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Published by: Siddartha Kandikonda on Nov 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Magazine, General Management Programme 2012Student Magazine, General Management Programme 2012Student Magazine, General Management Programme 2012
From The Committee’s Desk 
“Whatever the mind of man can conceiveand believe, it can achieve” 
 – W. ClementStone.
We, at XLRI GMP, believe in thinking the un-thinkable and dreaming the impossible. Thenever
die spirit of a true XLer connuesto shine forth, be it through the numerouscompeons that we parcipate in and win,or be it through doing our bit for the com-mon social good. And all of this, while swim-ming against the current, transioning fromthe corporate to the student world, balancingthe demands of intensive lectures, assign-ments and case studies. Down GMP Street,the sun rises before the night begins!At the onset of June 2012, 119 professionalsfrom across the globe, working in elds asdiverse as oil and gas, medicine, merchantnavy and IT services, came together to em-bark on a challenging journey.The inialseling
in period, marked by fullling experi-ences like the village and adventure trips andmemorable events like
and ice
breaker cricket matches, was a great me tocast away our baggage of past thinking andopen up to a new world of learning andgrowing in unconvenonal ways.
And while over the course of almost two ar-duous terms, the 4P’s and 5C’s might havetaken over our ve senses, the creave sixthsense of GMPians is very much alive and kick-ing. The child in us sll manages to emergeand delight, leaving an indelible mark on themind. It takes on the form of arscpainngs, creave poetry and simple anec-dotes that transpose one to an altogetherdierent world. We present before you inthis edion, some of these creave endeav-ors of fellow GMPians.
The month of October was marked bycompeve fever across XLRI and GMPianswere up to the calling. To top it all, theGliMPse team organized their own businessarcle
wring compeon across XLRI. Thetwo best arcles that emerged aer an inten-sive evaluaon by esteemed XLRI faculty arepart of this edion.The rst issue of GliMPse 2012
13 is not justthe eorts of GliMPse team, but also of allthe parcipants who have contributed enthu-siascally to it.
GliMPse team takes this op-portunity to thank Prof. Arundha SarkarBose and Prof. S. K. De for taking me out of their busy schedules and being the honorary judges of the BizWiz 1.0 contest. Specialmenon must be made of the GMP CEOCommiee and Arijit Basak for their melyhelp at various stages in the evoluon of thisedion.So grab a cup of simmering hot coee, put onyour reading glasses and dive into this pot-pourri of sumptuous feast for your mind! Welook forward to hearing back from you.Do let us know your thoughts atg1213glimpse@astra.xlri.ac.in. 
~ Team GliMPse 2012
Inside GliMPse...
FDI in Retail 
Social Media Markeng
tête with the lead-er 
Win all the way 
Meet the Guru
 jNANAN SharanamGachammi 
 Alumni Speak 
The Joy of Giving
I LOCKED it!!!
GMP Chaupal 
The brush and the colors
 Are you game? 
Winner– 1st Prize
Apoorv Verma (h12067)
Rika Singh (h12044)
Meaning of Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign direct investment as dened by Organizaon of Eco-nomic Cooperaon and Development (OECD) is a category of cross
border investmentmade with a strategic long
term intent. The OECD de-nes a transfer of 10% ormore of the vong power(shares in company) as thedenion of foreign directinvestment. There is a sig-nicant degree of inuenceby the direct investor in themanagement of the directinvestment enterprise. Theobjecves of direct invest-ment are dierent fromthose of porolio invest-ment whereby investors donot generally expect toinuence the managementof the enterprise. This iswhy investment made by Foreign Instuonal Investors (FIIs) iscalled Hot Money.
Dening the Retail Sector
In 2004, The High Court of Delhi dened the term ‘retail’ as asale for nal consumpon in contrast to a sale for further saleor processing (i.e. wholesale).i.e. sale to the ulmate consum-er. Now let us have a glimpse of the Indian retail sector. Indianretail sector is approximately $ 450 billion in size with 96% inthe unorganized sector and 4% in organized sector. The orga-nized sector is under two formats namely Single brand retaili.e. The Adidas, Reebok, Pantaloons store we visit and Mulbrand retail which houses many brands under the same roof like for example the Big Bazaar, The Shoppers Stop or the nextdoor kirana store. Then other than the retail there is a Whole-sale segment which does not directly sell to ordinary custom-ers like me and you. An example of this type of store is theBhar Wall Mart which acts as retailer to other stores and notdirectly to retail consumers
Evoluon of foreign investment in the Retail Sector of India
India is a signatory to World Trade Organizaon‘s GeneralAgreement on Trade in Services. This agreement also includeswholesale and retailing services. So Despite the inial reserva-ons and apprehensions the government in a series of movesopened up the retail sector slowly to Foreign Direct Invest-ment. In 1997, FDI in cash and carry (wholesale) with 100%ownership was allowed under the Government approval route.It was brought under the automac route in 2006. 51% invest-ment in a single brand retail outlet was also permied in 2006.The government further extended the limit in single brand re-tail to 100% through the government approval route on 10thJan, 2012. And now the latest decision on 14th Sept, 2012 of allowing 51% FDI in mul brand retail under government ap-proval route aer backtracking on a similar decision takennearly an year ago.
Biz Wiz 1.0 
GliMPse organized its rst ever business arcle wring compeon, "Biz Wiz 1.0". The con-test aracted 
many entries from BM,HRM and GMP batches of XLRI. Below are best twoentries which won the prizes.
Congratulaons to the parcipants of winning arcles.
FDI in Retail
"High expectaons are thekey to everything."
Sam Walton, Founder of Wal 
Mart "Innovaon disnguishesbetween a leader and a follower." 
Steve Jobs, Founder of  Apple

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