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The Guardian G2 15.11.2012

The Guardian G2 15.11.2012

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Published by pardost

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Published by: pardost on Nov 15, 2012
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    T    h   u   r   s    d   a   y    1    5 .    1    1 .    1    2
Powerto thepeople
Gangnam Style
 Not another one 
Suzanne Moore
 I feel sorry for Nadine 
Homemade cheese
 Move over Alex James
Pop art
When artists make music 
The Hour
 John Crace’s verdict 
Can Kickstarter spark a crowdfundingrevolution in the UK?
The Guardian 15.11.12
angnam Style (the videothat’s taken the – oh, youknow what it is) is meantto be dead. Several times over.According to Time magazine,Gangnam first died in October,when Google’s Eric Schmidt wassnapped jiving to the pop smash.“Sure Schmidt is a strategicgenius behind the world’s mostimportant internet company,”noted Time, “but he also dresseslike your dad. So the minute thelanky 57-year-old softwareengineer busted a move, we fear‘Gangnam Style’ jumped theshark.” Then came CNN, whichwrote Gangnam’s obituary afortnight later. “I hereby declare,”declared CNN’s Jarrett Bellini,“October 12, 2012, as the dayGangnam Style died.”But reports of its death weregreatly exaggerated. SinceSchmidt’s effort, Boris Johnsonhas laid claim to the video, ashave the boys of Eton. AndMadonna. And Ban Ki-moon.And, just yesterday, Anish Kapoor.Every time a posho or politician
 MasterChef: TheProfessionalsmakes anythingyou cook lookpitiful. Tip: eatbeforehand andmove on.Don’t like the newFacebook couplespages? You couldleave Facebook.Or your partner.It’s a tough call,this one.
According to informationrevealed in the House of Lordslast week, train operators canpropose the introduction of “athird passenger class” under thecurrent franchising agreement.Labour minister Lord Mynerswas reported to be outraged,suggesting this meant: “Therecould be a cattle-class carriage atthe back.” The Department forTransport insists this is mislead-ing. The “third class” being talkedabout would slot between first andstandard class, it says, similar tothe “premium economy” offered by some airlines or Eurostar.The three classes of rail ticket
Plate envyFace it
Are third-classcarriages setfor a comeback?
Public transport
Can anyonekill GangnamStyle?
 began to disappear in the late 19thcentury, when Midlands Railwayrealised it couldn’t compete withits rivals because its trains tooka slow, circuitous route, explainsRussell Hollowood at the NationalRailway Museum. “So it calledits railway ‘The comfortable wayto travel’,” and scrapped second-class tickets, effectively givingthird-class customers an upgrade.In the 1950s, third class wasrenamed second class, finally becoming “standard” class inthe 60s. But one thing hasn’tchanged, he notes: “Most peoplehave always travelled third class.”
 Homa Khaleeli
t sounds as if it could be theideal solution for GeorgeOsborne. The chancellorwas recently accused of sittingin a first-class train carriage, butonly wanting to pay for a standardticket. He may soon have anotheroption, if three classes of carriagereturn to British trains.
er referenced the video, Gangnamsprang back to life – Lazarus-like– from the cyber-graveyardwhere all memes go to die(that’s Rebecca Black over by themausoleum; Downfall’s by thechurch wall).No one, it seems, can stunt thememe, the zombie meme, thememe that knows no shame.Quite possibly, it will be danced by grannies at weddings in 2030 –the 21st-century equivalent of theconga line; the new macarena.So can anyone kill Gangnam?In days gone by, you would haveplonked the Duchess of Cornwallin front of the camera, and lefther to it. But if The Killing cansurvive Camilla’s touting of SarahLund’s jumper, you sense Gang-nam could deal with the Duchessprancing around like a horselessrider. Piers Morgan, too. His everymovement drips with cringe, buthis strong Twitter followingwould at the least give Gangnamanother million views. DonaldTrump, George Osborne, andRebekah Brooks are other obviouscandidates. But even then, onesenses Gangnam’s Teflon naturewould carry the song. It is like avirus that is immune to antibiot-ics: the lamer its company, thecooler it becomes.So perhaps we need the oppo-site: someone who, like Gangnam,remains genuinely popular.Someone who, if placed in thesame room as Gangnam, might burst the meme mainframe, dis-rupt the space-time continuum.Someone like Ryan Gosling. OppaGosling Style – the meme to endall memes. Quite literally, I hope.
 Patrick Kingsley
popularity of Gangnam Style. Noteven David Cameron, whose lovefor northern indie has ruined TheSmiths for a generation of Mancu-nians, but whose association withGangnam has only seemed to boost its popularity. For the time being, it is the cringe-proof videh, yeaer.ine,s
Movers andshakers: Piers Morgan,Ryan Gosling andCamilla, Duchessof Cornwall
