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excel auto filter

excel auto filter

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excel auto filter
excel auto filter

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Published by: Balaji.S (ACA) Srirangam on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excel Decision Matrix tutorial
. Scroll to resource section to find it.Main MenuHome5 Minute TipsGeneral
Cell PhonesEmailNewsReviewsTerm to LearnUseful UtilitiesWeb SitesExcel TutorialsRSS Help PageHome 5 Minute Tips GeneralExcel AutoFilter Makes Spreadsheets More Useful
Excel AutoFilter Makes Spreadsheets More Useful 
Two of the Excel filters I rely on when working with spreadsheets are
. These are features Microsoft added with Excel 2003 97, but few use it. Using thesefilters, I can turn an ordinary Excel spreadsheet into something more useful and versatile.For example, let’s say your boss owns a wine shop and he just got a wine shipment. Your task is torestock the shelves. You also know that someone from marketing will call in the next couple of daysasking about these wines as well. The monthly newsletter always profiles one winery and includesrecipes for specific wine types.Taking a proactive approach, you figure you can add a couple of columns to the Excel spreadsheetand use it for many purposes. The first task is to stock the shelves. The wines are mainly sorted bytype of wine and bottle size since the 1.5-liter bottles don’t fit the standard shelves. You add twocolumns to the Excel sheet for “1.5L” size bottles and “Type”.
Page 1 of 5Excel AutoFilter | Filter Excel Spreadsheets6/25/2012http://www.timeatlas.com/5_minute_tips/general/excel_autofilter_makes_spreadsheets_mo...
What is AutoFilter?
AutoFilter is an easy way to turn the values in Excel column into specific filters based on the cellcontents.
As example, by adding AutoFilter to the list above, I could filter the "Winery" column toonly display items from Beauregard. All the other wineries remain on the Excel list, but don’t display.
To turn on autofilter,
1. Click any cell within your range.2. From the
menu, select
3. From the submenu, select
.Once you’ve enabled this feature, your columns display with a drop-down arrow to the right. If youclick the arrow control, you’ll see all the values for that particular column. To turn off the feature, youdeselect Autofilter from the same submenu. In the example above, I can see all the entries that show in the YEAR column. Various years areomitted such as 1998 since that value isn’t represented on the spreadsheet.What’s appealing about this filter feature is that
the displayed list is dynamic.
If I shift to the 1.5Lcolumn, you’ll see I have two more entries: (Blanks) and (NonBlanks). Excel includes these valuessince this column includes blank cells. You did not see that choice for “YEAR” since there were noblank cells. And since I haven’t added anything to this column, no other values show.
Page 2 of 5Excel AutoFilter | Filter Excel Spreadsheets6/25/2012http://www.timeatlas.com/5_minute_tips/general/excel_autofilter_makes_spreadsheets_mo...
 What’s equally useful is
these filters also adjust based on other autofilters
. For example, if I filterthe “Winery” column for “Ridge Vineyards” as shown below, my autofilter list for “YEAR” onlydisplays Ridge values. Although the shipment contained items from the year 2000, none were fromRidge. 
Excel Custom AutoFilters
As handy as these filters are, there are times when you need to
filter based on specific criteriawithin a cell.
Going back to our first task of sorting bottles sizes, we can use a custom filter to findthese items. This works because the distributor puts 1.5L in the “Description” line.
To set a simple custom autofilter,
1. Enable autofilter for your spreadsheet using the steps in the section above.2. Click the down control arrow in the column you wish to filter.3. From the drop down list select
Custom AutoFilter
dialog opens. Your columnname should show above the first list box.4. In the first list box, click the drop down arrow and select your criteria.5. In the list box to the right, either type a value or select one from the list.6. Click 
Page 3 of 5Excel AutoFilter | Filter Excel Spreadsheets6/25/2012http://www.timeatlas.com/5_minute_tips/general/excel_autofilter_makes_spreadsheets_mo...

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