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Published by Mark McAllister
A prequel to the film "predator"
A prequel to the film "predator"

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Published by: Mark McAllister on Nov 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT. ASTEROID BELT, STAR SYSTEM - SPACEA SPACESHIP breaks the law of physics by roaring andspeeding through space and enters the ASTEROID BELT,swerving and avoiding the thousands of ASTEROIDS.Behind it, in HOT PURSUIT, is another more larger --differently designed -- SPACESHIP -- piloted by a differentrace from the one in the smaller SHIP.The AGGRESSIVE ship, fires beams of light -- resemblingbolts of lightening -- at the FLEEING SHIP, missing it eachtime it does so.This cosmic chase --EXT. MARS ORBIT, STAR SYSTEM - SPACE-- LEADS the two ships past the Orbit of MARS.The SMALLER SHIP suddenly slows down and from it’s rear, itFIRES SIX balls of light out into SPACE -- the BALLS firedare like small miniature SUNS --Almost simultaneously -- the AGGRESSIVE SHIP fires itsweapon once again and this time, the bolt of LIGHTENING hitsit’s target ---- As the SMALLER ship is severely damaged, it twirls andturns as it is thrown through space -- small explosionsoccur around the SHIP and parts fall off. meanwhile ---- The SIX SUN LIKE BALLS OF PLASMA start to orbit the largeAGGRESSIVE SHIP and strike it all at once causing the SHIPto break up and roll away towards the INNER-ATMOSPHERE ofthe planet MARS ---- THE SMALLER, NEAR-DESTROYED SHIP, NOW FAR AWAY IN THEDISTANCE NOW LOSES IT’S ENGINES AND SLOWLY FLOATSWEIGHTLESSLY THROUGH SPACE AND ONE THING IS FOR CERTAIN --EXT. EARTH ORBIT, STAR SYSTEM - SPACE-- It is heading straight for EARTH.
2.EXT. BRITISH NAVAL VESSEL, ARABIAN SEA - NIGHT1896A Royal Marine, wearing the notorious RED COAT, is alone ashe patrols the SHIP. Then suddenly ---- A DEAFENING EXPLOSION followed by the entire NIGHT SKYturning RED. Then there is the never ending UN-EARTHLYscreeching noise of the Alien SHIP -- almost like a creaturescreaming as it is about die -- as it crash lands in thedistance.The MARINE stands in shock and surprise as the distancestarts to GLOW a YELLOWISH-GREEN.TIME PASSESNearly a HUNDRED MEN, wearing both RED COATS and torn dirtycivilian clothing are gathered close together as they stareout at the CRASH SITE which is now even CLOSER.The CAPTAIN approaches the men and waves his hand to getattention and speaks in an almost Shakespearean tongue.CAPTAINI want a dozen men to come forthand gather life-boats. I want toknow what the meaning of this starbeast isSAILORAye captain. Right, you scroungybastards! follow me.EXT. LIFEBOAT, ARABIAN SEA, SHIP WRECK - NIGHTTHIRTY FEET, from the ship and the TWO small LIFEBOATS trailacross the water to the burning -- SINKING -- SHIPWRECK.The ENTIRE water around the LIFEBOATS is ILLUMINATED fromthe SHIPS INTERIOR and EXTERIOR artificial lights.Several of explosions of ELECTRICITY ignite from theSHIPWRECK.SAILORHave you ever seen such a thing?SAILOR 2What is that?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 3.SAILORWhat?The sailor (2) picks up what looks like a damaged MASK -- AFAMILIAR SIGHT -- and he examines it.SAILOR 2A mask of some sortSAILORBut where is the mask bearer?SAILOR 3Look ahoy!SAILORWhat is it now man?SAILOR 3There is many of them. All aroundusThe DOZEN sailors lean overboard to look down at the water,to find silhouettes of LARGE -- EIGHT FOOT TALL -- figures,floating lifelessly under the water. AN ALIEN GRAVEYARD.EXT. BRITISH NAVAL VESSEL, ARABIAN SEA - NIGHTA CREAKING of footsteps attracts the attention of the shipsCHEF who turns from the crowd and discovers WET FOOTPRINTS.Following them, the CHEF enters the cabin.Several moments pass before a large quantity of BLOODviolently shoots outside the doorway followed by the CHEF’SHAT.An Unearthly, MONSTROUS roar -- LOUD and THREATENING --shakes everyone’s attention to the CABIN.EXT. BRITISH NAVAL VESSEL, KILIFI COAST - NIGHTThe SHORELINE is not far in the distance.On deck, two FRIGHTENED sailors place a MUTILATED andBLOOD-SOAKED dead body down next to many others -- all seemto have been brutally massacred and some without their headsand skin.

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