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201013 Script-Story of a Smoker

201013 Script-Story of a Smoker

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Published by Amit Yadav

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Published by: Amit Yadav on Nov 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Story of a Smoker
Rahul started smoking at 20, never thinking that 10 years later it would kill himand leave his parents alone. In his last weeks, he set out with a message foryoung people.
Scene 1:
The room is dark and gloomy probably because Rahul does not like lights to beswitched on. There are not many things in the room. A book shelf with almirahand a study table can be seen. On the either side Rahul was lying on the bed andseeing him one can only think of a strange disease he is occupied with. It wasvery hard to think that a young man of just 30 years living his last 3-4 weeks of life. He is suffering from a cancer due to excessive smoking and drinks.The reporter with his cameraman is adjusting the equipments before the start of the show w
hich will tell the timeline of the Rahul’s Life, an aspiring young boy
now struggling with cancer.His head, bald, lies on a pillow. The bones of his cheeks and shoulders can beseen under the skin. His eyes are open, but he can no longer respond to hisparents. In his hands, Rahul has a photograph taken 12 years ago. It shows ayoung and healthy Rahul holding parents at the TajMahal.He is looking at the photograph and thinking of those past years where he was abright and aspiring adult. He was the lifeline of his parents and has manydreams in his life. He was good in study and a bright future lies ahead in hislife.But what happens to him now. What were the situation/circumstances whichmade him to smoke and end his life like that. Is that what he wants or becauseof certain terms of life made him to choose smoking. How is he now determinedto sent messages to young people to quit or not to take smoking.Rahul: Hello friends, probably you all will feel amazed looking at me. Therewill be many question in your mind when you will see me. What has happenedto me, why i started smoking and also what went in my life that i became soaddicted to smoking. For all that i need to take back to my life10 yearsbefore.........
Scene 2: Flashback...
A bright summer had started with Sun flashing its lights all around. It wasperiod of around April where students had just passed their 12
. Among themwas a young, determine, energetic boy called Rahul.Rahul, along with his friends at a cyber cafe, waiting for his engineeringentrance exams result. There was chaos at the shop because many students were
waiting just like Rahul. Suddenly the computer screen flash “CongralutionsRahul, you have passed the exam.”
 A spirit of joy and happiness arouse in the cafe with many congratulatingRahul.He has cleared the top engineering college entrance exam and now hisfuture is secured with successful life ahead.
Scene 3-leaving the home
Rahul is packing his accessories before leaving to his college. His parents arebusy helping him and also reminding him about various things he needs tocarry.Father: Beta, are all thing packed now?Rahul : yes papa...i m ready to go now..!!Mother: beta, please take care of yourself. Eat properly and study hard. Makeyour friends properly and do
n’t get distracted by others.
You are going 1
timeout of the city.Father: Common Rahul ki maa, ours son is very mature and intelligent. Heknows what
s right and wrong. He will never do anything to make us feelshame and will achieve success in his life.Rahul: yes Papa, you are right. I am your son and have same values which youentrusted in me. Don
t worry I will take care of myself and study hard toachieve what i want.Father: Yes son, but there are some thing i need to tell you. In engineeringcollege various types of students come. They will try to make friendship withyou,
will ask you to take drinks and smoke, but don’t fall in their pray. These
things make life worst in long term. So always remember my words. We areproud of you and do that in your further life.Rahul leave for his college life.
Scene 4-Ragging
 First day in college and a bunch of seniors are taking ragging. Rahul is not linedup with other juniors.Senior1: All you bunch of losers will now light up a cigrattes and will give tohis respective seniors/mentor assigned.Rahul: i will not light up the smoke. This is not correct. I have not smoked everin my life and nor will do it for the rest of my life.Seniors than made fun of him and said now you will have to do it otherwise facethe consequences. He was literally tortured by seniors for the whole night andothers also made fun of him. What a child he is ...and all sorts of other things.This continued for about a year.
Scene 5: Interaction with Roommate
room partner is also a chain smoker. Rahul ask him to please quit itand ask what he gets of all this. He is killing his life .Ajay: Rahul, grow up yaar. you are now in college. Smoking is necessary in thisyear of life. it makes you feel cool, smart and also gives you respect fromothers. Dont you see , our seniors ,how much they are friendly with those whosmoke and drinks. This is must in today
s world. It is the necessity. It makesyou feel above all and also flush all the tension in your life once you start takingit .Rahul did not liked his speech and switched off the light and went to sleep.
Scene 6
Because of constant torture and also various remarks from his batch matesstarted disturbing his studies. He could not focus on his studies and because of this he failed in his papers. This brought a lot of pressure. He was literallybecoming mentally sick because of all this.
Scene 7
3 years went with same torture and pressure and now that thing begin to show inRahul
personality. He was not the same guy which he was when he came tocollege. He was now struggling with the college academics, pressure of hisbatch mates, the torture of his seniors. In fact all this made him so weak and lowin confidence that he was not able to get placed in his college.

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