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Published by Immortalheart13

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Published by: Immortalheart13 on Nov 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. BASEMENT - NIGHTON A CHAINSAW. It sits there.BR. . . .!!!! CHA CHA CHAFADE TO:INT. CAR - DAYRYAN drives, HEATHER sits passenger. DARRYL, NIKKI, and KENNY are squeezed in the back.BR. . .!!!! CHA CHA CHANIKKIHow much longer? It’s so crampedup back here.HEATHER(pulls out map)According to the map, we’re almostthere.FADE TO:EXT. HOUSE - DAYA beautiful mansion. Stone walls. Sturdy, a little old.The van pulls up.FADE TO:INT. HOUSE - DAYBR. . .!!!! CHA CHA CHAThe inside of the house is much worse than the outside. There’s cracks in the walls, lots of dust and a dirty smell and feel to it.The door opens, RYAN and HEATHER step in.HEATHERWow. . .it’s beautiful.RYANErm, yeah.Heather turns to Ryan. Looks perplex.HEATHERSomething wrong?RYANNo. It just needs somebody to reviveit from the dead.Heather rolls her eyes.
HEATHER (O.S.)A toast. . .FADE TO:INT. LIVING ROOM - HOUSE - EVENINGEveryone is gathered around. Heather stands in front of them. A bottle of beer in her hands.HEATHER (cont’d)To a wonderful weekend. . .CUT TO:INT. BASEMENT - HOUSE - CONTINUOUSA pair of hands grabs the CHAINSAW. PULLS THE CHAIN --BR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INT/EXT MONTAGE- Heather SCREAMS- Nikki giggles grabbing the back of Ryan’s head- A meat cleaver soars downward- Darryl backs up in pain- Heather JUMPS out of the window. GLASS SPRAYS!DARRYL (O.S.)OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?! SOMEBODYHELP ME!- Nikki grabs a shotgun- Heather PUNCHES Nikki in the face- A chainsaw SLICES into Kenny’s leg as he screams- Nikki FALLS on top of the VANEND MONTAGE WITHHeather, bounded and gagged. Tape over her mouth, she’s in the basement, her handsare tied up and hanging from a hook. She’s two feet in the air.Heather watches as LEATHERFACE turns to her. He walks up to her. Takes off his mask --Heather stares into his disgusting face. We’re unable to see it.Leatherface moves over to a shelf -- filled with masks. . .human faces. He grabsone, a male’s. . .one that’s familiar. He turns back to Heather.He walks over to the counter and grabs the CHAINSAW.

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