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How to fix trojans, hackers, junk, spy ware, malware and a slow PC: .

How to fix trojans, hackers, junk, spy ware, malware and a slow PC: .

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How to fix trojans, hackers, junk, spy ware, malware and a slow PC:
How to fix trojans, hackers, junk, spy ware, malware and a slow PC:

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Published by: David Louis Molinari on Nov 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to fix Trojans, Hackers, Junk, Spy Ware, Malware and a Slow PC: 
No one likes viruses, Trojans, key loggers, hackers, spy ware, or the down time thisstuff creates. If apple created their computers and mobile devices with a mechanicaltachometer (for a computer or software based tachometer can be corrupted or manipulated to show it is operating normal when it is not) similar to what automobilemanufacturers use, showing rpm of hard drive/speed, temperature, battery/power supply output levels, processor levels and some other key elements, with alarms andinstructions for a user to disconnect all Ethernet, WiFi, USB devices except for keyboardand mouse and then push a manual mechanical reset button on the computer that canonly be accessed manually and not a software based click of a mouse for softwarecould be hacked. When the reset button is pushed it has all the original operatingsystem files only (operating systems like windows, Linux, apple) files and operatingsystem in its own little SSD Drive that clears the operating system on the other SSDDrive and reinstalls the operating system so the computer is running like day one. So inessence the computer would have two SSD Drives of 128MB or larger and one largemechanical drive for all personal files, folders and other programs. A person couldchoose to wipe and clean the operating system every day, every other day, once aweek, once a month or just when the tachometer is saying the system is operatingslower than the original install by x times. Note: If a computer was manufactured withtwo Operating SSD Drives mirror imaging each other along with one large mechanicalhard drive for all other programs, files and folders, then files could be saved and a user could simply use one mirror system while the other is being cleaned or restored, sothere is no downtime.
Note: A custom home built personal computer can be built to utilize an SSD drive of 128MB or larger just for an operatingsystem and a regular 1TB mechanical Hard drive for all other programs, folders and files. The Asus P8P67 motherboardoffers many tachometer features and a much better Bios management system.- Part List Follows -
Custom Build Parts List:

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