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The Wine Story Gossips Nov-Dec 2012 Double Issue

The Wine Story Gossips Nov-Dec 2012 Double Issue

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Published by Wine Story
We digest it for wine lovers - The Wine Story Gossips tracks all relevant wine information from credible resources. Then we summarize what is essential for you to become a more passionate and knowledgeable wine enthusiast.
We digest it for wine lovers - The Wine Story Gossips tracks all relevant wine information from credible resources. Then we summarize what is essential for you to become a more passionate and knowledgeable wine enthusiast.

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Published by: Wine Story on Nov 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue No. 21
Editorial Staf 
St. Emilion 2012 Classification
By: Jane Anson
source: decanter.com
Chateau Pavie and Chateau Angelus areto join Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Ausone at the top o this new Saint Emilionclassication.St. Emilion has been mired in bittercontroversy since legal challenges were rstmounted against the 2006 classication.Te ull list o this classication is unveiledby appellations body the INAO in Paristoday, but ocial letters arrived at thechateaux on Tursday, September 6, 2012. Jean Francois Quenin, president o theConseil des Vins de Saint-Emilion, andowner o Chateau Pressac (which waspromoted rom Grand Cru to Grand CruClassé) told Decanter.com this was theresult o a process that aimed to restore thereputation o the system.‘Some people thought we were never going to get here. I became president in 2008,two years ater the last classication beganto suer its legal challenges.’‘I imagine there will be somedisappointments, but the idea o classicationallows everyone to have hope that i they work hard, they will be rewarded.’ Angelus managing director Stéphanie deBouard-Rivoal conrmed the promotionand praised her ather, owner Hubert deBouard, and uncle Jean-Bernard Grenié ortheir hard work. Teir ocial comment isdue ater the INAO meeting.Pavie owner Gerard Perse said, ‘As soonas I heard the news, I was overcome withemotion.‘I’m very happy and proud to haveinvested in an appellation as courageous asSaint Emilion, which submits itsel to this10-yearly classication,’ he told Decanter.com.‘It was a brave move to promote twochateaux or the rst time in 50 years to join the other Premier Grand Cru Classé As - but it seems logical that Saint Emilionshould have as many First Growths as theMedoc.’Other promotions included ChateauCanon La Gaelière and Chateau La Mondotte, both to Premier Grand CruClassé.
6 Reasons Why a Little Glass of WineEach Day May Do You Good
By Debra Gordon
Christian Tan
Romy Sia
Eunice de Belen
Jesse Keisha Wenceslao
production assistant
Ronald Cruz
layout & design
Sky Printing
Shangri-La Plaza Mall,EDSA Mandaluyong CitySerendra, Bonifacion High Street,Taguig CityOne Rockwell West,Makati City
Te list o wine’s benets is long—and getting more surprising all the time. Already well-known as heart healthy,wine in moderation might help you loseweight, reduce orgetulness, boost yourimmunity, and help prevent bone loss. With America likely to edge out Franceand Italy in total wine consumption in thenear uture, according to one analyst, andwith women buying more than 6 out o every 10 bottles sold in this country, we’rehappy to report that wine may do all o the ollowing:
1. Feed You Head 
 Wine could preserve your memory. When researchers gave memory quizzesto women in their 70s, those who drank one drink or more every day scored muchbetter than those who drank less or not atall. Wine helps prevent clots and reduceblood vessel inammation, both o whichhave been linked to cognitive decline andheart disease, explains edd Goldnger,DO, o the University o Arizona Schoolo Medicine. Alcohol also seems to raiseHDL, the so-called good cholesterol,which helps unclog your arteries.
 The Wine Story Gossips is a monthly publication o the Healthy Options Group o Companies with corporate ofces located at #3 Economia Street corner CalleIndustria,Barangay Bagumbayan,Libis,Quezon City,1110 and trunk line o (632)637-8888.For subscription inquiries,visit any o our stores. Wine Story is atrademark registered at the Philippine Patent Ofce. ENTERED AS THIRD CLASS (PM) POSTAGE PAID AT QUEZON CITY CPO Under Permit No.NCR-05-07-201valid until December 31,2012.Subject or Postal Inspection.
We digest it for wine lovers… The Wine Story Gossips tracks all relevant wine information from key websites, magazines, journals, wine research and studies and other credible resources. Then we summarize what is essential, for you to become amore passionate and knowledgeable wine enthusiast.
Our Vision
To inspire a new generation of wine lovers.
