinthe party that need to be resolved,particularly corruption, beingdivorced from the people, goingthrough formalities andbureaucratism caused by someparty officials."The run-up to the handover hasbeen overshadowed by the party'sbiggest scandal in decades, withformer high-flyer Bo Xilai sackedas party boss of the southwesternChongqing city after his wife wasaccused of murdering a Britishbusinessman.Xi will be steering China for atleast the next five years with amixed team, including the urbane,English-speaking anointed nextpremier Li Keqiang, and NorthKorea-trained economist ZhangDejiang.That could make undertaking thekind of reforms China sodesperately needs, whetherfinancial or social, much harder.Two senior leaders with strongreform credentials -- Guangdongparty boss Wang Yang and partyorganization head Li Yuanchao --did not make it to the standingcommittee, the party's premierbody.And Wang Qishan, 64, currentlythe vice-premier in charge of economic affairs, will take overthe graft-fighting role, rather thanhaving anything to do withfinancial affairs."The leadership is divided," saidJean-Pierre Cabestan, a Chinesepolitics expert at Hong KongBaptist University."It's easier for them to move to anew growth model. I think theyagree upon that and that won't bethe hardest task. But I see a lot of political paralysis in terms of changing the political system."CUT TO SEVENStill, the standing committee - theinnermost circle of power inChina's authoritarian government- has as expected been cut toseven members from nine, whichshould ease consensus buildingand decision making.Zhang is expected to head thelargely rubber-stamp parliament,while Shanghai party boss YuZhengsheng is likely to headparliament's advisory body,according to the order in whichtheir names were announced.Tianjin party chief Zhang Gaoliand Liu Yunshan, a conservativewho has kept domestic media on atight leash, make up the rest of thegroup.Xi will take over Hu's stateposition in March at the annualmeeting of parliament, when Liwill succeed Premier Wen Jiabao.Despite the problems ahead, Xiwill at least not have to worryabout Hu looking too much overhis shoulder.Hu has not followed hispredecessor Jiang Zemin instaying on as head of the militarycommission after stepping downas party chief. Xi has insteaddirectly taken over that post,strengthening his position.Advocates of reform are pressingXi to cut back the privileges of state-owned firms, make it easierfor rural migrants to settle incities, fix a fiscal system thatencourages local governments tolive off land expropriations and,above all, tether the powers of astate that they say riskssuffocating growth and fanningdiscontent.With growing public anger andunrest over everything fromcorruption to environmentaldegradation, there may also becautious efforts to answer calls formore political reform, thoughnobody seriously expects a movetowards full democracy.The party could introduceexperimental measures to broadeninner-party democracy - in otherwords, encouraging greater debatewithin the party - but stabilityremains a top concern and one-party rule will be safeguarded."We're not going to see anypolitical reform because too manypeople in the system see it as aslippery slope to extinction," saidDavid Shambaugh, director of theChina Policy Program at GeorgeWashington University's ElliottSchool of International Affairs."They see it entirely through theprism of the Soviet Union, theArab Spring and the ColourRevolutions in Central Asia, sothey're not going to go there."(Additional reporting byBenjamin Kang Lim; Writing byBen Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie and Raju Gopalakrishnan)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
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