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Destroying the One Ring: A Guide for Hobbits

Destroying the One Ring: A Guide for Hobbits

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Published by Dan Stepanov
Written from the perspective of someone in the Third Age
Written from the perspective of someone in the Third Age

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Published by: Dan Stepanov on Nov 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Destroying the One Ring: A Guide for HobbitsBy Daniel StepanovThis guide is intended for hobbits, of alllevels of experience and knowledge, whoreside in Hobbiton who wish to destroy theOne Ring. By following this guide, a hobbitwill be able to optimally navigate himself from The Shire (Hobbiton) to Mt. Doom(Mordor) in order to destroy the One Ring of Power. Where relevant, this guide includesuseful information on necessary waypoints.Pertinent data such as demographics andtopography of specified regions can befound in the appendix.The One Ring of Power was secretly forgedby the Dark Lord Sauron in the forge of Mt.Doom during the Second Age. He createdthe ring and 19 others (given to 19 Kings) inan attempt to rule over all of Middle Earth.The One Ring can control all of the otherrings which allowed Sauron to corrupt therulers of Middle Earth. Sauron lost the OneRing during the War of the Last Allianceand for roughly 3000 years the ringcorrupted all who wore it despite efforts todestroy it. In order to destroy Sauron, theOne Ring must be destroyed. This guideassumes you currently possess this ring of power and that you intend to destroy it.Materials Needed1)
The One Ring of Power2)
At least 1 companion3)
Gandalf (Grey or White)4)
Food (i.e. Lembas bread)5)
Toiletries (optional)7)
Star of Earendil (acquire in Lórien)8)
Boat w/ paddles10)
Mule (optional)11)
First Aid kit12)
Clothing and/or armor
ConventionsPath AlternativesThis guide assumes that the hobbit intendsto travel to Mordor by foot. Any use of teleportation or giant eagles shall not beconsidered. Additionally, this guide assumesthat the hobbit in question cannot passthrough the realm of Isengard.Below is a map of Middle Earth displaying 3different paths one can take to get to Mt.Doom from The Shire. The red line indicatesa path filled with extremely dangerousobstacles and should definitely be avoided.The green path shows the most direct path;however, the hobbit would have to crossthrough Isengard in addition to traveling onmain roads (a poor choice for a ring bearer).Main roads are unfavorable since the Nazgulwill be pursuing the ring bearer. The yellowpath is the optimal path given thecircumstances and conditions.Source: http://timeshifts.blogspot.com/2010/03/writing-innovation.html,  http://adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/File:Another-boromir-meme.jpg, http://heartbeatartistry.blogspot.com/2012/06/whips-of-sauron.html 

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