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Ecodistrict Dir

Ecodistrict Dir

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Published by Chs Blog

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Published by: Chs Blog on Nov 20, 2012
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Capitol HillEcoDistrictProjectDirector
Courtney Hathaway, GGLO
Capitol Hill Housing is seeking a professional full-time EcoDistrict Project Director who is a visionary,solutions-oriented problem solver with strongleadership skills and the ability to motivate othersand keep them involved. The position will workunder general direction of the Director of RealEstate & Sustainable Communities and will actindependently to manage program budget,EcoDistrict Steering Committee interface, districtsustainability projects and development of districtfinancing mechanisms.
Capitol Hill EcoDistrict
2011, Capitol Hill Housing (CHH) received agrant from the Bullitt Foundation to study theviability of the Capitol Hill neighborhood as anEcoDistrict. Working with design firm GGLO, CHHpublished a report which established the purposeand broad goals of an EcoDistrict for the CapitolHill community.
 states that an EcoDistrict issustainability applied at the neighborhood scale.EcoDistricts provide a framework for realizingadvanced sustainability through behavior change,building design, and infrastructure investments.They seek to reduce pollution, restore ecosystems,and improve communities.EcoDistricts commit to achieving ambitioussustainability performance goals, guiding districtinvestments and community action, and trackingthe results over time.Taking a page from the Portland SustainabilityInstitute model for EcoDistricts, the report identifiesgoals, metrics, baselines and strategies within sixspecific environmental and social performanceareas:
, and
.In May 2012, the findings were presented at acommunity forum led by a panel of localpolitical representatives, national EcoDistrictexperts, andcommunityleaders. An EcoDistrictSteering Committee made of community andsustainability stakeholders was convened to helpguide the furtherance of a Capitol HillEcoDistrict.The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the
neighborhood’s environmental impacts, and
thereby serve as a role model for othercommunities
encouraging city, state, andnational governments to match Capitol Hill
scommitment to sustainable development.
Capitol Hill Housing
Capitol Hill Housing builds vibrant and engagedcommunities through affordable housing andcommunity development efforts in Seattle. Basedin Capitol Hill, we own properties throughout theSeattle area. Since 1976, we have served low-and moderate-income residents and haveworked to improve the Capitol Hillneighborhood for all.CHH is an independent public corporationorganized by the City of Seattle pursuant tostate and municipal law. As such, it is a politicalsubdivision of the State with an area ofoperation focused on the Capitol Hill communityin the City of Seattle.
 CHH helps people of limited means to have ahome. We provide a secure, affordableapartment to more than 1,700 of our neighborsacross the city. CHH has functioned as the CommunityDevelopment Corporation on Capitol Hill since itsfounding. We are committed to creating equitableand sustainable communities in central Seattle.CHH is leading community stakeholders in buildinga vision of development for generations to come,prioritizing outstanding architecture, pedestrian-oriented amenities, affordable housing,commercial opportunities, and space for arts andculture.We envision a diverse community that includeshousing for individuals and families across a broadrange of incomes. We are proud to developbuildings in a community context and provideaffordable homes that strengthen theneighborhoods we live in.
Duties and Responsibilities
Equitable development will be extremelyimportant to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict as thedistrict searches for innovative ways to solvepower, water, waste and resource efficiencyquestions at a district scale. The following functionswill need to be provided by the Project Director toassure the EcoDistrict strives to achieve equitableand sustainable development in the district.
Lead the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict onimplementation of district projects
Coordinate and facilitate the EcoDistrictSteering Committee made up of keydistrict stakeholders to guide the work
Help to create an organizationalstructure for the EcoDistrict
Reaffirm and finalize goals, targetsand visioning for what will become theCapitol Hill EcoDistrict
Manage and develop key partnershipand stakeholder relationships
Serve as a liaison for the EcoDistrictwith Capitol Hill business and residentialcommunity, City/regional agencies andother potential private and publicsector partners
Manage the development of baselineand target metrics for the EcoDistrict
Create a 3-year EcoDistrict action planthat includes priority projects andexpected outcomes
Manage project feasibility studies asdetermined by baseline assessment,action plan and the EcoDistrict SteeringCommittee
Develop protocols for ongoingperformance monitoring in the district toinform partners and measure success
Develop resources to grow the scope ofdistrict projects/programs andaccelerate consensus goals and targets
Work closely with existing SustainableCommunities Manager at CHH
Minimum Qualifications
At least five years relevant work experience inthe sustainability field
Practical knowledge of methods,practices and principles of greenbuilding and infrastructure, low impactdevelopment and smart growthstrategies
Relevant background in real estate,economic and infrastructuredevelopment and public-privatepartnerships

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