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Jeanhugardcardmanipulationsvolume1 LMT

Jeanhugardcardmanipulationsvolume1 LMT

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Published by Jesse Geaney
this is the first installment in the series which ironically is my last download for this series
this is the first installment in the series which ironically is my last download for this series

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Published by: Jesse Geaney on Jan 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 1
Including:The One Hand Top Card PalmThe Hindu Shuffle or Running CutThe Hindu Shuffle As A Substitute For The PassThe Rising CardsAn Easy Substitute For The PassRelativity and CardsThe Burglars- A Story TrickThe Burglars- A Second VersionThe Modern Dovetail ShuffleJust Once More- The AcesThoughts AnticipatedA New Certain ForceThe Boomerang Card
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One Hand Top Card Palm
A description of a method of palming the top card of the pack appeared in theMagic Wand some years ago. The following is that adopted by the writer. Oncemastered, it will be found to be the best way to palm off a single card from thetop. The sleight can be done with either hand with equal facility. It is best tolearn it with the right hand first.Hold the pack, well squared, face down in your right hand, the first joint of thethumb at the inner end and the top joints of your first three fingers at the outerend, the tip of the little finger resting on the outer right hand corner. (Fig. 1).Press the tip of your little finger on the corner of the top card and push it slightlyoff the pack. (Fig. 2.) In the figure the projection of the top corner isexaggerated for the sake of clearness. Now press the finger tip down on theprojecting corner of the card and it will spring up into the palm.A little difficulty may be found at first in freeing the rear edges of the card fromthe thumb, hence the necessity forbending the tip of the thumb slightlyinward. In practice the four fingers arepressed close together at the end of thepack, the little finger tip is moved to thecorner of the top card, pushing it outvery slightly, then it is immediatelyreplaced at the end of the pack, whichaction levers the card up into the palm.The sleight can be done in the act of handing the pack out to be shuffled and isimperceptible.
The Hindu Shuffle or Running Cut
I have dubbed this very useful series of moves "The Hindu Shuffle" because itwas first shown to me over thirty years ago by a Hindu magician. Since then Ihave never seen a Hindu performer use any other kind of shuffle. Passingstrange if the despised Indian juggler has given his vastlysuperior Western confers another valuable legacy.You hold the pack face down on the left hand, the top leftcorner near the base of the thumb, first finger tip at the middleof its outer end and the other three fingers at the outer side of the deck.Grasping the inner end of the pack with the tips of the rightthumb and second finger you pull out all the cards except a
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small packet on the top. This is held back by the tip of your left second fingerpressing these cards against the base of the thumb (Fig. 4). In this action bothhands move, the left hand a few inches outward, the right hand a few inches inthe opposite direction. The packet thus drawn off you let fall on your left palmby releasing the grip of your left thumb and second finger.You bring your right hand, with the rest of the pack, back over this packet tothe same position that it originally had, and then you repeat the action bydrawing off a second small packet from the top in exactly the same way.This packet is allowed to fall on top of the first and the tip of the left forefingeracts as a stop, keeping the outer ends of the deck squared.Successive packets are thus pulled off into the left hand until the cards in theright hand are exhausted.
The Hindu Shuffle as a Substitute for the Pass
This shuffle may be used by the magician as a powerful weapon to use incontrolling a card, or cards, which have been returned to the deck by membersof the audience, which he apparently loses among the rest of the cards by athorough shuffle.To do this by means of the two-handed pass the textbooks instruct the studentto divide the pack into two portions, have the chosen card replaced on the lowerpart, then make the pass, false shuffle retaining the card on top. Again makethe pass, bringing it to the middle, cut at that point, have the second selectedcard placed on the first, again make the pass, false shuffle, and so on and on,for as many cards as have been drawn. To make the pass cleanly is a difficultoperation and to control four cards by the method outlined, you would have todo it seven times and false shuffle four times.The use of the Hindu shuffle to attain the same end is so much easier andcleaner that I have no doubt that having tried it once you will "use no other".Let us suppose that a card has been chosen and you are about to have itreplaced in the pack. Holding the pack in position for the Hindu shuffle you pulloff two or three packets into your left hand, as described, advancing toward theperson who drew the card. "Kindly replace your card in the pack," you say,"anywhere you like," and you pull off another small packet, then' extend yourleft hand towards him.He will naturally put his card on top of those in your left hand, you immediatelybring the cards in your right hand on top of it and continue the process of pulling small packets off the top of the pack, letting them fall on those in theleft hand.Nothing could appear to be fairer and, to the audience, the card is lost among
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