15.11.12 The Guardian
Between 600 and 700 years old. As a group.Not individually. That would be crazy. They’renot giant redwoods.
Ukrainian and Russian.
How dare you!
Cossacks! You’re going to tell me about Cossacks.
Oh, yes, I see. Sorry, my hearing’s a bit … Anyway,yes, the fiercest fighting force Russia has everknown, the maverick cavalry who helped tothwart Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, themysterious loners who carve lives for themselvesin the bleak and unforgiving steppes – and tell theRussian winter to come and have a go, if it thinksit’s hard enough – are in the news.
Cor! Why? Is Putin planning to invade Poland?Or are they just going to have some kind of  bare-knuckle fight to entertain the peasants?Or a wolf-killing contest – a lupus-off?
None of the above.
600 Cossacks are going to start patrolling thestreets of Moscow …
On horseback, filling the air with the crack of their rawhide whips, slashing with their sabres,thrusting with their lances at any members of the populace with rebellion in their hearts. Howgloriously retro.
Actually, they will be helpingthe police deal with the gobby teenagers,instances of bad parking and the illegal streetvendors of mobiles, crayfish and sunglasses thatare cluttering the capital’s thoroughfares.
NFW, dude!
And they will be doing it on foot ortravelling by bus with free passes.
It’s a bit of a comedown from advancing MotherRussia from the steppes of central Asia to thehighest peaks of the Caucuses and harrying theGrande Armée to kicking unsightly seafood cartsoff the streets, isn’t it? I wonder they stand for it.
Well, they will also get the chance to do a bitof harrying. Mostly, many fear, of the variousethnic groups – especially Muslims – who livein Russia and whose presence is an affront to thenationalistic beliefs of the Cossacks.
Watch this leather-booted, fur-hatted, scarlet- blazoned-trousered space then.
Do say:
(Like Napoleon) “Cossacks are the bestlight troops among all that exist. If I had themin my army, I would go through all the worldwith them.”
Don’t say:
“But for now, could you just ticket thatSkoda? It’s double-parked.”
You can rent DVDs,handbags, booksand now ... posh nailpolish (at lacquerous.com). Picturingcongealed lids andgrotty brushes.David Cameronsays he is“completely fedup” that AbuQatada has beenfreed. Bit like losingthe remote control?
David Petraeus allegedly hadan affair with Paula Broadwell,the woman who wrote his biography. What part of thatsentence is inaccurate?
“Wrote his biography.” Some-one else wrote it, even thoughBroadwell’s name is prominentlyon the cover. She did the research.The undercover research, fnarfnar … Oh, do stop it.
“Broadwell” – give me a break,what kind of phoney name is thatfor a mistress? What is this, aDashiell Hammett screenplay?
How did Jon Stewart, whointerviewed Broadwell earlier thisyear, sum up her attitude towardsPetraeus?
“He’s great in the sack.”
“He’s fabulously indiscreet.You should hear the things hesays about the president –whoa, baby!”
“He’s covered in athick coat of awesomesauce.”
How did oneDenver news showaccidentally retitleBroadwell’s biography of Petraeus, All In? a) All in Bed Together  b) All Up in My Snatch c) Yes, I am Totally Shagging Him
Which computer game, whichwent on sale this week, featuresPetraeus? a) Call of Duty: Black Ops II  b) Call of Libido: Big Oops III c) Self-Destruct General: MaleCliche IV
What insider information didPetraeus possibly pass on to
Quiz: how welldo you know thePetraeus affair?
Homeland security
Pass notes
No 3,282Cossacks
Omnishambles (as perThe Thick of It), omniscandals,Corbyshambles. Starting toget a bit fed up with this.Soon “Omni” is going to eatitself (omniverously)
On the nailOmnieverythingNo go
1 in 2,700
UK searches thisweek have includedthe word Twilight
    O    R    I    G    I    N    A    L    P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H
     J    A    S    O    N    D    E    C    R    O    W    /    I    N    V    I    S    I    O    N    /    A    P
aid etaeus ith aula Boadell in Aghanistan in Julthis ea
Broadwell, who then announcedit last month?
Obama has terrible breath.
Joe Biden is a bit of a schmuck.But he’s an amazing dancer! 
The attack on the Americanconsulate in Benghazi happened because the CIA was holdingmilitia prisoners next door.
What else did Jill Kelleyget up to in betweensending a gazillionemails and workingthe Tampa socialcircuit?
She flogged jewellery for theQVC channelunder the brand name“Social Climber”. 
She and her husbandfounded a charity allegedly forcancer research and patients, but instead allegedly spentall the money on “parties,entertainment, travel andattorney fees” before going outof business.
She worked as a Cher (the earlyyears) impersonator. 
Hadley Freeman
Answers: 1b; 2c; 3b; 4a; 5c; 6b. 
te tngsesident –in aomeerchuae necause temilitia priso
Whatget uenti
 QV undeSoca

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