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Urban Terrors index 2 (titles)

Urban Terrors index 2 (titles)

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Published by MJS2000
Index of names for Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema 1997-2008 by MJ Simpson (Hemlock Books, 2012)
Index of names for Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema 1997-2008 by MJ Simpson (Hemlock Books, 2012)

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Published by: MJS2000 on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema 1997-2008 
by MJ Simpson (Hemlock Books 2012)
Index of titles
 Accountancy Age (mag) 68 Addicted to Murder 32The African Queen 62 Afternoon of the Rat-Faced Zombies(short) 167 Alice
see Hellbreeder 
 Alice in Wonderland (TV) 105 Alien 105,233 Alien Blood 182 Alien Rising 164-165 Alien vs Predator (game) 104 Aliens 9,96,104,241 Alone 67-68,257 Alone in the Dark
see Evil Calls
 Al’s Lads 68 Alternative Cinema (mag) 33 American Beauty 47 An American Werewolf in London 53,109,137 Anatomie 138 Anazapta 82-84,92,123 And Cream (web) 102,156 Andy Erupts (web) 176,231 Angst
see Penetration Angst 
 Annihilation of the Soul (unmade) 41 Antisocial-Behaviour 167-168 Antz 216 Appetite 122 Apt.(short) 172 Arachnid 148 Archangel Thunderbird (short) 38,93 Arteries (mag) 61 Arthur’s Dyke 68The Asphyx 100 Assault on Precinct 13 65The Asylum 115-116,188,264 Asylum Night 140-141,164,233 Audition 24 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (TV) 76 Avatar 162 AV Maniacs (web) 224Baby Geniuses 276Back to Hell (unmade) 229,231Back to the Future 109Back2Hell
see The Devil’s Disciple
Bad Karma (short) 57,58,60Bad Taste 178Bambi 147Band of Brothers (TV) 59,116,237Bank Holiday Monday (short) 176,177Basement 204Bath Night (short) 209Battle Royale 186Battlestar Galactica (TV) 88The Beach 69The Beacon 183Beacon77 141Beadle’s About (TV) 158Becoming the Archway Killer (unmade)194Being Human (TV) 185The Beneath (unmade) 292Bermuda Royal Gazette (paper) 118Beverly Hills 90210 (TV) 102Beyond Bedlam 17Beyond the Rave 282-286Big Brother (TV) 76,79,172,173,180,283The Big Finish 158The Bill (TV) 116,209,285Billy Elliot 55,80Bits (TV) 178The Bizarre Life and Crimes of Spring-Heled Jack (unmade) 169Black Books (TV) 110The Black Cat (short) 75Black Death 83,187,204Black Sheep 203Black Shuck 285Black Velvet (short) 258Black Wiggow (short) 135Blade 196,254,278Blade Hunter (unmade) 54Blade Runner 9Blade 2 143blairwitch.de (web) 157The Blair Witch Project 32,59,76,127,165,226,230
Blake’s 7 (TV) 86Bleeding the Damned
see Internal Evil 
Blood 13,45,122-125Blooded 267Blood Makes Noise (unmade) 247Blood Money (play) 158Blood of an Englishman (unmade)223Blood on Satan’s Claw 20,46,147Blood River 277Bloodstone (mag) 34Bloody Disgustiing (web) 14,176,193,196,211,233,242,252,265Bloody Good Horror (web) 187Bob the Builder (TV) 156Bordello Death Tales 213,294Botched 254-256Bottom (TV) 238Box Office (mag) 67Boy Meets Girl 16Braindead 109Brain Death (short) 64Breathe (unmade) 246Breeders 16Bride of Frankenstein 147Broken 209-211,274,276,277Bronx Warriors
see 1990: The Bronx Warriors
Brookside (TV) 19Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) 96,183 A Bug’s Life 216The Bunker 63,67,73,74-76,79,83,191,286Burn:Cycle (game) 56Cagney and Lacey (TV) 207The Calcium Kid 256Camp Horror (play) 158Candyman 190Carmen’s Kiss 208Carmilla (book) 226Carnosaur 17Cat Flap
see From the Grave