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D  O  U   B   L  E    I   S   S   U   E   
NOvEmBEr - DEcEmBEr 2012
 You order wine in a restaurant and the waiterputs the cork down beside you. You are supposedto:1.) Smell it?2.) Feel it?3.) Glance at it, then ignore it?Te answer is number 3. Te practice o placing the cork on thetable dates rom the 18th century when wineries began branding corks to prevent deceitul restaurateurs rom lling an empty bottleo Chateau Expensive with inerior wine, recorking it, then reselling it as Chateau Expensive.In honest restaurants, the cork was placed on the table so the diner could see the name on it matched thaton the label, a guarantee that the wine had not been tampered with. Admittedly, eeling the cork tells you i the wine was stored on its side and that can be a clue o its soundness.But a moist cork is no guarantee that the wine is in good condition; similarly, a dry cork does not necessarily portend a wine gone away.
Source: Te Wine Bible 
By: Jeannie Cho Lee, MW 
Ipat on Wine
 A dry wine becomes drier, thin, tannic or sour.
 Wines that have sucient or greater sweetness.
Sweetness in ood can overwhelm and strip wine’s avours i wine does not have equalor greater sweetness.
Fresh and dried fruitPalm SugarSweet Coconut sauces
Ipat on Wine
Can overpower wine’s avours.
Flavourul, crisp white or medium or light-bodied red wines with high acidity to matchacidity o the dish.
 Without adequate acidity in wine, the wine will taste thin with scant avours; sourdishes oten overwhelm ull-bodied red wines and can intimidate white wines withinsucient acidity.
• TamarindLime JuiceGreen Mangoes
Ipat on Wine
 Accentuates tannins.
 White or red wine with sot tannins, crisp acidity and vibrant ruit prole.
Sucient ruit is necessary to stand up to the salty avours thus, red wines with moderaterather than high tannins avoid excessive bitterness; high tannins will exaggerate the ood’ssaltiness; rm acidity in white or red wines can decrease the perception o salty avours.
Soy sauceOyster sauceShrimp pasteBean paste
Ipat on Wine
Enhances tannins in reds while adding a savoury character to whites.
Full-bodied white or red with oak maturation.
Bitterness in ood can be complemented by bitter-edged red wines with rm tannins orwhite wines with oak maturation.
Roasted ginko nutsChar from hot wok Bitter gourd• Ginseng 
Ipat on Wine
Brings out earthy, bitter or savoury notes in wines.
Savoury white or red wine with well-knit tannins and restrained ruit character; mature wines.
Umami is both delicate and savoury, thus wines need equal delicacy and subtlety withemphasis on wine’s silky tannin texture and moutheel.
Fermented beansDried, cured meats• MushroomsDouble-boiled soup• Seaweed
96 chateaux submitted applications or this 2012classication. Among the other chateaux promoted,Chateau Valandraud has gone rom Grand Cru Classé toGrand Cru Classé B, and Chateaux La Fleur Morange,Fombrauge, de Ferrand, Faugeres and Peby-Faugeresrom Grand Cru to Grand Cru Classé.Demotions are less clear until the ull list is published. Any chateaux which were due to lose their classicationor which had incomplete applications were invitedto begin a consultation process with INAO, with thepossibility o retaining their status. According to Robert inlot, president o the Commissionde Classement, there were 36 o these ‘warning’ letterssent out.In total, o the 96 who submitted dossiers, one wasrejected immediately, 83 were successul and 12chateaux either lost their classication or were not givenGrand Cru Classé status.
Source: decanter.com
Pavie and Angelus... from page 1
2. Keep Te Sale in You cone
Studies nd that people who drink wine daily havelower body mass than those who indulge occasionally;moderate wine drinkers have narrower waists and lessabdominal at than people who drink liquor. Alcoholmay encourage your body to burn extra calories or aslong as 90 minutes ater you down a glass. Beer seemsto have a similar eect.
3. Boost You Body’s Deenses
In one British study, those who drank roughly a glasso wine a day reduced by 11% their risk o inection by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, a major cause o gastritis,ulcers, and stomach cancers. As little as hal a glass may also guard against ood poisoning caused by germs likesalmonella when people are exposed to contaminatedood, according to a Spanish study.
4. Guad Against Oaian Woes
 When Australian researchers recently compared womenwith ovarian cancer to cancer-ree women, they oundthat roughly one glass o wine a day seemed to reduce therisk o the disease by as much as 50%. Earlier researchat the University o Hawaii produced similar ndings.Experts suspect this may be due to antioxidants orphytoestrogens, which have high anticancer propertiesand are prevalent in wine. And in a recent University o Michigan study, a red wine compound helped killovarian cancer cells in a test tube.
5. Build Bette Bones
On average, women who drink moderately seem tohave higher bone mass than abstainers. Alcohol appearsto boost estrogen levels; the hormone seems to slow thebody’s destruction o old bone more than it slows theproduction o new bone.
6. Peent BloodSuga ouble
Premenopausal women who drink one or two glasses o wine a day are 40% less likely than women who don’tdrink to develop type 2 diabetes, according to a 10-yearstudy by Harvard Medical School. While the reasonsaren’t clear, wine seems to reduce insulin resistance indiabetic patients.
