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Muharram 2012 #2

Muharram 2012 #2

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Published by self bulding
A booklet about the patience of Ayyub (Job AS). It goes over the concept of patience in general. It shows the patience of Imam Hussain (AS)
A booklet about the patience of Ayyub (Job AS). It goes over the concept of patience in general. It shows the patience of Imam Hussain (AS)

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Published by: self bulding on Nov 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Patience Of Imam Hussain (AS) 2
 And remember Our servant Job [in the Qur’ān]. When he called out to his Lord, ‘The devil has visited on mehardship and torment,’
 The Quran has many interesting stories about Prophets in it. One of these stories is aboutProphet Ayub (AS)(Job). Allah gave him a lot of wealth and children at first. Then he becamevery poor. After this he lost his children and had a very bad illness. Due to being sick he lived far away from every one with his wife. Allah gave him wealth and tested him. His loss and illnesswere also a test from Allah.One day Shaitan the devil went to Prophet Ayub (AS) and tried to make him say somethingagainst Allah. Shaitan said look at all the hardship you are in because of Allah. Prophet Ayub(AS) did not listen to Shaitan. Then Shaitan went to Prophet Ayub (AS) wife. He informed thelady that he Shaitan was a great doctor. Shaitan told her that if she sacrificed a sheep in
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Shaitan’s name he would cure Prophet Ayub (AS). Prophet Ayub (AS) on hearing this warned
her to be careful not to be misled by Shaitan. Another day Shaitan came to her again. He looked like a handsome young man and was ridingon a beautiful horse. He told her that he was the king of earth. He said that because Prophet Ayub (AS) did not worship him but worshipped Allah he made Prophet Ayub (AS) fall ill. Shaitansaid that if she stopped Prophet Ayub (AS) from saying Bismillah before eating food and Alhamdolillah after eating food Shaitan would cure him. She said that she will take her husband(Prophet Ayub AS) permission before she did anything. When she went to Prophet Ayub (AS)and told him about this Prophet Ayub (AS) recited the ayat you read above.
those who, when an affliction visits them, say,
‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and to Him do we indeed return.’
157. It is they who receive the blessings of their Lord and[His] mercy, and it is they who are the [rightly] guided.
  Allah tested Imam Hussain (AS) also. He was living a comfortable life in the city of hisgrandfather Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). When Yazid (curse of Allah be on him) commandedImam Hussain (AS) to accept Yazid as the leader Imam Hussain (AS) said people like ImamHussain (AS) do not take people like Yazid to be their leader. This was similar to the test that Ayub had when he had a lot of wealth, riches and children. Imam Hussain (AS) could haveaccepted Yazid (curse on him) as the leader and continue to preach Islam. However ImamHussain (AS) knew that if he did this Islam would be lost forever.

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