Cat’s Cradle (unmade) 271The Cave 152Cell 2 (web serial) 285Celtic Warriors (unmade) 19Centurion 243Chameleon (unmade) 137Charlotte’s Web (book) 133Cheap Rate Gravity (short) 201Chemical Wedding 256-258Cherry Tree Lane 267The Children 271-273Child’s Play 3 131The Chosen and the Damned
Chuggington (TV) 228Cinefantastique Online (web) 242Click (short) 41Cliffhanger 17Close Your Eyes
see Doctor Sleep
Cloverfield 226Club Death (short) 41,180Cockneys vs Zombies 205,285Cold and Dark 143-145,213,249,274Cold Dark (unmade) 144Cold Fish 206Cold Fusion Video Reviews (web) 213Cold Heaven (unmade) 180Cold Light of Day 53,229,231Colin 31Colour from the Dark 158Combat (short) 64The Comic 53Comic Afternoon (mag) 93Commando 103contactmusic (web) 87Cope 160Coronation Street (TV) 254The Cottage 237-240,268,271Count of Eleven (unmade) 84Cradle of Fear 57-61,78,84,93,178,217Cravings
see Daddy’s Girl 
see The Descent 
The Crazies 69Credo 269-271Creep 137-139,201,203,204,247,271Crime Traveller (TV) 108Crooked House (TV) 147The Crossing
see Internal Evil 
The Crucifier 160The Crow 145Crowley
see Chemical Wedding 
The Crucible (play) 267Cry (short) 289Cry for Bobo (short) 195Culturepulp (web) 109,112
The Curse of Castle Nymphenstein(short) 285The Curse of Cormack (short) 19The Curse of Frankenstein 12The Curse of the Werewolf 137The Curse of the Wraydons 168Cut and Paste 163Cut and Paste 2 163Daddy’s Girl 243-244,290Daily Mail (paper) 269Daily Mirror (paper) 130,191,240,242,243Daily Telegraph (paper) 208,282Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD 73Dal: Yma Nawr 244Dante’s Peak 216The Dark (unmade) 48The Dark
see The Descent 
Dark Corners 208The Dark Crystal 174Dark Evolution
see The WitchesHammer 
Darkhunters 125-126,156,207Darklands 13,18,19-23,31,32,56,60,72,83,126,191,292The Dark Light (unmade) 196Dark Nature 182Darkness into Light (unmade) 208Dark Places
see In a Dark Place
The Dark Side (mag) 14,41,46,57,59,64,65,68,76,78,105,118,122,130,140,171,176,181,216,282The Dark Side of the Earth (unmade)184The Da Vinci Code 257The Da Vinci Murders (unmade) 229Dawn of the Dead 48,50Dawn of the Dead (remake) 112The Day
see The Children
Day of the Dead 29Day of the Jackal 62Day of the Triffids 72The Dead 294Dead/Alive
see Braindead 
Dead-Board (unmade) 254Dead Calm 42Dead Cert 284Dead Creatures 48-53,121,128,129Deadly Instincts
see Breeders
Dead Man’s Shoes 133-136,168,185,285,290Dead Meat (unmade) 101Dead Mine 292The Deadness of Dad (short) 95The Dead Next Door 28Dead of Night 44,59Dead of Night
see Lighthouse
Dead Room (unmade) 60Dead Set (TV) 79,244Dead Snow 247Death Line 137Death Machine 16,277Death on Camera
see Home Made
Deathwatch 63,67,79-82,185,205Deep Red (mag) 52,61,67Deliverance 91,136,203Demagogue 13,33,180Dementamania (unmade) 256Demonic
see Forest of the Damned 
Demonsoul 38,75Dempsey and Makepeace (TV) 84Den of Geek (web) 68,195,234,269,285Deranged 162The Descent 13,138,147-153,185,240,242,265,266,269,283,285The Descent Part 2 153,265Deviation 204The Devil Rides Out 258The Devil’s Algebra
see WAZ 
The Devil’s Chair 273-277,293The Devil’s Curse
see Credo
The Devil’s Disciple 229,230,231,258Devil’s Harvest 141-143The Devil’s Music 213,294Devil’s Playground 204,289The Devil’s Tattoo 87-89,174Dexter (TV) 255Diagnosis
see Sanitarium
Diary of the Dead 216,226Die Another Day 241The Digital Fix (web) 228Digital Retribution (web) 290,291Digital Spy (web) 255Disdainful Attraction (short) 170Disdainful Youth (short) 170Doctor Sleep 63,105-106,133Doctor Who (TV) 64,72,86,118,147,

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