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November Tid Bits of Wisdom 2012 Press

November Tid Bits of Wisdom 2012 Press

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Published by anon_201060168

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Published by: anon_201060168 on Nov 15, 2012
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NOVEMBER 2012 VOL. 6 NO. 11
Tid Bits
From the Wonderful Word Publishers
a former member of the“Justin Quartet”
Family of Kyle & MerissaLeuty
Her interest in memorizingScripture began when herhusband left to serve inWorld War II and continuedthroughout her life.
Last month we covered the rst four commandments which have to dowith our relationship with God and this month we cover the last six, which has todo with our relationship with man. In the New Testament when Jesus was askedabout the commandments He said,
“Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all 
thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the rst and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” 
(Matt. 22:36-40) Jesus condensed the ten commandments into two, the rst deal-ing with worship to God and the second dealing with ministry to mankind.
Deut 5:16Honour thy father and thy mother, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee;that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the landwhich the Lord thy God giveth thee. Deut 5:16
This is the rst commandment with promise. Just how important is itto honour your parents? God says your days will be lengthened and it will gowell with you IF you give your parents the honour they are due. What if your  parents do not live honorable lives? Many children do not have the privilege of having parents who have good morals or wisdom and they suffer many things atthe hands of their parents. Many authorities are not worthy of their positions, butwe still must honour the position. Every person who sits in the seat of authoritywill give an account to God for how they performed their responsibilities. Thechildren will be blessed for respecting their parent’s position, regardless of whothey are and it will be well with the child who will obey God even in very difcult positions. The parents who apply themselves to being good parents should havedouble honour and their children should never take them for granite Today, homelife has greatly deteriorated and good parents are hard to nd. Have you ever thanked your parents for their part in your life?How does God feel about children that curse their parents? He makesit clear in the law for Israel (Ex. 21:17; Lev. 20:9). Children that cursed their  parents were to be killed!!!! Children that smote their parents were also to bekilled!!!! There would sure be a lot of dead children if those laws were beingenforced today, or maybe there would be more children giving honour to their  parents if that law was enforced today!!!!! God said in Ezekiel that men say,His ways are not equal. God said, “Are not my ways equal and your ways areunequal?”Our rst thought is to protect the children and it seems cruel to kill achild. God said, “Even a child is known by his doing.” God holds all men ac-countable for their actions. Let me give you some things to think about.1. What kind of parent would you be if you thought your child wouldhave to be killed should he curse you?
(Continued on page 2)Ps 50:14-15Offer unto God thanksgiv-ing; and pay thy vows untothe most High:And call upon me in theday of trouble: I will deliverthee, and thou shalt glorifyme.
2(Continued from page 1)TEN COMMANDMENTS?
2. What kind of a life would you live if you had to cast the rst stone atyour child for his action? Jesus said, “He that is without sin cast the rst stone.”3. What kind of a child do you think you would be if you knew youwould be stoned should you curse your parents?4. How many children do you think would have to be killed before theother children began to obey?Our way leaves the impression that you can do as you please and thereare no repercussions. That is not true and we do harm to our loved ones when weleave that impression. The Scripture says, “The wages of sin is death.” I think our ways are unequal and we lack love for our children by letting them do wrongand think that they will not have to pay for it. No, we do not kill our children, but we had better let them know how God feels about disobedience. God’s lawswould encourage us to “STRAIGHTEN UP” and “CLEAN UP” our acts.
We just talked about killing children who curse their parents and now wehave the law, “Thou shall not kill.” Those who are given authority to enforce thelaw have the right to take lives. They will give an account to God for how justlythey enforce the law. But for us to just decide we don’t like someone and we de-cide to kill them, we are worthy of death. We are given the right to kill if it is theonly way to protect our lives, but to reach out to kill someone because of hatred or any other vile affection is against God’s commandment and the penalty is death!We live in a day where everyone seems to think that they have the rightto take other people’s lives. Every night on the news we hear of families killingeach other, of mothers having abortions, of workers killing employers, or loverskilling each other. These are people who grew up thinking they could curse their  parents and get away with it. Did we do them a favor by not dealing with them aschildren? I think not! Our ways encourage people to go deeper and deeper in sin.
How much adultery do we see in our day and time? How much has beenfound in the church of God? In the law they were stoned, just like the childrenwho cursed their parents.Adultery is the sexual breaking of the vows of marriage. While most people do not pay attention to what they have spoken in the vows, they all knowthey have sinned when they have sex outside of marriage. We live in such a per-missive day. Many husbands and wives permit their mates to sleep with others, but God does not! If we understood what marriage was a picture of, we wouldnever take our actions lightly.Marriage represents the godhead. The vows represent the promises of God. The union represents the unity of the godhead. Do you realize just what you promised your mate at the altar and just how those vows represent the godhead?The godhead works as ONE and they never do damage to the other ones.Everything they do is in harmony and unity. When we commit adultery, we break our word (vows). When our word is no longer good, we are no longer a picture of God. When we commit adultery we are no longer faithful to our mate. Whenwe are not known as faithful, we areno longer a picture of God. We teachour children that adultery is sin andthen we commit adultery, teaching our children that we do not live what wesay we believe (say one thing and liveanother). In America today, no one ex- pects people to keep their word, remainfaithful and live what they say they be-lieve. We just say, “Well, that’s just theway it is today.” That’s not how Godsees it. God sees it as an act worthy of death!!!!
