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Published by alexandermasha

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Published by: alexandermasha on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  AME Productions - Planning Brief 
Project Name:
The Consumer
2 minutes
December 2012
Group Members & Their Roles
 Ammaar Khan (Editor), Elise Warlow (Director) & Margaret Ansu (Camera Person)
Brief Overview of Content
content is a short 2minute opening sequence of a Thriller. It‟s about a kidnapper (a
middle aged man) who preys on young girls, stalking them until he captures them and takesthem back to his garage. Once in the garage he ties them to a table. What he does to the girlsis not shown, leaving the audience to their own imaginations. 
Target Audience
Our target audience are people aged 15 -30. Our chosen socio-
economic groups are “
GroupsD &
E” and the bottom end of “Group C”. This is because most people within our selected age
range are unemployed, in full time education, living of benefits, dependent on theirparent/careers income or are just at the beginning of the employment ladder meaning they 
don‟t earn much but just enough to pay the bills and have a little left over for leisure. They 
most probably live in a deprived are to.In addition to that, where our film is set will most likely be familiar setting to our chosentarget audience because there are garages everywhere. Also there are many garages aroundcouncil estates and within council estates garages are known to be places of mystery, because
 who knows what the garage contains apart from the owner of that garage? No one so there‟s
an aspect of curiosity and apprehension.Our product is aimed at both genders but we believe that more males will enjoy the productthan females.
Comparable Researched Products
 We‟ve researched on our chosen genre “Thriller”. Through this research we have found out
about the generic conventions that we must include that would make our Thriller producteffective.Our comparable researched products are Criminal Minds and the opening scene of the movie
“Law abiding Citizen”.
Rationale behind Text
Is to cause the audience to feel enticed by what they‟re watching and that it„ll grab theirattentions. Our unique selling point is that we‟ve played upon that child hood question that
er really seems to go away, “I wonder what‟s behind that door?” As humans we‟re always
curious of the unknown. Therefore hopefully after the audience has watched our film, it will

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