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Brain Food. Education. v1.n1.Unboundary

Brain Food. Education. v1.n1.Unboundary



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Published by Bo Adams
Unboundary's curated sense making and mind stretching. Education, vol.1, no.1
Unboundary's curated sense making and mind stretching. Education, vol.1, no.1

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Published by: Bo Adams on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 1, No. 1
A digest of major problems,solutions, and opportunities facingeducation in the 21st century
Like others,
sees education as one of thelinchpin design challenges of our time. And like others,too, we’re drawn as if by a tractor beam to play a role.That attraction, no doubt, is fueled by the parallels we see to our quarter century of helping some of the biggest and best-known enterprises in the worldrethink and transform themselves.We enter into this challenge with a declared bias:our belief that the transformation of education isinterconnected to the transformations happening now in both corporations and the social innovation space… This bias has shaped the structure and practices of Unboundary, which now has interdependent practiceareas in corporate, social innovation, and educationtransformation.We also enter this challenge offering Brain Food: a proven approach for shifting the din of idea-sharinginto a useful design-thinking discussion.Brain Food is curated provocation. It is both questionand answer. It is both perspective and focus.We welcome you to Volume One, Number One of Unboundary’s Education Brain Food. And we look forward to the discussion it opens among us.
Why isn’t school more like
The philosopher Eric Hoffer once said, “In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, whilethe learned nd themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.Which begs a simple, but telling question:
For decades—really, more than a century—the schoolhas existed as the information and knowledge commonsof every community. But in the most recent decade, wehave been living in a networking revolution that makesinformation abundant rather than scarce. This epochalchange has profound implications for the core characterand purpose of schools.Ironically, though, the slowest changing institution inthese times of rapid change is education—the industry that should be most focused on the constructs of learningoften appears the most resistant to transformation.Education faces problems. Its basic design is largely stuck in the image of industrial-age factories. It’s systemically misaligned with what we are discovering about the brain.It underperforms at developing the most preciousresource for our future—creativity. Almost 100 years ago, John Dewey said, “Education is notpreparation for real life. Education is real life.” Yet, oureducation system doesn’t look much like real life, and it’snot preparing kids for real life.Education is a complex entity in need of systemwideadaptation and accelerated change. We’re optimisticabout the potential of such adaptability and accelerationbecause we see examples of bright spots and promisinginnovation. A nucleus of change is expanding aroundideas such as project-based learning, design thinking, andgamication. Schools of innovative practice are emergingin the public, independent, charter, and post-secondary spheres—schools like High Tech High, The Nueva School, and The Studio School. And educational leadersof visionary determination are setting their shouldersbehind the drive for transformation.In the pages that follow, we’ve curated tight sectionson the
in education. Thesesections contain links to explore, articles to read, and videos to watch. The resources gathered here are by nomeans exhaustive. Instead they are portion-controlledtastes, collected in one place to generate thinking,promote conversation, and build perspective. All so we can work more collaboratively and purposefully on the systemic transformation that education demands.

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