The thief cometh not, but for to steal,and to kill, and to destroy: I am comethat they might have life, and that theymight have it more abundantly.John 10:10
Satan is the thief and he comesto do damage to us. Someone whowould steal behind your back, is a per-son who does the work of Satan. Noth-ing makes you feel more violated thanto have someone steal what you haveworked hard to obtain. There will beno thefts in heaven.This is what Jesus had to sayconcerning thieves.
“Lay not
up foryourselves treasures upon earth,where moth and rust doth corrupt,and where thieves break throughand steal: But lay up for yourselvestreasures in heaven, where neithermoth nor rust doth corrupt, andwhere thieves do not break throughnor steal: For where your treasureis, there will your heart be also.”(Matt 6:19-21)
Unless we see a great changein America all these savings that people have been putting away for retirement will be stolen by a fallengovernment. No treasure is safe un-less it is in heaven. I’m afraid weare a little slow sending our trea-sures upward!
THOU SHALL NOT bear false wit-ness against thy neighbour.
Are you sure that what you say
It is hard to believe that we are coming so close to the end of the year.
As usual this year has been lled with blessings and testings. We have had
some very nostalgic times this year. Thank God for the gift of memory. Wereally appreciate your prayers for this ministry. It seems there has been a
struggle to give attention to the work and a great ght to nd a quite time to
think and write. You will notice that this month is very late, BUT it is done!Many of you have given special gifts to the paper this year and we appreciateit very much. While money has not been a burden (thank you), getting the
message out has been a spiritual ght.
Bro. Bob & Betty Sue Smith would appreciate your prayers as BettySue recovers from open heart surgery. Her report has been very good butshe has some days of recovery left. She and Bro. Bob are in their 80’s andstill serving faithfully. We learned today that our dear friend Lucile Dowdywent to be with the Lord yesterday. Our prayers are with her family.We received a letter and a gift telling us they could only name eight of the commandments. How about you? How many did you remember? Notany that we asked could name all ten! Very interesting.
 Letter: Dear Jerry & Gloria, The paper is always a blessing. The teaching onthe Ten Commandments was helpful and George Muller’s wisdom is always good to read. We would like to give this gift in memory of Louise White whowent to be with the Lord October 6, 2012 at age 100 years. She loved the Lord, His Word, missionaries and people and nished her course while keeping the
 faith. Bill & Linda R.
 Remember, send your gifts to Tid Bits of Wisdom, 1801 Old HickoryTrail, DeSoto, Texas 75115. All gifts are tax deductible. Our phone number is214-293-5252. Our web site is tidbitswww.com and our email is tidbitswww@ 
is true and not just hearsay? You mayhave heard some gossip and thoughtyou were telling the truth, yet what youheard was not true. Be careful withyour witness. Once words have beenspoken they cannot be taken back.My wife and I experiencedsome false witness against our charac-ter a few years back and many peoplegot a false opinion of who we wereand what we believed. We spent manyhours trying to clean up the false wit-ness, but somewhere there is someonewho never heard the truth and theygo on thinking bad thoughts about us.Those who spread the false witnesswere not necessarily thinking of usand what those words would do to us.Those who spoke falsely only wantedthe position we had been put in andthey were hoping to remove us so theycould go forward with their plans. Je-sus said from the cross, “Father forgivethem for they know not what they do.”I think that was the case with thosespeaking against us. I don’t think theywere aware of what they were doing tous at that time. Someone spoke it andthey took it to be truth. I’m sure wehave been guilty of the same thing atone time or another. God help us tostop and make sure we are speakingtruth before we speak.
THOU SHALL NOT covet thyneighbour’s house, thou shalt notcovet thy neighbour’s wife, nor hismanservant, nor his maidservant,nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thingthat is thy neighbour’s.
What do you do when some-one is blessed with someone or some-thing that you have craved for. Areyou grateful for their blessing. Do youcovet their blessing? To covet is to de-sire what they
, not one
theyhave. To covet is to wish they didn’thave it and you did.I remember some years agothat we were praying and asking theLord to give us a motor home. We re-ally felt we needed it. We had prayedfor one about 2 years when a friendcalled and asked us if we could drive them out of town to pick up a motor homethat had been given to them. My wife said, “Not only has the Lord not given usone, but now He wants us to take these people to pick up their blessing that wehad prayed for.” Maybe God was trying us. These people had not prayed for oneand did not know they were going to need one. About three months later theyunderstood their need for one. My wife and I thanked God for what He had donefor them and believed that if we truly needed one, God would provide. We wouldstill like one, but only in God’s time. To covet is to wish loss to the one who pos-sesses what you desire. A Christian is to bless others, not wish them loss. Rejoicewith them like you would want them to rejoice with you.I must say, a person who covets another person’s mate is a person who hasnever learned to be content with what God has put in their life. It is a person whothinks that the grass is always greener on the other side. If only my mate werelike their mate!!! A person who dreams of having someone else’s mate is a personwho is not facing reality. God help us to look at these commandments and takethem to heart.
CHURCH SIGN!If you’re not thankful, you must be a turkey!

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