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18th November 2012, Dionysian Church of the Grapevine

18th November 2012, Dionysian Church of the Grapevine

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Published by JellyfishJoJo

I can see why Crowley, that great drinker of the Spirit, called his organisation the A.A.

I can see why Crowley, that great drinker of the Spirit, called his organisation the A.A.

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Published by: JellyfishJoJo on Nov 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 2012, Dionysian Church of the GrapevineThere’s never a dull moment around my lady. Her mum died recently,as that matriarch to a big family my lady has been estranged from, for very nearly a decade now. Like Spinoza before her, to have had his toquestion how the synagogue mollycoddled him into suffocation,
Savethe Children
was to have its charity box dashed to the floor, towards agreater sense of independent living for my lady as an adult rather thanas for her, by her family, to be treated still like a porcelain doll.Spinoza snacked out on porridge with raisins; my lady snacked out onheavy bouts of binge drinking. Seeing how many of her friends of 
The Bottle
were to bottle out of life by dying very suddenly with Epilepsy,she was befriended by Methodists who had together as a movement inhistory grown to help those of so many others made to be left behind.Scans by CAT and MRI have left untold the congenital lesions to partsof the brain’s temporal lobes, but to have loudly echoed back a ping of resonance from out of the life-voided depths. These appear black as tohave grown as icebergs shrink, by her having drunk deep the draughtstowards some ultimate death for no neuronal penguins to now as swimin what was once perhaps to have resounded to their calls.Having been high and dry for over several years now, she has recentlyfelt a pang or two for a glass or two.
 Not now a Methodist drinker of the Spirit, she has decided to attend anAlcoholics Anonymous meeting place or two in and around the city of Derby. Someone took to ‘sponsor’ her towards staying dry, and as dryas she the sponsor had been for about two decades now. Buddy to new buddy, all seemed well between them until new buddy lent time, effortand money into helping the cash-strapped sponsor instead. Friends for Life’s every precious moment together spent chatting amiably, the linewas cut by a knife more a grift or two short of genuine commitment tosponsorship of all too potentially vulnerably volatile victims already.I telephoned another branch of the AA outside Derby, to complain butto little avail over how such sponsors should or should not act towardstheir charges. There appears to be no formal structure organisationallyto the AA than the autonomy of local meetings. I knew however, from past experience, that that was not true.To me, from my experience, there are two types of organisation of thetype we are dealing with here, that I dub crypto-religious and pseudo-religious. I have been myself a member of a pseudo-religious order of a tradition at least as old as the AA to have itself have come from thatearlier Temperance Movement of about 19
Century North America.What is the difference between these categories of the unknown? Thecrypto-religious body is one pretending
not to be religious
, yet almosttheirs to but give the game away by peeling rhetoric; pseudo-religious bodies pretend, by their being overtly religious, to be something that’sanything but what it is, which is a business that advertises services and products to a clientele buying into a branded label of exhibitionism.Having an illicit insider show me their workings of a pseudo-religiousorder of tradition, I was shocked to find how they were set up really asa business company to have registered over again as a charitable bodywith tax perks in attendance. Their stated mission to commissioners toaward them their charitable status was a fraud, since it did not bear thestamp even that we as members knew to resemble their avowed secretaims kept all of a secret from ourselves. Perhaps the sealing wax usedto impress their stamp upon was similar when held across from statedinescutcheons betwixt them, but little else of such parallelism betwixtwhat should have mirrored each other much more plainly than that.I know what it’s like to act like a do-gooder towards those deemed asfar worse off than by being far better off along with some help. I also
now know from previous experience how that’s not nearly enough toundo the banns of pain, by wanting or desiring to, without pain aloneto visit one, in no uncertain terms. Do-good dies; a stone is erected tocommemorate a death never again to have live again, but from out of those ashes into which our phoenix fell, to then have grow a singular seedling like a worm to slowly take on wings.The AA is a registered charity, number 226745. A charity is typicallytransformed from out of a limited company, with a board of directorsto have become trustees; the
Companies House
states it as 00587316for a company limited by guarantee. The company’s name is dubbedThe General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (GB) Limited.It would appear to be an affiliate of some larger organisation housedin New York somewhere. Every company in the UK must have their  permanent address as some registered base of operations, here had tooddly to be at York in Yorkshire, England. The AA has auditors andsolicitors, and investment managers from Morgan Stanley &c.The AA has what they call Twelve Traditions, of which is stated:
Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery dependsupon AA unity.
Very honest, that one; I wish all pseudo- and crypto-religious bodieswere as honest about how they’ll come number one before others.
 For our purpose, there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience.
Hm. This allows for any action or inaction to be sanctioned without ahuman in tow as a leader than by their being a
servant, absentof a portfolio towards good governance.
 Each group should be autonomous except in (those of such) mattersaffecting other groups or (the) AA as a whole.
Oh? Should effort, time, and money be lent to sponsors then, withoutany recourse to reimbursement at any later date?
 An AA group ought not to endorse, finance, or lend the AA name, toany related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, or  property, or prestige, divert us from our primary purpose.

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