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Starting from the first and only United Nations Seaport existing in the world

Starting from the first and only United Nations Seaport existing in the world

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Triest’s Future begins from the Past of its Port.

Did you know that there exists an International Nation?

Exists, and it is the microcosm of the macrocosm of the world.
Triest’s Future begins from the Past of its Port.

Did you know that there exists an International Nation?

Exists, and it is the microcosm of the macrocosm of the world.

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Published by: Comitato Porto Libero Trieste on Nov 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The decision to give birth to the CommitteeFPT was taken in December 2009 ater a conventionorganized by the “Associazione Porto Franco Internazionale” about the rame o mind so-called NOSE POL (not-possible) that was applied or 56 years over the port, the city and the surroundings oTrieste. We have some questions, namely:
Why is the Free Port of Trieste today in a state of total abandon?
Why is the existing Port Authority established under the directives of the Italian gov.t?Why is the Free Port not administered as by its Instrument (Annex VIII, art. 18 18.1. And18.2.), where the Original Free Territory citizens have a legitimate right of preference tomanage the port that has always been theirs (Annex VIII, art. 18, 18.1. and 18.2.)?
Ater this conerence, some o its participants gathered, as simple citizens o Trieste o any age,ethnicity and political ailiation to whom the uture o our port is a priority, which led to the simplequestion:
“Is there a way to put in operational conditions the Port of Trieste?”
.See below two images o the Old Port o Trieste in its current conditions!The result o this meeting has been turned into the decision to set up the “CommitteeFPT” whichis an association composed o ordinary citizens o Triest that have the characteristics to be originalFree Territory citizens and thereore to be the the only ones who can legally operate the Free Porto Triest.Below we introduce the rst Article o the Constitution o the Committee, in order to understand whywars and lies in the end don’t pay, and cannot change the course o history.These are the premises regarding the acts that explain the situation o the
Free Port of Trieste,which is a land owned by all nations that constitute the United Nations
Triest’s Futurebegins from the Past of its Port
1. Background
Given that:
on January 10,
the Free Port o Trieste as an extraterritorial territory o any country in theworld was voted by
11 nations
and recorded at the United Nations Organization;
this registration can not be cancelled because it is part o the Treaty o Peace with Italy signedin Paris on February 10, 1947;
this registration complies with all the intents and purposes o the United Nations Charter oJune 26, 1945 in being a member state o this organization, as all 5 permanent representatives othe Security Council voted in avour o it;
the territory o the Free Port has its own constitution and lays in Central Europe and the samecan be lawully considered similar to the territory o the United Nations Headquarters in New York;
the Free Port o Trieste is an extraterritorial port de jure and de acto and the Free Territory oTrieste is also de jure an international zone, and both are declared demilitarized territories anddeended as a Protectorate o the United Nations;
the Free Port o Trieste can not be considered a state corporation o the State o the Free Terri-tory o Trieste since it is conormed and administered as a sovereign state, having all the attributeso a juridical person and unctioning in accordance with the conditions o the “Instrument or theFree Port (Annex VIII)” or Constitution o the Free Port and is thereore considered only territoriallyincorporated in the state o the Free Territory o Trieste (a corporation o two sovereign states);
the establishment o special zones in the Free Port under the exclusive jurisdiction o any Stateis incompatible with the status o the Free Territory and o the Free Port;
thanks to the territorial expansion o the Free Territory, the Free Port has granted ree access tointernational waters;
The port o Trieste since 1719 has always been a world reerence or the maritime trade andcultural exchanges;
the Free Port o Trieste was established to be the port o all the UN member nations andprimarily to give access to international waters to the landlocked states o Central Europe;
the multi-ethnical population o original Free Territory citizens exists legally but has never hada chance to express themselves democratically, and this population has the rights o citizenship othe United Nations (United Nations Nationals);
the original Free Territory citizens are those who were domiciled on June 10, 1940 in the areawithin the borders o the Free Territory o Trieste and their children born ater that date, or thosewho were born in the area ater that date (UN Chart or human rights);
the “Instrument or the Free Port” oresees a Director that cannot be an Italian citizen or acitizen o Yugoslavia, but can be an original Free Territory citizen and that to the administrativeapparatus and employment there must be given a preerence to the original Free Territory citizens;
the Free Territory citizens are prevented by the Italian Authorities to manage – through theInternational Commission – the Free Port o Trieste;
the original Free Territory citizens orms the “Chairman o the International Commission” thatis called to oversee the administration o the Free Port;
the Memorandum o Understanding o London was signed on October 5,
4 nations
