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AMORC - The Triangle August 1922

AMORC - The Triangle August 1922

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Published by sauron385
The Triangle was published by the Supreme Lodge of Amorc 1921-1924
The Triangle was published by the Supreme Lodge of Amorc 1921-1924

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: sauron385 on Nov 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EDITOR’S COMMENTSWe must note here the passing of a wonderfulsoul from this plane to the higher one. SisterBaade, formerly an officer of Delta Lodge in Phila-delphia and more recently an officer of the GrandLodge of Connecticut, known to the Brothers andSisters of the C. C. as Summus Sacerdos, number25, passed through the Great Experience on June9th of this year, in Waterbury. So conscious wasshe to the last moment of her wonderful Initiation,that she talked freely of what she was beginningto sense and even reached out to the other membersof the C. C. and made many of them acquaintedwith the fact. She was an active worker,a liberal contributor to the two lodges where shewas associated, and to related humanitarian activi-ties of the Order. She was laid to rest, physically,in her robes and with her jewels of office, and ourC. C. members and those in the higher degreesshould expect the manifestations which have al-ready proved her high attainment.
 A A
A Brother has passed from our intimate associa-tion, but he is still with us on this plane in a for-eign land. Came Chi Mai, from Northern Chinaa few years ago, a young man, a graduate in thearts and sciences, having a university degree. Hecame to America to perfect himself in science andin religious and arcane subjects. He was initiatedinto the Order in Paragon Lodge in Wilmerding,Pa. After reaching the 5th Degree he visitedDelta Lodge in Philadelphia and received his 6thDegree Initiation, then went on to New York andthen to San Francisco. After a week's visit withus, preparing himself for his missionary work, hesailed for China where he will cooperate with
other Chinese members of our Order in establish
ing Lodges and groups. He made very plain to us
the intense desire of the educated Chinese forknowledge relating to the fundamental laws and
principles underlying the mysticism that is deep jin their consciousness and outwardly expressed invague and shallow symbolism and ritual. The let
ters he took back to China from members hecontacted in various cities indicate the love andhigh esteem held for this highly evolved Oriental.
 A A
One of our Sisters has also gone to anotherland, this time to our beloved TelElAmarna,Egypt, the Holy City of Amenhotep IV. SisterZabel of Delta Lodge in Philadelphia, sailed fromNew York early this year, planning to visit theshrines of Jerusalem and then passing on to thebanks of the Nile. As a member of our EgyptExploration Society, she secured certain informa-tion about the excavations being carried on therewith the funds provided by our members, and willmake official reports to us of what is being ac-complished, while attending to other matters per-taining to our work. When her boat sailed fromthe harbor of New York, she was presented withflowers and messages sent by telegraph from theMaster of the Delta Lodge.
 A A
Two Brothers of the Order have gone on mis-sionary work into Russia; one from the GrandLodge of Illinois and one from the Grand Lodgeof California, both being especially prepared andinstructed to carry out official work there whileassisting members in those countries to completethe international alliance being formed by all of the ancient Rosicrucian bodies. From Californiahas also gone one brother to Turkey for the samepurpose. In a letter received from the highestofficial of the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in Rus-sia, we learn that our work and our affiliationsare greatly desired by the advancing students of mysticism.AAAWe have recently received some photos of theGrand Lodge Temple of the East Indies. Theyhave a very symbolical and appropriate LodgeRoom and their body has been duly chartered bythe international organization of Rosaecrucians.It is delightful to see the interest and activities of these far away members. Their membership isincreasing rapidly and they are translating ourAmerican work into the native tongue.
 A A
Speaking of translations, we have received acopy of the 6th Degree Reference Chart Book usedin our American work, from the Grand Lodge oDenmark, translated and beautifully reproduced:also a book in their native tongue entitled, “Whatis Mysticism.” We learn also that the work ther^is growing rapidly and with enthusiasm and greatsatisfaction. We send our greetings to our Bro-thers and Sisters there and wish we could accepttheir invitation and drop in on them some Thurs-day evening. Some day!
