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Chapter 04

Chapter 04

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Published by nlizarazo

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Published by: nlizarazo on Nov 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Petrophysics 31 2003
MRI Fluid and SampleEvaluation
NUMALaboratory Services
NUMAR Laboratory Services measures petrophysicaland MRI characteristics that will enhance MRI loginterpretation.Magnetic resonance laboratory instruments work thesame as downhole MRI tools.But at the NUMAR Laboratory,direct petrophysical measurements aretaken on the same samples.Magnetic resonancemeasurements are calibrated to petrophysicalproperties,such as permeability,then interpretationmodels are developed by integrating the two results—these models can be directly used to interpret logdata.Characterizing the fluids in the reservoir also dependson standard assumptions about viscosity and thecomposition ofthe oil.Laboratory MRI measurements solve these problemsby replacing assumptions with measurements.NUMAR Laboratory uses core and fluid samples tomeasure properties such as permeability andviscosity.Subsequent MRI measurements on the samesamples are used to develop models that relate MRImeasurements to physical properties.These laboratory-developed models are specific to therock and the fluids in your reservoir.They are the key to a better answer product from MRI logs.NUMAR Laboratory differentiates itselffrom thecompetition by having strict quality control topromote the highest quality data,top laboratory NMR experts in the group,and ongoing developmentoftechniques and interpretative models.NUMALaboratory is continuously building a largeknowledge base – developed from over 4000 samplesto date and 7 years experience,acquired at ourexpense.NUMAR Laboratory measurements are used toenhance all MRIL® log interpretation products.
 Magnetic resonance laboratory equipment.
      H      A      L     5      3      6     4
10,0001,0001001010 100 1,000
Temperature (
   T   2   (  m  s  e  c   )
Effect of Temperature and Interecho Spacing onBulk Fluid Relaxation in Gradient Field
T2intTe = 1.2Te = 3.6Te = 4.8T2 vs Vis & TempT2 f(V&T) = 2,523 msec @ 280
      H      A      L      9     1      2     5
 Laboratory characterization ofcrude oils providesinformation ofcrude oil relaxation times at reservoir temperature under different acquisition modes.
   M   P   E   R   M    (  m   d   ) 0.1
Core Permeability (md)
1.0 10
Customized Permeability Comparisons
Coates ICoates IICoates IIICoates IVT2SBT2 MeanStandardy = x*2/*.5
      H      A      L      9     1      2     7
Comparison plot shows that the Standard Coates Model significantly overestimates permeability in this reservoir,whereas customized permeability models accurately determine permeability.

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