Source: health.com
6 Reasons Why... from page 1
Smelling the cork 
by: Karen MacNeil
Source: asianpalate.com
Issue No. 23
Christmas Dinner  Wine Pairings
By Jay Franz
Magic happens with the right match o wine and ood but sometimes, no matterhow hard you try, the shy rabbit just won’tcome out o the hat. So, the rst rule toremember about matching ood and wineis: “Don’t go nuts trying to gure it out.”Tere’s nothing worse than a neuroticwine lover retting over a bad marriageo a ruity and oaky chardonnay witha goat cheese salad. While a SauvignonBlanc, with its bite o acidity and noteso chalkiness, might be a better balancedmatch, get over it and just wait or thenext course.Let’s get started.
• Champagne
Nothing sets the tone better or launchesa special meal than a glass o crisp andbubbly Champagne. Champagne matcheswell with salty oods such as smokedsalmon, but don’t stop there. I hate toproselytize about these bright, snappy, andbubble-popping wines but Champagnegoes with almost anything (although I’dprobably stop short o that leg o lambor let mignon). Don’t hesitate to opena second or third bottle with dinner andbypass other wines.
Fish and Shellsh
Depending on the type o sh, i it’scovered with a sauce, and whether it’sgrilled, sautéed, broiled, or steamedcan help determine the wine. As statedbeore, Champagne, whether Brut, Blancde Blancs, or Rosé, goes well with mostanimals rom the sea. But also considersome o these other choices.
• Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé
Crisp, herbal, inty and deant--Sauvignon Blanc wines rom these twoeastern Loire Vally regions are some o theworld’s nest whites.
• Pinot Noir or Burgundy 
Red wine with sh? Go ahead, stick itto the man. A medium-bodied and low alcohol Pinot Noir wine rom Oregonor Caliornia or a Burgundy would pairwell with many seaood dishes. Oten itdepends on the ood preparation, and i there is a red wine or balsamic vinegarsauce then red wine works exceptionally.Tink about it, some o the best PinotNoir wines come rom Oregon wheresome o the best salmon comes rom.Coincidence?
Poulty, Gae, Pok and veal
 A roasted chicken or pork loin can work with a variety o white, rosé, and medium-bodied red wines. However, try to avoidany ull-bodied and beey Cabs and thoseo that ilk or risk bullying the ood around.
• Pinot Noir or Burgundy 
 A medium-bodied Pinot Noir is moreexible than Gumby. Its good acidity,ruit, and low tannin prole make a PinotNoir/Burgundy wine a salubrious choiceor most dishes. When in doubt, go Pinot.
• Tempranillo y Garnacha 
 Wines rom Spain, particularly rom Rioja and Ribera del Duero are also versatile andhigh quality, with elegant airs and rusticavors. Stick with Crianza or Reserva wines, which are medium-bodied andearth-toned reds.
• Syrah, Shiraz and Southern Rhône
Medium-bodied Syrah wines romCaliornia, Australia, and France areextremely ood-riendly. Te wines have jammy ruit, good acidity, and heaps o personality. Tere are a lot o options romthe Southern Rhône. ry Châteauneu-du-Pape, with its rustic and gamey avorsand complexity.
Lab and Bee 
Medium to ull-bodied reds will makelamb and bee dishes happy. Most o thered wines indicated above are good choices,excluding the Beaujolais. However, it’sbetter to choose the bigger Pinot Noir,Syrah, and Zinandel varieties. In general,it’s time to match the weight o the meat(and sauce) with the gravity o the wine.
• Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux 
Rack o Lamb? Filet Mignon? CrownRib Roast? An intense and opulent Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is standard.Bordeaux, particularly a rst growth,would be unobjectionable and wellreceived. Actually, any Cab-centric winewill work. You might consider AustralianShiraz-Cabernet blends or Super uscansblended with Sangiovese and CabernetSauvignon. Antinori’s Solaia anyone?
• Malbec
 Argentinean wine should not be let out o the mix. Te country is one o the world’sbiggest bee producers and their dark Malbec clone grapes make big and toothy wines that go well with an Argentine asadoor criminally delicious bee short ribs.
• Northern Rhône
Full-bodied Côte-Rotie and Hermitagewines are concentrated and strut sensualred wine avors layered with variety.
Celery doesn’t go with anything. I applying oddball reverse logic, any wine works just ne. Tere are also thetraditional vegetables such as asparagusor artichokes that are usually at odds withwine, oten giving o a metallic taste. Bestthing to do is match the dressing or sauce.I you are applying a lemony vinaigrette,go with an acidic wine such as a New Zealand or Caliornia Sauvignon Blancor even an Italian Chianti or a Beaujolais. A creamy and buttery Chardonnay willcooperate nicely with any butter or creamsauce. Just trust your instincts.
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