including Italy and was intended as a military and temporary agreement o inapplicability o theconstitution o the civil state o the Free Territory and Free Port o Trieste, ormer Annex VI, VII andVIII o the Treaty o Peace with Italy o 10 February 1947.
the Memorandum o Understanding provides or the replacement o the Allied MilitaryGovernment under UN control responsible to guarantee the territorial sovereignty o the Free Portand Free Territory (Annex VII), with a military occupation by the neighbouring states, Italy andYugoslavia, which were not authorized by the UN;
the Italian and Yugoslavian military occupation o the territory could be justied in some wayduring the period o the “Cold War”;
The Cold War ended conventionally in 1989 ater the all o the Berlin Wall (German reunica-tion);
since 1989 there was no longer any historical actor to prevent the actuation and governmento the Free Territory and Free Port o Trieste by a civil administration composed o native originalFree Territory citizens;
in the Memorandum o Understanding o London in 1954, Italy agreed to administer the FreePort o Trieste, ormer Annex VIII, only with the rst 20 o 26 articles o the “Instrument or the FreePort”.
Italy on reason o the international political situation (“Cold War”) rom 1954 until 1989 couldnot legitimately administer the Free Port o Trieste but this does not aect the actual situation: rom1989 onwards they could, and should, have regulated the legal and administrative situation o theFree Port as rom its “Instrument”.
The current Italian Port Authority in 2008 has rejected a project or modernizing the Free Portaccompanied by a substantial international unding only because the project involved the imple-mentation o the international law in orce or the Free Port, using or this purpose the application ostate-owned Italian laws;
the historical judgement issued by the supreme Italian court TAR No. 200902677 dated March16, 2009 declares that rom that date onwards the Italian laws will be applied to all intents andpurposes on the territory o the Free Port, and thus remove the legal and actual ANNEX VIII andthe TREATY OF PEACE WITH ITALY, and the most total international sovereignty o the territory,which lasted or 290 years;
this means that Italy denies having lost the Second World War in which it had implementedthe most substantial ethnic cleansing in this territory;
the illegal appropriation by Italy o the international territory o the Free Port can be consideredan act o war against the United Nations or against all signatories o the Treaty o Peace includingthe Free Territory;
the Italian port authorities systematically divert traic o goods and people to other Italianports, damaging the Free Port o Trieste that he is reduced today in a state o complete commercialand territorial abandon;
Italy has intentionally violated since 1954 all the 26 articles that make up the Annex VIII o the“Instrument” that is the Constitution and the guide line or the conduction o the international FreePort o Trieste;
We conclude that:the Memorandum o Understanding o London was not legal or the purposes o the law since itwas signed on October 5, 1954 and thus all the agreements concerning the bilateral terminationo the sovereign states o the “Free Port o Trieste” and “Free Territory o Trieste”, by the military andcivilian administrations o Italy and Yugoslavia, made ater that date shall be considered
null andvoid
.Furthermore, the “Background” above determined that the Italian authorities may be consideredillegal and harmul to the Free Port o Trieste, as well as being an impediment to the legitimate FreeTerritory and International administrators, to develop this extraterritorial land in an equal orm or allnations o the world, both legally and in act.Ater these premises, it’s clear that
there must be a fundamental mistake in the recent historyof these lands
and by our opinion it is coming the time to rectiy this mistake, otherwise our portwill not work even in a million years.To understand i it’s possible to change this reality (unreality), we have evaluated all the options,and we came to the conclusion that
it is not anymore acceptable to infuse – through politicalpropaganda – disagreement factors between the different ethnic groups
(Italians, Slovenians,Croats, Greeks, Serbs, Jews, Germans, Austrians , Slovaks, Czechs, Russians, etc..) who areliving in this area, as well as reusing the responsibilities o managing the Free Territory o Triesteand Free Port o Trieste in a legal manner as required by their respective Statutes (see Annexes VIand VIII) where it can be easily understood that the laws are air or all citizens o this State calledFree Territory o Trieste and air or all the the Nations that make up the United Nations Organiza-tion (UNO).
To change the current unsatisfactory situation there is one only way, that of the originalcitizens of Triest to take their responsibilies and govern their own territory
that consists othe States o the Free Territory and o Free Port o Triest,
as well as of the Security Council ofthe United Nations to take its responsibilities
– as rom the Statutes –
in order to ensure theimplementation
o these two demilitarized and international territories and as the protector othose States.
Regarding this, the CommitteeFPT has itself constitutionally self-registered as
an associa-tion o United Nations Nationals and as
a member of the UN
, to be the only organism carrying therights to represent the Free Territory and Free Port o Trieste in the name o the original Free Terri-tory citizens,
with the aim to submit the issues of those two States to the Security Council
and to carry out the possible solutions.

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