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Published by Nabeel Ghori

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Published by: Nabeel Ghori on Nov 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HP Virtual Connect with iSCSI Cookbook
 anuary 2011, 2
EditionTechnical white paper
Table of contents
 Abstract 2
 Abstract 3
This paper will describe how to configure HP Virtual Connect for an iSCSI envirronment.This documentation will describe the tips and some troubleshoot information for iSCSI boot and install.The document outlines the steps. Detailed information regarding Emulex/SE requirements is subject tochange, and readers should always refer to the documentation from the providers.
The iSCSI standard implements the SCSI protocol over a TCP/IP network. While iSCSI can beimplemented over any TCP/IP network, the most common implementation is over-1- and 10-GigabitEthernet (GbE). The iSCSI protocol transports block-level storage requests over TCP connections. Usingthe iSCSI protocol, systems can connect to remote storage and use it as a physical disk although theremote storage provider or target may actually be providing virtual physical disks. iSCSI serves thesame purpose as Fibre Channel in building SANs, but iSCSI avoids the cost, complexity, andcompatibility issues associated with Fibre Channel SANs.Because iSCSI is a TCP/IP implementation, it is ideal for new field deployments where no FC SANinfrastructure exists. An iSCSI SAN is typically comprised of software or hardware initiators on thehost connected to an isolated Ethernet network and some number of storage resources (targets). Whilethe target is usually a hard drive enclosure or another computer, it can also be any other storagedevice that supports the iSCSI protocol, such as a tape drive. The iSCSI stack at both ends of the pathis used to encapsulate SCSI block commands into Ethernet Packets for transmission over IP networksiSCSI boot allows the c-class Blade to boot from a remote operating system image located on anEthernet
based storage network. Additionnaly accelerated iSCSI enables the Converged Network Adapter on a ProLiant Blade serverto run accelerated iSCSI, it offloads the iSCSI function to the CNA rather than taxing the CPU of theserver.

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