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How Would You Rank Our Technical Support

How Would You Rank Our Technical Support

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Published by wildapricot
Wild Apricot Software customer support survey - summary chart and all individual comments.
Wild Apricot Software customer support survey - summary chart and all individual comments.

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Published by: wildapricot on Jan 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Wild Apricot non-profit software – raw data from customer survey December 2008)
How would you rank our technical support?
/wEWCgLt5tylDw /wEPDwUJMTY4
Comment TextResponse Date1.
Support, Help files, forum are good sources and I could alwaysfind answers to my questions without having to bother WA support.Mon, 1/12/09 6:19AM
2.I had a problem and was told it would be available in the nextupdate release which would be approx 3 weeks, I wasn'tthrilled, but accepted it, and you guys fixed it within the week,and released an update, and All for my organization. I wasabsolutely impressed by the individual customer service Ireceived.
Wed, 12/31/0811:38 AM
Whenever I talk to a person they are very helpful. Occasionallywhen I am in a panic it seems difficult to actually talk to someone.Wed, 12/31/08 9:26AM
4.The team answers the questions in a timely manner andcontinue to look for ways to improve the product.
Sat, 12/20/08 2:01PM
Haven't used it Thu, 12/18/08 7:09PM
You always answer the phone & emails, and are very helpful. Tue, 12/16/08 2:18PM
7.Extraordinarily prompt and helpful!
Tue, 12/16/08 1:41PM
 Never really need help! Mon, 12/15/0810:53 PM
another member of the club has dealt with your technical support. Iam the designer only, and don't know a heck of a lot about the tech part... but I have had very good customer support response fromyou.Mon, 12/15/08 3:13PM
Little or no really customized support. Stock answers. No voicecontact.Sat, 12/13/08 2:24PM
response time to questions is amazing Sat, 12/13/08 12:48PM
12.both phone and email support are very prompt and although Idon't always like the answers, the support team is extremelyknowledgable, friendly and give clear, understandable answers.
Fri, 12/12/08 3:38PM
Please offer phone support or IM support. Fri, 12/12/08 2:53PM
It is not efficient to have to send a ticket and wait to hear back.When I've done this, I typically get back a question - then I have toreply and wait again for the answer. I would suggest having anonline chat or some other real time assistance. I can't afford to wait2-3 days to figure something out when I'm stuck. I am still waitingfor an answer to something rather important and time is of theessence. I submitted a ticket last night and have not heard fromanyone. When I do, there is a good chance it will be a questionabout my question and then I'll have to wait again. I love thewebsite except for the technical support.Thu, 12/11/08 11:06PM
The responsiveness to the (few) requests I've made have beengreat. And the communications through the forums and the user guide are very on-point.Thu, 12/11/08 1:06PM
16.LOVE the full help that is really easy to use
Wed, 12/10/0810:07 PM
Can't comment yet; our website is still in development. Wed, 12/10/08 4:08PM
I have never used it. Perhaps our Board VP, who set us up withWildApricot, could better speak to this.Wed, 12/10/08 1:01PM
I've only had a couple of questions and those were answered veryquickly.Wed, 12/10/0812:49 PM
Online help information is very good. Have always been able to Wed, 12/10/08
resolve my questions by reading existing postings.12:12 PM
21.Fast and friendly service no matter what the question. The bestservice one could ask for. Keep up the great work guys!!!
Wed, 12/10/08 9:07AM
Alway very open to suggestions and very accomodating withquestionsTue, 12/9/08 10:48PM
23.You do not yet have solutions for every problem we'veencountered, but we appreciate the speedy responses to ourquestions and your willingness to help us devise workarounds.
Tue, 12/9/08 4:59PM
I haven't tried the tech support as I have had no real problems thusfar!Tue, 12/9/08 2:06PM
not had to use it yet Tue, 12/9/08 1:02PM
Haven't needed it except for its role in new features / productdevelopment.Tue, 12/9/08 11:57AM
I really haven't used your support very much as yet -- but plan to inthe future.Tue, 12/9/08 11:53AM
Site is slow to load at times. Tue, 12/9/08 11:06AM
Did not know you had technical support. Tue, 12/9/08 9:50AM
I haven't reached for a support, yet so I can't evaluate. Tue, 12/9/08 8:51AM
 Not sure that I've ever had to use it. Tue, 12/9/08 8:33AM
response in 24 hours but usually not overly helpful. A lot has to bedone on our own....answers not explained fully or clearly for us tounderstand and execute.Tue, 12/9/08 7:44AM
Don't know - have not used. Tue, 12/9/08 7:38AM
34.WA technical support is very strong. Not perfect score isbecause of confusion between customer initiated supporttickets and the online help forum (with separate log in); I'd liketo use my account log in for the online help forum, needsintegrated.
Tue, 12/9/08 7:16AM
 Never used technical support Tue, 12/9/08 2:07AM
I respect the quick response time and informative answer. Althoughmore information on detailed customization of CSS would beappreciated as it's not in our budget to hire someone to do it. I amtechnical enough to understand if only I had the instruction I need(or was pointed to a manual/website).Tue, 12/9/08 1:48AM

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