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Solid Waste Trust Fund - SWTF Report for Year 2008

Solid Waste Trust Fund - SWTF Report for Year 2008

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Published by Viola Davis
Solid Waste Trust Fund - SWTF Report for Year 2008. See report on Scales Landfill.
Solid Waste Trust Fund - SWTF Report for Year 2008. See report on Scales Landfill.

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Published by: Viola Davis on Nov 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Georgia Solid WasteTrust Fund
Report forFiscal Year 2008
A publication of the Environmental Protection DivisionGeorgia Department of Natural ResourcesJuly 2009
The Solid Waste Trust Fund (SWTF) was established in1990 as part of the Georgia Comprehensive Solid WasteManagement Act. This Act, along with its amendments,provides a framework for guiding how solid waste is to bemanaged in the state. An amendment to the Act in 1992 established a primarysource of funding for the SWTF in the form of a $1 fee forevery new tire sold in the state. Each year, fees collectedthe previous year are available for appropriation by theLegislature through the state budget process to theGeorgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) whosedirector is authorized by the Act to serve as the trusteefor the fund. The moneys allocated to the trust fund arethen used to carry out the solid waste management goalsof the Act.The trust fund is authorized for:
emergency, preventative and corrective action at solidwaste facilities
scrap tire management and cleanup
closure of abandoned landfills
solid waste reduction and recycling
litter prevention and abatement
administrative costs associated with managing the fundThe Act also requires that EPD produce an annual reporton the activities funded by the SWTF; this report fulfillsthat requirement.
In FY 08, the Legislature appropriated $6 million from thetire fees collected in 2007 to the Solid Waste Trust Fund.In addition to funding internal programs that carry out theintent of the SWTF, EPD also disperses money from thisfund to other state agencies and divisions within theDepartment of Natural Resources (DNR), including theDepartment of Community Affairs (DCA), the GeorgiaEnvironmental Facilities Authority (GEFA), the WildlifeResources Division (WRD), the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) and the Pollution Prevention AssistanceDivision (P
 AD).These state agencies provide technical assistance, fundingand public education on waste reduction, recycling andother solid waste issues, and assist local governmentswith solid waste planning.In FY 08, the trust fund was used to:
manage and clean up scrap tires
respond to three solid waste emergencies
close the abandoned Scales Road Construction andDemolition landfill (page 16)
implement three major statewide waste reduction andrecycling initiatives (page 12)
carry out litter prevention and abatement activities(page 13)
     S     W     T     F
   /   /   R  e  p  o  r   t   f  o  r   F   i  s  c  a   l    Y  e  a  r   2   0   0   8
EPD has publishedseveral documents onthe Solid Waste TrustFund outlining itshistory and uses.These documents areavailable for viewingand download athttp://www.georgiaepd.org/Documents/techguide_lpb.html#swtf 
 S W
 /   /   e  p  o  t  f   o i   s  c  a l    e  a  0  0  8 
In FY 2008, $6.2 million* was approved by the DNR Board for the following authorized uses:Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling: $2,067,500 (33.35%)Litter Prevention and Abatement: $1.4 million (22.58%)Scrap Tire Management and Cleanup: $1,257,028 (20.27%)Administrative Costs: $1,055,472 (17.02%)Closure of Abandoned Landfills: $220,000 (3.55%)Emergency, Preventative and Corrective Action: $200,000 (3.23%)
*In addition to the $6 million legislative appropriation, this total includes $200,000 carried over from FY 07.
FY 08 Spending Plan
SWTF Budget by Agency*
Department of Community Affairs (DCA): $2,994,500Environmental Protection Division (EPD): $2,732,500Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA): $223,000Wildlife Resources Division (WRD): $150,000Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC): $100,00048.30%44.07%3.60%2.42%1.61%
*The Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P 
 AD) received no money from the SWTF in FY 08.

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