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PSM: Workbook for Facilitators Think and Act Anew - Study Guide

PSM: Workbook for Facilitators Think and Act Anew - Study Guide

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Workbook for Facilitators: Think and Act Anew - Study Guide
Workbook for Facilitators: Think and Act Anew - Study Guide

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Published by: Catholic Charities USA on Nov 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catholic Charities USA:
Workbook or Facilitators
 Think and Act Anew
Group Study GuideWorkbook for Facilitators
 A group study guide to use at your parish to reect on the issues and questions raisedin the book 
Tink and Act Anew: How Poverty in America Aects Us All and What  We Can Do about It 
by Fr. Larry Snyder.
Tink and Act Anew:
Group Study Guide
In Populorum Progressio, Paul VI taught that “progress” is rst and  oremost a vocation: “in the design o God, every man is called uponto develop and ulll himsel, or every lie is a vocation.” 
Catholic Charities USA:
Workbook or Facilitators
Even beore the global economic crisis began in 2008, millionso Americans were living in poverty. Since then, that numberhas grown as many people across the country have lost their jobs and homes or have been uprooted by natural disasters.oday, only a raction o America’s poor “look” like society’snotion o what it is to live in poverty.But poverty is all around us, and many o those who haveallen – or dropped – into poverty blend into society. Whoknows which o our neighbors, amily or riends are work-ing ull-time or multiple jobs and still can’t cover living ex-penses? Accidents, illnesses, and unexpected expenses, likecar repairs, can devastate a amily. Because o the speed o change in our economy, many o the suddenly unemployednd themselves without the skills needed to get the next job. In a nation as wealthy as the United States, it seemsimpossible that anyone could go to bed hungry, cold or livein despair o a better lie. And yet, there are millions whoare caught in that cycle. As Catholics, how do we respond to this situation? As Chris-tians, we commit to being disciples o Christ Jesus, who said,“Te Spirit o the Lord is upon me, because he has anointedme to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to pro-claim liberty to captives and recovery o sight to the blind, tolet the oppressed go ree.” (Luke 4:18). But at times, this lieo discipleship can leave us overwhelmed, unsure o how bestto respond.
 What can we do to bring about real, lasting change in peoples’lives? 
In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI issued
Caritas in Veritate 
, anencyclical which helps to interpret the Gospel message in ourtimes– in a globalized, technological age wherein humans arebecoming increasingly interconnected, but aren’t necessarily growing in solidarity. As Pope Benedict says, “Te complexity and gravity o the present economic situation rightly cause usconcern, but we must adopt a realistic attitude as we take up with condence and hope the new responsibilities to which we are called by the prospect o a world in need o prooundcultural renewal, a world that needs to rediscover undamen-tal values on which to build a better uture.” (#21) Te popeidenties the responsibilities and limitations o governmentand the private market, challenges traditional ideologies, andcalls all men and women to think and act anew.Fr. Larry Snyder, president o Catholic Charities USA, took that call seriously. He held summits around the country andhosted online discussions to generate ideas on how to reducepoverty in America. His book,
Tink and Act Anew: How Poverty in America Aects Us All and What We Can Doabout It 
, is a result o those initiatives.In his book, Fr. Snyder urges us to realize that poverty in Amer-ica aects us all. He summons Americans, especially Catholics,to see the poverty that surrounds us, break the stereotypes, andthink creatively about how to reduce poverty. He helps unpack Catholic social teaching, modern teaching that helps us apply Biblical truths in today’s changing world. He calls us to reectupon what it means to “‘love the Lord, with all your heart, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neigh-bor as yoursel.” (Lk 10:27)

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