We were surprised very recently to receive aletter from a Rosicrucian Lodge in Finland. Wedid not know that one existed there, but the officialletter makes it plain that they have been activethere for some time and now seek to unite with usin the unified efforts of the worldwide propagandathat is being carried on by us in cooperation withthe Headquarters in India and Thibet.AAAFrom the Grand Lodge Rosae Crucis in England,comes reports of increasing membership and en-thusiasm. The Prelate there indicates that mem-bers are seeking to form small study groups invarious cities in addition to Lodges. He makesone very interesting report. It is that Mr. “Khei’*of the Societas Rosicruciana in America, (whoclaims to have his charter from the society of thesame name in England) has proclaimed that thename of their society in England and Americashall be changed, and the new name is so muchlike our own, that we wonder why. One or moreof their members who were studying our teachingsand works with enthusiasm and asked permissionto add some of our work to their own (for reasonswhich will be apparent to those of our memberswho have been in the S. R. I. A.), was informedsuddenly that our agreement with the plan wasnot to be considered and the members must chooseat once between membership in our Order or inthe S. R. 1. A. We are thankful that no such in-tolerant attitude has ever been decreed by ourImperator or Supreme Grand Master. All sincereseekers for Light, in any land, of any race, arewelcome, regardless of their fortunate or unfor-tunate alliance with some other promising schoolof philosophy.AAAAAASpeaking of Radio, the fad that has swept thecountry is slowly settling into a staid and sensibleplace. The novelty is wearing off, because themystery is being understood. The toy pastime isgiving way to the practical side. Soon Radio willbe used exclusively for higher forms of education,amusement and recreation under competent con-trol. Here in California where there are morebroadcasting stations than in any other section of the country, with programs beginning at 9 A. M.and continuing until late in the evening withouta break of even fifteen minutes, there is a plan tounite all the stations into one large, powerful trans-mitting station, and all the present transmittinginterests will have certain periods at the one sta-tion, provided their broadcasting is of an inspiring,educational nature or highly classical in music.The same situation will exist in Southern Californiaand in other states, and some day the Governmentwill probably control and direct about twentypowerful stations located at different points andthere will be no others. Already moving picturesare being transmitted by radio (as predicted by usin our magazine some time ago) and soon this willaccompany the speaking voice and music in ourhomes.Yes, the fad or novelty is fast giving way to thepractical use of Radio, and for this reason all ourmembers should become acquainted with Radio.Here at headquarters we have evolved a very sim-ple receiving set which is capable of receivingmusic and speech, clearly and sweetly, over adistance of fifteen to twentyfive miles, withoutbatteries or accessories which must be replaced,such sets, costing complete with aerial wire andall parts ready to receive, about $30.00 to $35.00,will replace many of the cumbersome, cranky*independable, expensive sets heretofore offered.If you live within fifteen miles of any of the hun-dred or more broadcasting stations in America,write to our Radio Chief, 1255 Market Street,San Franciso, California, for advice.AAAMembers please take note. Some of the Officersof the Massachusetts Grand Lodge have establishedin Boston, through support of one member whodesires to remain unknown, a very praiseworthyinstitution. It is called the Athena Society. Read-ing’and Lecture rooms have been opened in afine building on one of the prominent streets, andthere, in symbolic and charming environment,seekers for Light can come and rest, and read andfind instruction and books on any subject pertain-ing to any one of the Paths that tend to lead tothe same goal. No bias, no prejudice, no intol-erance. A fine library is accessible and somemanuscripts. What will especially interest ourgeneral membership outside of Boston is that any-one at any distant point can become a memberof this Society by paying an annual fee of onlyOne Dollar, and such members can then borrow,by mail, such books as cannot be procured in othercities. So many of our members are constantlywriting to us to locate books for them that wefeel sure they will unite with this library, and withthe One Dollar fee help to support the buying of more books while enjoying the many now in thelibrary. For further particulars write to: Sec-retary, Athena Society, 739 Boylston St., Boston,Mass. This is the building where our GrandLodge is located.AAAWe are called upon by some of our membersto explain how it is that our Beloved AmenhotepIV maintained a Harem in his Holy City at TelElAmarna. From the comments made it seemsthat such an institution there was a most objec-tionable feature and one which was not befittingthe high character of the man. All of which in-dicates that the yellow press and movies have suc-ceeded in so distorting facts that fallacies are beingcommonly accepted as facts. We have heard somuch about the notorious Turkish Harem andharems from which women have escaped, and soon and on, that we are lead to believe that aHarem, any Harem, of the present or past, is andwas a terrible thing. Such is not the case. Weask those interested to turn to any encyclopediaand look up the subject of the ancient harems,those which existed in Egypt and the orientalcountries long before some modern or tenth cen-tury gentlemen instituted socalled harems as ex-cuses for immoral living. The origin of the ancientharem is to be found in a very respectable andkindly practice explained by one of the laws of the Koran, which says that women “shall be dis-creet in their association with the other sex andforbids them to expose face or person except toa husband, father, son or intimate male relatives.(See Sura XXIV, 31; XXVIII, 5355.) The haremsof the ancient times were buildings adjoining thegeneral living building, in which all the womenfolk of a man’s family, slept and had their privaterest rooms, baths, garden and studies. In suchharems, when a wealthy man owned one, livedhis ONE wife, his mother, his sisters and any otheirwomen relatives (even cousins and nieces) whomhe could afford to support. Only women servantswere permitted to attend the women in the haremand the women there lived with faces uncovered
