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Analysis of Jaws Opening Sequence

Analysis of Jaws Opening Sequence

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Published by DorcasViela

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Published by: DorcasViela on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dorcas Viela 6P
Analysis of Jaws opening sequenceThis is a screen shot of the opening sequence in Jaws .The screen shot below
shows the title ‘Jaws’ and the
writing of the title is in white which makes it standout so that the audience know they title of the film they are watching. Thebackground is underwater its shows the audience it is a thriller film becausenobody knows what is under the deep blue sea and it is a mysterious place to beand the fact they have started the film with the camera under the sea makesthe audience to start to think what is under the seaThe opening of Jaws is linear and chronological, the events in order one afteranother in the order. The scene has a beginning, middle and end. The beginningand ending of the opening are brought back to equilibrium; everything is calmand peaceful.Jaws features a lot of stereotypical thriller conventions: this being the tensionfilled music, the female character being the victim, having the other characterthat could possibly save her being unaware that anything is wrong. The girl,thinking she is safe when she swims to the buoy but is in fact going to be eaten!Enigma codes feature strongly is this scene, this is from the sharks perspectiveclosing in on the film, automatically ask, 'what is watching the girl?', 'Is itdangerous?' Also never seeing what is attacking her is an example of partialvisions this fear of the unknown a typical convention of a thriller.
In the opening to the film the majority of the scene is shot from the shark’s
perspective giving the audience the idea that she is not safe and also gives someindication in which direction the danger is coming from, this creates even moretension as the attack seems inevitable. The editing of the sequence when thetwo teenagers are running to the sea and when the girl is being attacked isshown in quick fast paced, frantic cuts of shots from different angles. In contrastto the calm, static, lingering shots of the boy who has fallen asleep on thebeach. The opening sequence is set at night time/early morning. The scenestarts off with a bunch of young students having a beach party.

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