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12 Volt Capacitor Power

12 Volt Capacitor Power

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Published by santhoshcmf

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Published by: santhoshcmf on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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transformer less power supply
article posted and there are queries regarding the design of the circuit to power different types of gadgets. So one more circuit is posted here that can give
12 volt DC at 300 milliamperes
current. This circuit uses
AC capacitor
to drop the AC power to generate 12volt DC.The main element of this power supply is three
1 uF 400 Volt X rated
capacitors C1through C3. Each 1 uF capacitor can give
100 mA
output current. Since the threecapacitors are connected parallel,
300 milli ampere
current will be generated. The 1uFcapacitor drops the 230 volt AC to around
50 to 60 volt AC
depending on the AC inputvoltage. Resistor R1 is provided to
the stored current in the capacitors when thecircuit is unplugged. Without R1, the capacitor retains around
400 volts
for many days,which can give a
fatal shock 
. Resistor R2 is also important to restrict the
inrush current
at power on. The 50-60 volt AC from the capacitor is rectified by the full wave rectifier formed of D1 through D4. After rectification, the DC will be regulated to
15 volt
by the
. Resistor R3 limits the Zener current. By changing the value of Zener, outputvoltage from 6 volts to 30 volts can be produced. LED is provided to indicate power onstatus. This LED will consume 2 volts, so that output will be around
12-13 volts
12 Volt Capacitor Power Supply

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