and free from the eyes of men. All united at onetable often for meals and for religious services,but if strange men were present the women werecovered and would retire at once to the privacyof their harem. That Amenhotep and his fore-fathers maintained such harems in their palatialresidences is a well known fact; and just as wellknown and established in all of the ancient recordsis the fact that Amenhotep, who had such a beauti-ful harem, so far as buildings and gardens are con-cerned, had but one wife, one soul companion, inthat harem to the day he passed beyond, and thatwas Nefer, his Queen wife, whom all of Egyptconsidered the idealization of his love.AAAOur members who have been or are still in-terested in the work of the Theosophical Societyof this country, will be interested in an incidentwhich, it must be stated in fairness, pertains onlyto the American Section of the T. S., and not tothe foreign sections which maintain the mostfriendly relations with our Order. Some monthsago we addressed an official letter to Mr. Rogers,the President of the T. S., stating that whereasin many cities where we had Lodges there werealso small Theosophical groups without permanentLodge rooms of their own, and whereas so manyof our members were formerly interested in The-osophy and still desired to broaden the good ac-tivities of the T. E., we wished to extend ourhearty cooperation by offering first of all the useof our Temples and Lodge rooms in any city, freeof any rent, to any T. S. body that wished to meetin them; that our members and officers wouldassist such bodies in arranging propaganda, hold-ing public meetings, designing initiation ceremo-nies for those accepted (a thing greatly desired bythe rank and file of T. S. members), and by plac-ing T. S. literature in our Lodge reading rooms,etc., etc. The letter was received and read byMr. Roger’s secretary, who wrote us and said thatthe letter was very gratifying and made all at theT. S. headquarters happy, but the Mr. Rogers wason the road lecturing and our letter would be for-warded to him for answer. Weeks passed and wereceived no answer, and then, of a sudden, likean outburst from the clear sky, there appeared inthe T. S. official paper, called the “Messenger,” anarticle attacking our Order, ridiculing or unkindlycriticising our book “Man Triumphant” (whichhas been highly praised by other societies) andotherwise attempting to belittle and injure ourOrder. And, the attacking article was signed byMr. Rogers. Thusly did we receive an answer toour letter! And all this followed a special serviceheld in our Pristine Church in San Francisco,called a Theosophical Service, wherein we dweltat length on the beauty and greatness of the T.S. teachings, read and sermonized from their writ-ings and called the attention of the hundreds pres-ent to the existence of the T. S. Lodge in SanFrancisco. Many of the officers and members
o f 
the T. S. Society present said after that specialservice, “We wonder how the T. S. can repay yourOrder for this great help.” And we received ourpay; not in any manner expected, for we expectednothing; but certainly fully, completely and insuch wise as leaves the scales of the laws of com-pensation in an unbalanced state. We call uponour hundreds of Theosophical members to reviewall the literature of our Order, all the lectures andaddresses, and discover if they can, one singlecomment made against the good name and goodwork of the T. S. Society; it would be too easy tofind the good we have said and will continue tosay.There has been established in San Francisco aradio or wireless branch of the Pristine Church of 
Page Three
the Rose Cross. This new church is announced inall the papers and over the air as the RadioChurch.One of the large and very fine broadcasting sta-tions of the West (KZY) which has a broadcastingperiod from 1I A. M. to 12:13 noon each Sunday,donated its time and with the help of the operatorof that station and one other (KPO), a specialchurch service is sent into the air each Sunday.The power of the station and its range (especiallyin the West where we have little or no static evenin summer) gives this Radio Church and audienceestimated to be between 50,000 and 60,000 actuallistenersin each Sunday, for the West is literallyflooded with radio fans and enthusiasts. Thechurch came as a result of the demands of thesefans for a service of sacred music and helpful talk on Sundays. In fact another station here alsosends a sacred service on Sunday afternoons tosuit the requirements of the Westerners, and wehave taken part in their service also.Our Supreme Grand Master, Rev. George R.Chambers, is the minister in charge of the RadioChurch. A nonsectarian and nondenominationalservice is used, with very fine talent and music,prayers and treatment vibrations for the shutinswho are listening, a few appropriate readings, andan address or sermon in addition to Gospel read-ing.Needless to say the Rosaecrucian and mysticalpoint of view is maintained in all the readingsand addresses. Many letters of praise and com-ment are being received from many points, for theservice reaches into many states. In one case aman in a distant city wrote that his aunt had notattended church for fifteen years because she wastoo deaf to hear, but through the use of a loudspeaker close to her ear she heard her first churchservice in fifteen years, sent broadcasted by usthe first Sunday. The sick in hospitals (all owhich are provided with receiving sets) praise theservices and many in the open country on a Sun-day vacation trip enjoy the service with portablesets.The address given by the minister at each ser-vice is published each Monday morning in theSan Francisco Journal. Thus is the air being used,the Cosmic employed, as Rosaecrucians would useit. As Brother Chambers stated in his first ad-dress, this is really the Church Invisible as spokenso often in theological and sacred writings.AAAAt a recent Convention of the Police Chiefs of the United States, held in San Francisco, a reportwas read showing that there “were 1,000,000 crim-inals in the United States; half of these are beingcared for, the other half are at liberty.” By beingcared for is meant, imprisonment, care at hospitalsand insane wards for the criminal, etc. Furtheron the report showed that more dollars are beingspent each year for the caring of criminals in theUnited States than is being spent for education of the young. How is that for progressive Americaand for the much talked about Aquarian Age?Are the criminals in their predicament as a resultof lack of education during their youth, and willwhat we are now spending on education of theyoung prevent our having a half a million crimi-nals to care for twentyfive years from now? No,is our answer to both of these questions. Thefact is, there has been sufficient money spent, orat least appropriated* in the name of education,in the past, to have prevented so many ever enter-ing the fields of crime, and there is more thanenough being spent now for education, but it is

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