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Aquarian Astrology

Aquarian Astrology

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Published by Ramanasarma

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Published by: Ramanasarma on Nov 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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& MEDICAL DIAGNOSISby John Kirk Robertson, DD“Copyright: extends only as far as acknowledging the author in any reproduction of thetext. Text should only be reproduced for teaching purposes or personal study and not forgain.”With the acknowledgement that John K. Robertson wrote the material I culled below, Ipresent for personal study and non-profit purposes John’s interesting material.Note that the images in the original text did not transfer. Only the written textsurvives here…. [Bill Wrobel]********************************PREFACEThis volume is the first to provide an encyclopaedic listing of diseases with theirremedies and astrological indicators. These indicators have been given so that futureresearchers can verify their correctness from a large scale sampling of medical recordsrelated to specific diseases. These records should supply:(a) Patient's date and place of birth (natal chart)(b) Name of disease(c) Date of admission to hospital (progressed chart)
2The computer sets up a natal horoscope given; the progressed planets and transits for thepatient's date of admission to hospital.All aspects between the planets at fifteen degree intervals are analyzed and aggregatedfor each 1,000 cases of a specific disease. The patterns are displayed on a visual consoleand should be similar for each1,000 cases of the same disease. A similar aggregation of planetary positions in the signs is made for each sample to test the correlation betweenthe signs and the parts of the body associated with the specific disease.DEDICATIONThis book is dedicated to Joan White who helped prepare the original bibliography inBaltimore and Philadelphia, and to Nina Anderberg(?) of Hamilton, New Zealand, whoassisted with the final typing of the manuscript.Books in this Series. The MAAT TextsThis is the fourth book of a series.1. The Aquarian Bible of the Cosmic Christ.2. The Aquarian Mandala : The Macrocosmic Universe in Man.3. Aquarian Mythology :A Comparative Study.4. Aquarian Astrology and Medical Diagnosis.MAAT is the Egyptian goddess of Truth which lies beyond all systems of thought but canbe approached through the language of symbols. This series of MAAT texts is an attemptto integrate various fields of knowledge (such as religion, mythology, cosmology,evolution, symbology and psychology) by the use of an underlying series of unchangingsymbols.
3I have used the zodiacal and planetary sequences in an unvarying sequence todemonstrate the correlations between knowledge fields. This is the foundation for a newtype of education based on the integrative consciousness of the Higher Self as distinctfrom the analytical consciousness of the Personality or Lower Self.The anatomy of man is directly influenced by the universe or macrocosm through theconstant interaction of their energy fields. This is the basis for Medical Astrology.An Occult Catechism (A)Lift up thy head O Disciple; dost thou see one or countless stars above thee, burning inthe dark midnight sky?I sense one Flame from which they come. I see these countless undetached stars as sparksfrom the oneSource.Thou sayest well. And now look into thyself and around thee. The star-light of the Monadwhich burns inside thee, dost thou feel it different in anywise from the light that shines inthy brothers and sisters?It is in no way different. We are led astray by the apparent differences of the vestures of the Soul. Our outer garments of the bodies delude the ignorant into saying "Thy Soul andmy Soul."The radical unity of the ultimate essence of every atom -- whether in star or human beingand whether in the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical realms -- this unity is the onefundamental law of Occult Science.

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